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David Cameron

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Tonight's #EUref broadcast makes the positive case for remaining stronger, safer and better off in Europe. Watch here:
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David Cameron

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I'm delighted to welcome Andy Murray and Great Britain's Davis Cup team to No10 after their sensational win.
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David Cameron

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I want every child to have a great start in life. Watch my video message on how we get more children adopted and into a loving home:
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سلام أخي 
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David Cameron

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No options are off the table when it comes to our membership of the EU - and I’ve been clear that if we don’t get what we need in our renegotiation, I rule nothing out. 

But it’s important as we have this debate as a nation that we’re very clear about the facts and figures about the alternatives.

Some people arguing for Britain to leave the European Union have particularly pointed to the position of Norway, saying that is a good outcome. I would guide very strongly against that. 

Norway still pays into the EU budget, still takes migrants - but they have no seat at the table and no ability to negotiate.
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jn john
Just one question....
I was born "FREE"....
And as such I choose "NOT TO BE GOVERNED"....
For there is nobody above me....
Nor is there anyone below me....
As a natural man of a natural earth.... that....
((((((("I AM")))))))....
Only the "TRUE" natural law and order of nature....
"May Govern Me"....
NOT Petty Corrupt Fictitious Laws Of Egotistical Physical Man....
For we as a collective consciousness awareness are all "ONE" of the very same energy....
Consciousness Awareness.... it is....
And as such....
I Think....
"I AM".... 
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David Cameron

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Let's build a Greater Britain made of greater hope, greater chances, greater security. My #CPC15 speech:
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Have you paid your taxes, Mr Prime Minister...? And, more importantly, are you going to make sure that everybody will pay the right taxes in future...? That will make UK great again...!
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David Cameron

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A 7-day NHS is vital for working people, and it's something we're determined to deliver. My video message from Bury:
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David Cameron

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Wishing everyone a happy New Year. My message for 2016:
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GREAT BRITAIN needs YOY David Cameron for all the days of your life!

Your beloved wife understands the IMPORTANCE of a society in each culture!

I have enormous FAITH in your abilities!

This missive not edited but nonetheless a step in the right direct for the direction I have been intimately given I hope that if no one else comes to you that what I witnessed when you were in an interview with the Pope Francis & your conversation was appropriately dignified with truthfully uttered statements delivered with the respect his Holy Office has decreed upon him I was deeply, deeply disturbed that his ears DID NOT HEAR how you are one step from the SUMMIT of fully KNOWING that God is Real!

This final step could have been orally delivered to you & it demonstrated lucidly to me that God speaks to you more intimately than he does the Vicar of the Vatican!

I promise you that this last step can be delivered through the intellect in words where your LOGIC will see what is already at your fingertips!

It is the same reason you chose to put your hand up in the beginning to run for presidency if only to blast some reality into the corrosive & corrupted established politics that have no idea how to care for their beloved country!

China has President Xi Ji-ping & Russia has President Putin! David Cameron CAN discover it but as you know it takes a lot to CHANGE the WORN OUT OLD SYTEM that no longer cures the maladies of a country lost in its own self serving!

I wish you & your remarkable family the opportunity you can create a much safer America for them & their offspring along with all American children are guaranteed a much better standard of living & where the every day heroes & soldiers & police & services that put their lives on the line everyday prosper under a LEADER that realises his country & its people are his home & his extended family or kin in arms!

Strong GOOD LEADERS benefit other country's STRONG GOOD LEADERS, too!

As the title of your recently released book, WORTH FIGHTING FOR, Andrew Bolt & for the re-newed hope I received when SKY only had Paul Murray to decipher accurately that something SHOCKING was IN PLAY when MP Tony Abbott was thrown DELIBERATELY overboard erected on FALSE PRETENCES before he ever became Prime Minister I send you something VERY REAL regardless of how haphazard or cockeyed it may appear!

Often, that is the only way TRUTH & REALITY are betrothed although this is not mania but a true case of euphoria titled by Catholic writer, Joseph Pieper, DIVINE MADNESS!

Unusual, definitely Paul Murray! Personal respect & admiration includes the ODD but VERY IMPORTANT bits of REALITY, too!

Dear Google

I humbly ask with all the majesty of one's life if you could please DELIVER this to all world leaders & the people behind the sense that govern our world & the cultural leaders of the entire world this GENUINE message regardless of how unsophisticated or unhinged it may appear!

If Wolfgang Pauli were alive today I would email it to him but alas he is not!

Thank you for all your past support when NO ONE but Google gave me hope in this world!

Dear President Putin


I can lucidly answer all enquiries you have to the impulse that had you approach the Pope regarding the SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT that motivated you to call a meeting a couple of years ago!

You have nothing to lose but much to gain to glean at least what your heart & soul's intellect has been pining for!

I appreciate that many unstable & even individuals with the best of intentions can fall under a false illusion that may hold a semblance of something to them but how does a most unlikely person contact the FEW that have the breadth to grasp TRUE PROPHECY that the World’s Creator regardless of denomination & each cultures way of expressing the personality that civically suits the organisations that are actually intended to develop the further evolution with elucidation of the development of the soul’s progress & divinise into a formula translated into the spoken tongue or language so that all mankind can not only HEAR the WORD but discover how to attain the enlightenment that the Creator promises & natural philosophy presupposes just as the physical body develops from baby hood to child to youth to adult in the physical realm?

Only we are speaking of the same process of the spiritual or meta-physical development of the mind which is the 3rd stage of the soul’s development that maturity delivers in the AGE of ENLIGHTENMENT which has NOW PENETRATED the Earth but the management of the SPIRITUAL, POLITICAL & the GIFTED THINKERS that support these organisations with their EARNED WEALTH can wield the next wave of the human races evolution so that each individual’s REAL LIFE PURPOSE can apply the necessary tools towards the further CREATION of WHOLENESS which also includes the hidden or esoteric occult meaning invisible to the outer senses but are EDUCATED through learning via the INTELLECT & just as logic & reason are formulated into an empirically tested set of dynamics inclusive of mathematics, medicine, laws, etc & where we are now advanced enough to understand & decipher with language into the SPOKEN WORD the further intellectual development of meta-physics or learning the deeper truths that actually did come first but are not ascertained until the mind combined with life experience allows us to qualify a mind that is prepared to advance mankind & compliment the age of technology so that we can understand WHY we are here & what we must do to ensure our souls graduate to their full potential!

Once LEARNT or TAUGHT & INTRODUCED to the leaders & WORLD MANAGEMENT than the formula can be gifted to the organisations/institutions via a channel so their illiteracy is replaced with the implementation of what seems to have divided itself so efficiently that currently we had to become so shattered interiorly where faith can not be nourished because we failed to nurture it in the meantime!

This INTERIOR BROKENNESS is actually the ailment that is required to help us search & rediscover what was known eons ago but just like the body the soul’s intellect is a set of processes that appear when the time is ripe!

A blind faith nor materialism alone is enough anymore! We are now ready for what all MYSTICS LEGACIES promised & for this world to survive & flourish the foretold step in our developing evolution has arrived!

Without these STRONGER TRUTHS implemented the human race & the soul’s birth will become extinct as the planet is organic & eventually dies & we will not be developed enough psychically where the DARK MATTER teeming with activity & is the elixir that transports our minds processes & is renewed each night when you sleep so that this integrated system helps us achieve the further creation to the existence of the world where our soul & heart’s intellect progresses to.

If we do not follow the path of illumination that can now be erected your body expires anyhow but your soul’s torment will be aware of being mentally trapped or imprisoned while the structures of life continue to manifest itself we are juxtaposed into a paradoxical realm that is worst than any mental torment most could not possibly conjure up!

Our soul does not require sleep when we shed our skins but it lives on what we came to the planet for so that we can continue to flourish with the birth into the path of a higher world & all that we do here in our pregnancy on Earth are the spiritual nutrients INHERENT in our most basic nature so we can continue to build what must first be processed in the physical to the emotional to the intellectual to the spiritual so it is VITAL we prepare ourselves well for we are accountable for our own future evolvement to higher worlds where our inherent strengths developed on Earth graduate the required learned attributes that physical ordeals bear in us!

If we cannot work through the chaos we have created, naturally but as we overcame our basic instincts we have wittingly or unwittingly failed to acknowledge what natives instinctively understood. The life of the meta-physical mind & our place & purpose in this magnificent creative illumination. By ignoring the next step of our mind’s revelation, that our comforts & over indulgence has deadened or been lost in the cosmos because one or more of the DEADLY SINS nullified our natural sensitivity than those who have the knowledge to explore & re-organise the elements to order the body's appetites will be prevented from progressing into the new cycle of life intended for every individual soul.

The politicians are responsible currently & the backers that orchestrate those vibrations have a great responsibility in ensuring mankind grows up orderly which in turn serves all & them, in deed & action, now & later!

I have been given a heavy responsibility to deliver a prophetic message with the ingredients necessary to clean up the disorder so that you understand, rich or poor, the importance & sacredness that has lost its way in the MANAGEMENT TEAMS that are the front people in systems that are now ineffective & corrupted by second hand knowledge & permeated with a killing virus that SELF SERVING politicians rather than SELFLESS ONES have placed us in a dangerously precarious situation & those who understand this do not have the developed skills to MANIFEST the POWERFUL POTIONS that are necessary to a HIGHLY CIVILISED order but currently we are losing to the barbaric bullies & the politicians who have sold your birth right to!

I have a HOLY LIVING MESSAGE & an APPLICATION with the essential ingredients to deliver this effectively & full bodied to those that understand their Holy Books are not just mere figments of imagination but are the recipes or templates that have the plans with measurements & are finally reduced to their purest form for which LANGUAGE was created in the first place! The art of COMMUNICATION so we can DEVELOP what we cannot ALONE!

I was hoping others would have been CALLED but the deeper my connection is explored what resonates explicitly that I must offer this meta physical message via the world of technology & understand that it will reach who it is intended for!

My life experience & my whole life to date has been preparing me for this spiritual errand regardless of how naive or ridiculously hilarious it may sound. Our SPIRITUAL CREATOR’S WILL will be done on Earth because He TRULY LOVES you so!
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David Cameron

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I have signed the book of condolence at the French ambassador's residence. Britain stands united with the French people.
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Charcot in new channels for your support Afarahna learned about this for cancer patients and Dawei special needs and thank you
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David Cameron

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It was an honour to mark Remembrance Day with the Home Secretary on board HMS Bulwark, in Malta.
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you devit ......I'm mohamedelrahal
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David Cameron

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Proud to support the +The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal launch today.

We owe our Armed Services a huge debt of gratitude and must always remember their extraordinary service and sacrifice.
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حلو شباب
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David Cameron

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I believe we're on the brink of something special: a Greater Britain. Let's get out there and make it happen. #CPC15
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مرحبا صم
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David Cameron

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Congratulations to Zac Goldsmith​ - who has been selected as the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London - and thank you to all the candidates who took part in the contest.

London needs a Conservative Mayor who will build on the great work done by Boris Johnson and continue to deliver for working people across the city.

Back Zac's campaign by following him on Facebook today:
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Craig D
Zac Goldsmith... Won't be happening 😄
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