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One thing that Hotels using our Passive Monitors do not have to worry about

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Hi followers, I am moving my posting acytivity accross to a new company profile which can be found at:

Please come and join my circles there and +1 a few posts if you like ther content.

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At last a home treatment kit that works

The duster is specifically designed for accurate placement in crack and crevice treatment.

The accurate and controlled application reduces costs and unnecessary use of pesticides.

It comes supplied with funnel for fast, non-spill filling and an integral cleaning tool for easy service on use.

As a Guide 50g of powder is normally sufficient for the treatment of four average bedrooms, this kit comes with 100g of organic residual powder

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This diagnostic kit can be used to confirm faecal traces in 60 seconds as the indicator paper changes from white to blue when faecal material is applied in conjunction with the developing solution.  
This handy travel sized pack helps you to confirm and avoid when you travel as well as offering peace of mind around the home and office should you need to test a spot.
BedBug Blue faecal trace confirmation kit is a simple and easy to use diagnostic tool for confirming suspect marks.  
The kit has enough developer and test paper to conduct about 9 tests in a handy home use or travel pack.

Now I am sure I became a pest controller to kill bedbugs not learn how to code in java.

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The inside of a Passive Monitor used in the treatment of a bedbug infestation.  We always QC our work using them and in heavier cases they can really help relocalizing bedbugs away from their current harbourages into a device that's easy to remove.  The collected bedbugs are then shared with the university researchers to help further their studies.

As well as the bedbugs inside the harbourage there are clear signs outside of the harbourage thanks to the special patented detection plate which helps clearly illustrate bedbug activity.  We have even used this feature to help the visually impaired detect bedbugs as they have a distinctive relief.

For further information see our Passive Monitors section at

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This is why you need to check your bedbug passive monitors frequently. These two images come from a project that was delayed for a few weeks and shows that bedbugs do transfer from existing refugia into our monitors. In the worst room about 80% made the move. Shocking really when you compare a new device we tested was less than 13% efficient in detection.
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Just organizing some of the amazing images you see in London when driving around.  I thought I would share some.
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Oops missed this last week. A product I developed. Nice to see more people realizing their value in bedbug work.
Get rid of bedbugs and insect infestations with a wide range of effective and economical products from Pestmall. The website offers special discounts on many of its top selling products. See more at: #Thursday  
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