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4:13 am Saturday. Irene is still about 60 miles away, but the winds are already gusting to 60 mph, there is heavy rain, water has risen 4 feet, the power is out, tree limbs are down in the front yard, and it's really howling out there. Eikos seems fine in her dock and spiderweb of lines so far. Quite the storm.
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8:05 am Satruday. The water has now risen more than 8 feet, which means that this may indeed be an historic storm, exceeding Isabel's 10 feet storm surge. The hurricane is due south and a little west of Oriental, about 20 miles, and we're getting winds up to 81 mph. Lots of trees down, including a pine tree in my back yard. No damage to the house or boat that I can see, but we're way above the level of the short pilings now. All the docks in my neighborhood are under water. I had to go out to the boat in hip deep water and shore up a couple of lines last half hour. Really frightening to be out there in that kind of wind.
Hope that you and your family stay safe. Good Luck
Good luck David--hope things are OK this morning
CNN says Irene made landfall at Cape Lookout. Looks like the "eye" would have come nearby. Yikes!
Hey Pops, how's it going?
Sunday 7:30 am ...Powerful winds and hammering rains from Irene most of the day Saturday. No damage at my house or boat, but the storm surge of over 9 feet caused extensive damage in the town of Oriental and surrounding communities. Lots of trees down, and we don't expect power for a few days yet.
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