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For those of you who have been lied to, cheated, and hurt. . .we spread hope here.
For those of you who have been lied to, cheated, and hurt. . .we spread hope here.

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This is where I disagree with you Veronika. I don't think a Western man should compromise his needs. If I need intimacy, I should be able to voice that need. Now understand what I said. I said intimacy. That does not mean sex. But if I have flown thousands of miles after having romantic conversations with you. After we have talked on the phone and professed our love to each other. If I have sent you flowers, love notes, and more. Then when I finally get over there, you give me a handshake and/or a hug after three supposedly romantic dates?

No, I don't recommend a man to stay in that situation. Because if a woman shows him no intimacy. She can't kiss him, hold him, have a quiet time with him, what was the purpose to courting so long or so much over the phone, in chat session via facebook, etc.? Either you are trying to get to know each other for a serious romantic relationship or you are not.

It isn't even attempting to be serious about the needs of adults when it comes to love. And it further stimatizes men as being the evil creatures that want sex. There is nothing wrong with wanting sex, especially if you think you are in a romantic relationship.

I have never stayed with a woman it doesn't matter if she is American, Ukrainian, Russian, Latvia, etc. if they were cold, not warm, and not approachable. You can look throughout youtube, for videos of men who dated women for months , heavily investing their time, their money, and their hearts in women who cared nothing about them. They were only in it for the money and for gifts.

The task for Western men dating internationally is especially hard. Because we have to ascertain if a woman is actually serious. We don't have many tools for doings this. And there is no reason for a man to miss out on love that he could be getting from a woman who is actually attracted to him. I have been fooled by women who had no intention of being romantic. And I learned a method that worked for me. I understand the peril that men are in when they date internationally. They are coming to a country, they are not even sure if the woman they are coming to see is honest or not. She could be married, she could have a husband and this is merely a way for her to extract money. A Western man could be in danger of being seriously hurt or worse.

Men have to be alert. They have to create rules for themselves, they have to use honest services and honest people and make hard choices.

Intimacy does not have to include sex. But that man has to know that woman is interested in him. Barry Pring was a man who simply never saw the signs.

That lead to his death.

Now, there are a lot of Western men who are jerks. There are men who are trying to date who have criminal records. There are men who have mental issues. Those men are not going to find any woman. There is nothing anyone can do to help them. But the average good guy, should be able to voice what his needs are. This can't just be a situation where he is trying to win a woman's attention. If that is the case, why date at all? He would simply spend his life, worrying about trying to please this woman. It has to be two-way street. One where I can voice my needs and she can voice hers. And if we cannot work it out, there should be no shame. It should be a good thing to find out about incompatibility early on. I have found good female friends overseas by simply being honest and telling the truth about what I need in relations.

Well, I hope you consider these words.

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#anastasiadate #sdventures #hotrussianbrides #find-bride #uadreams #findbride #fraud #scam #findbride #scammers #veronikalove #veronikalovescam #mailorderbride #gumball3000 #stupidamerican #1stattractive #natashaclub #Singlebridesagency #mariyaclub #behappy2day #charmingdate #jump4love #romancecompass #marriagebynatali #captaingregory #russiandesire #scammer #prodater #ukrainianbridesagency #dreammarriage #anitacovic #ualadys #josephrickards

Hello Everyone. I just wanted to put something to rest once and for all. To the men who have been scammed, SCAMMERS WANT YOU TO BE UNHAPPY. They want you to be miserable. They want you to give up hope. They want to make sure you never find a woman especially in Eastern Europe. Hence, the whole fake argument about not looking for a young woman. I cannot say you will find a young woman, an old woman or a Klingon woman in your search. But I know this. . .NO SCAMMER WILL HELP YOU FIND HER. Your only chance in your search overseas are the people who are honest. These people have created honest safe services for you to use. The scammers here tell you the same drivel because they want the young blood. The want the young guys to believe the disgusting lie that they will be fine because they are young. The scammers at these disgusting vile crap sites only scam old guys like me, who are over 40. Haha!

Believe that at your absolute peril. Believe that and you will descend in to the darkest pit of despair your mind could ever conceive of. These scammers here, will take everything you have, even your life if you let them.

Understand this. These men will say anything, tell you any lie, think of any excuse to continue their disgusting business. I want to share something with you. It is not unknown to most people on the net that elenamodels is one of my recommended sites. The scammers hate this site with a passion. They would destroy it if they could. Because it is one of the few places on the net that provides an honest platform for international dating. Well, I have worked with Elena's staff on numerous occasions. We have passed info back and forth about scammers. I have given them advice. They have shared articles and info on strategy with me. I have gotten to know one of their owners very well. A man named Darren.

The scammers know him also. These scammers, I guess the one with connections to Anonymous. . .posted Darren's personal information on a site named sitejabber. They posted his address, phone number, etc. in an attempt to intimidate him. Darren has a family, a wife, children. . .They deliberately put his family in danger, simply to stop him from helping men to find happiness.


That's why we must end this.

Now I post this on Joseph's video at youtube. This is his show. But I implore you, to contact him if you are looking for love overseas. Do not let scammers write your future for you. You can't let these people rip you off of thousands of dollars, hurt you, make you miserable, and then let them tell you who you can date and how you should date them.

You men are deserving of love. You are worthy of a woman's affections. And only by demanding it can you obtain it. So many people give men advice about dating overseas. Notice how so very few of them have any advice that encourage men to make sure their needs are met also.

I am here to tell you. It is alright. Not every woman you will meet will be for you. And it is perfectly okay for you to demand that you receive the love and affection you have been looking for.

Again, contact Joseph Rickards. He is a good man. But if you need me. I am always around. I am David Brunner, the Stupid American.

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#honestdating #honestdatingsites #honestukrainianwomen #internationaldating #bridesandlovers

Easily one of the most honest international dating sites on the net. And right now, this site is overflowing with women. "If you build it, they will come". Honest Ukrainian women know which sites are honest. They frequent those sites and when there are more men using honest services, slavic women start to use those services more. Please consider using an honest service like this. $30 per month. And it is even less if you purchase a longer subscription. You can talk to any woman at the site. The women are not paid to talk to you. So you have to work at this. If you have problems or questions, just ask us. We can help!

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For Charlene Scott. Any man using this photo is involved in the romance scam. 
Does anyone know this man? Trying to see if I'm being scammed 

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#anastasiadate #sdventures #hotrussianbrides #find-bride #uadreams #findbride #fraud #scam #findbride #scammers #veronikalove #veronikalovescam #mailorderbride #gumball3000 #stupidamerican #1stattractive #natashaclub #Singlebridesagency #mariyaclub #behappy2day #charmingdate #jump4love #romancecompass #marriagebynatali #captaingregory #russiandesire #scammer #prodater #ukrainianbridesagency #dreammarriage #anitacovic #ualadys #jasonrickards

Anastasiadate scam!!! Social Discovery Ventures scam!!! Uadreams scam!!!


So we are back again documenting the married women at Anastasiadate. Isn't it crazy? After all these years, this lying scam crap garbage organization still have married lying scammer whores at their site. You would think by now the scam would have evolved to a point where at least the women were not married. And again, she is at Eurodate also. But we do not have the ability to track her at the site.

Oh well. . .

Newest Scammer whore! Viktoria Stoga! This scammer whore is at Anastasiadate profile# 1739195. I guess she lives in Odessa with her husband and daughter. Odessa is lying scammer whore's paradise. So many of the scammer whores at these scam sites come from that town.

Anyway, her vk where she says she is married;

Her facebook;

I am certain you can find instagram and twitter, etc. on this lying scammer whore. She seems to need social networks to promote her business. But she doesn't divulge she is at a dating site, claiming she wants to meet Stupid American Men for romance. If anyone out there can get the photos of her with her husband, that would be great!

Again, leave these disgusting sites. Stop using sites that are PAY BY LETTER!!!

Because the only thing these sites will give you, is pain. . .

and terror. 
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#anastasiadate #sdventures #hotrussianbrides #find-bride #uadreams #findbride #fraud #scam #findbride #scammers #veronikalove #veronikalovescam #mailorderbride #gumball3000 #stupidamerican #1stattractive #natashaclub #Singlebridesagency #mariyaclub #behappy2day #charmingdate #jump4love #romancecompass #marriagebynatali #captaingregory #russiandesire #scammer #prodater #ukrainianbridesagency #dreammarriage #anitacovic #ualadys #jasonrickards

Anastasiadate scam!!! Social Discovery Ventures scam!!! Uadreams scam!!!


Well everyone, we want to alert you to a new wrinkle in the Anastasiadate scam. It is called EuroDate. So Anastasiadate understands that more and more men are becoming aware of just how disgusting this insidious scam is at their website. So they are trying to migrate to a new platform, as you guys can see, Arabiandate, AmoLatina, Asiandate, and now Eurodate are redesigned websites. Of course, they are using the scam disgusting scammer filled databases. They just hope that with the name change and the new website, they can continue to fool Stupid American Men.

These new website do not allow you to search for the women. Actually the search function is broken. You can't use it. Also, they make it hard to download the photos of the scammer whores from the site. They know that men use these photos to image search. THEY NO LONGER LIST THE BIRTHDATES OF THE WOMEN!!! Because men were using this information to look up scammer whores on vk. Lastly, these new sites are blocked from internet searches. So if you have a photo of a scammer whore, you won't be able to trace her into a site like Eurodate. They do not allow for that. So now more than ever, it is time to abandon all PAY BY LETTER SITES!!! Leave the scammer world, they simply will not be honest. They will not stop scamming. Anastasiadate is going to do whatever it can to continue this scam. Stop using these disgusting services.

New scammer. Irina Knyazeva!!! At Anastasiadate profile# 1668481. So of course, she is at Eurodate, but there is no way to find her at present at the site. So we can only tell you where she is at and Wherever you see this lying scammer whore, know she is married. See for yourself, her vk;

As you can see, there is no let up in the scam. This entire pay by letter industry is a scam!!! Men, please stop using these sites. And everyone, please share this information!!!

We ask only one question. . .

Will you join us?
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#anastasiadate #sdventures #hotrussianbrides #find-bride #uadreams #findbride #fraud #scam #findbride #scammers #veronikalove #veronikalovescam #mailorderbride #gumball3000 #stupidamerican #1stattractive #natashaclub #Singlebridesagency #mariyaclub #behappy2day #charmingdate #jump4love #romancecompass #marriagebynatali #captaingregory #russiandesire #scammer #prodater #ukrainianbridesagency #dreammarriage #anitacovic #ualadys #jasonrickards

Find-bride scam!!!

This is a vk community created by a gentleman who is an expert on the find-bride scam. Such a great effort here. He profiles a lot of the commonly used scammer accounts the translators use to trick men at the site. Please check it out and repost his information everywhere!!! Such a great job he does here.

You can be the men here are all getting scammed out of their money and getting their hearts ripped out. Yes, you can say they deserved it. But it is sad nonetheless. They are at the mercy of scammer whores, who do not know the meaning of the word.

Again, join our efforts.

Repost and reshare this information everywhere you can!

Thank you!

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#anastasiadate #sdventures #hotrussianbrides #find-bride #uadreams #findbride #fraud #scam #findbride #scammers #veronikalove #veronikalovescam #mailorderbride #gumball3000 #stupidamerican #1stattractive #natashaclub #Singlebridesagency #mariyaclub #behappy2day #charmingdate #jump4love #romancecompass #marriagebynatali #captaingregory #russiandesire #scammer #prodater #ukrainianbridesagency #dreammarriage #anitacovic #ualadys #jasonrickards

Anastasiadate scam!!! Social Discovery Ventures scam!!! Uadreams scam!!!

Okay Anastasiadate is back on the radar! Good ole Anastasiadate. The most scammiest, crappiest, most disgusting site around! Awesome!

So the newest scammer is Albina Krivonogova! At Anastasiadate profile# 1749820! This scammer whore of course has a boyfriend. Looks to be engaged! But is still at the scam site Anastasiadate, scamming stupid american men left and right.

You will be able to appreciate all the lovey dovey photos with her boyfriend at;

Be sure to stop by and say hello. These scammer whores feel no remorse, pity, or pain.

Stupid American men. . . are you done with this nightmare? Are you ready to find real happiness? In the coming weeks, we will switch to a more positive tone and talk about the honest dating sites and the honest Eastern European women who have been trying to meet men from the West.

It is time to burn these crap sites to the ground.

Will you join us?
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#anastasiadate #sdventures #hotrussianbrides #find-bride #uadreams #findbride #fraud #scam #findbride #scammers #veronikalove #veronikalovescam #mailorderbride #gumball3000 #stupidamerican #1stattractive #natashaclub #Singlebridesagency #mariyaclub #behappy2day #charmingdate #jump4love #romancecompass #marriagebynatali #captaingregory #russiandesire #scammer #prodater #ukrainianbridesagency #dreammarriage #anitacovic #ualadys #jasonrickards

Anastasiadate scam!!! Social Discovery Ventures scam!!! Uadreams scam!!!

So here is an article about a bust in Cherkassy for an agency scam. Apparently, these scammer whores were also engaged in an illegal sex cam operation out of the scam office.

These are the disgusting creatures you will meet if you continue to use garbage crap scam site. When will stupid american men leave these disgusting pits of despair. When will stupid american men realize, at the end of this journey is nothing but terror. . .

and pain.

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#anastasiadate #sdventures #hotrussianbrides #find-bride #uadreams #findbride #fraud #scam #findbride #scammers #veronikalove #veronikalovescam #mailorderbride #gumball3000 #stupidamerican #1stattractive #natashaclub #Singlebridesagency #mariyaclub #behappy2day #charmingdate #jump4love #romancecompass #marriagebynatali #captaingregory #russiandesire #scammer #prodater #ukrainianbridesagency #dreammarriage #anitacovic #ualadys #jasonrickards

Hello Ice!!!


Great to see you. Please everyone come by and support the Iceman. It is great to see you back producing video about scammer whores in this disgusting international dating industry. Great video everyone! Please check it out!

Find-bride still has a bunch of idiots who use it. Poor old geezers, who could find happiness, are still using this disgusting site. There isn't much you can do to men who are willfully stupid and ignorant. Pay per letter sites are garbage. They are lies. And they need to be burned to the ground.

Thanks again!

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