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2000 MaH Battery.
non-removable 2000 mAh battery
LOL, Great Point.
Yeah, 2650 was ok with me. I really need to think about this. Plus, the phone is the ugliest EVO to date. The EVO Shift looks better. Fail on design.
yep i woulda been fine with 2650 non-removable. Not so with 2000. My extra GNex battery is 2100 and won't get me through a full day of heavy use. I do definitely question the design - wish they woulda gone with all black or white. That red band is just kinda like 0_o
I'm a little pissed right now. I had high hopes because the One X is a gorgeous phone.
I'm Shocked That Y'all Hated The Design, Liked It Minus The Weak Kickstand.
carrier version is NEVER what they initially unveil. Also doesnt help that the One X is ATT exclusive, so they kinda had to change it. Such is the price we pay for CDMA benefits.

1 Red band - WTHeck? I wasn't crazy about the 'leaked' look, but this... yuck.

2 I THOUGHT I READ the battery was supposed to be over 2500. I've been reading so rumors, my head is spinning.


And I thank you.
The question is, like an ugly child, can I grow to love it. The phone is chock full of uberphone goodness. Super LCD, killer camera, kickstand, large screen, fairly large battery, NFC, Beats Audio, dedicated camera button, killer camera, ICS, Sense 4.0, killer camera, unlimited data with Sprint, LTE, some new docking features, killer camera.
I really need to think about this.
What's up SGIII? Show me something!!!!
I Thought The Design Was A Plus, Everything Else Bored Me But NFC & Bluetooth 4.0.
Dedicated Camera Button Is -1 For Me, Too Many Buttons Make A Phone Look Old.
+C. Paul Courtney A man can always blame his wife for an ugly child, kiss it up to God and be a good daddy! LOL! U can only blame urself if u buy this phone!
+Xavier Reyes exactly. But the smartphone market is becoming so tight, every top phone will have most of those features. I need to see what this SGIII is going to look like and offer. I wish the Sprint GN had just a little more to offer because I love that design.
Amen +Xavier Reyes! I'm gonna make Sprint come look for ME! (LTWEH)
+Nathan Amos your first post here: o_O #TRUTH!

BTW - Ur interrupting me reading your page. Good stuff.
I guess it looks ok. The aluminum sides are cool. I don't like the 3 tone back though.
Does this thing have Swype?
What about Blockbuster? And Nascar? I got to have 'em or it's no deal!
It is timed perfectly though. There are a ton of 2 year old OG EVOs out there.
+Nathan Amos My bad. Your post ^^ on here regarding ur questioning the design. I totally agree and think u r on point.
ahhh - ha, i was gonna say, no way you went back that far! Yea, i love the One X design - smooth and seamless, the right size, the right angles. This just seems like it was quickly drawn up on a sketchpad one day just because they needed to change the design. (Ok maybe not that bad, but you get my point). And on the battery end - I need something with Maxx-like mAh if it's gonna be removable - for my personal line anyway. Wouldn't matter for my Sprint line since I barely use that
Sprint wad extremely slow in getting 4G nationwide. It is still not in all areas. Many folks jumped on the 4G bandwagon for nothing. Will Sprint do the same with LTE?

I wonder.
One X Was A Nexus Clone, Props To The EVO LTE On Design.
The WiMax rollout was dependent on Clear's deployment. Now that they have a different strategy for 4G, I wonder if it's going to be faster since Sprint has more control, or slower since it's going to cost them much more than what using Clear did/does.
I Enjoy The EVO LTE Design Over The One X, One X Looks Like A Bad Nexus Clone, EVO Looks Somewhat Revolutionary IMO.
I Wish Sprint Would Get The One S Too, HTC Should Only Be Doing AMOLED Displays With Their Bad Reputation For Displays.
I like the front, although i wish they would have gone with a smaller bezel - 4.7" is big enough as is without putting the OEM name on the screen itself - shoulda been top left like the OG. And I wish the screen was rounded to match the phone like it is on the One X. Software buttons would have helped tremendously here too.

I like the red ring around the camera - subtle and adds some flair. Red and black is totally my thing though. But that kickstand and the band.... No likie. I also don't like how much the camera protrudes - it's grotesque on the One X, and not as bad on the Evo, but still would prefer it to be more flush. Understable though, with more inside of it.
+Sunil S. every single blog that has reviewed the One X screen has said it's the best screen they've ever seen - better than SAMOLED HD on the GNex. Sounds like it will only be surpassed by SAMOLED+ HD
+Nathan Amos They Said The Same About The Xperia S But I Wasn't Impressed.
That's more my style. Hurry up with the official announcement Samsung.
I sure wish +Sunil S. would go to bed...keeping me I can't get to sleep!

Peace out!
I just found out the Beats Audio is fully integrated. Which means you get it with any Music app, YouTube, media players, etc. Thanks a pretty big +! I haven't heard many comments about the speakers though. If you remember that was one of the first complaints about the 3D (I never had a speaker volume problem. It was as loud as the OG but it was loud enough for me).
The design is growing on me. People keep commenting on how thin and light weight it is but still feels solid.
Yes. Houston. I actually live north of Houston in Spring but I assume since I have WiMax I'll have 4G at home. If not, I usually am on WiFi at home and most of my time away from the house is in Houston, which will have LTE.
Ok. I have fam in LaMarque, southeast, 1/2 way between Houston and Galveston.
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