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David Božjak
Don't poke the bear, ram the dragon!
Don't poke the bear, ram the dragon!

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I've had the pleasure of being the guest on .NET Rocks show 1069, talking about the Lumia Imaging SDK, a project we work on right here in Lund.

Do listen to it and tell me if I said something stupid, I can't muster the courage to listen to it myself :)

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This #Nokia competition can win you an expenses paid trip to experience zero gravity!

Also, you get to try the Nokia Imaging SDK, which is a reward in itself :)

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The Watch is going to be made into a TV series - I can;t wait!

Hopefully Sam Vines will be as awesome on the screen as it was in all the book. Oh and Carrot!! 

Really looking forward to this. Hope +Terry Pratchett: Patchwork Pieces and his daughter don't ruin the series for me :)

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I have found my new favourite Dilbert comic!

For some reason +Miha Lunar  comes to mind... 

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I admit, I didn't even think about not buying this SidMayer HumbleBundle. All Civ5 for 15$? I pressed buy now before I finished reading that sentence.

And yes, that does include the new expansion for Civilization V, the brave new world.

Anyone up for a multiplayer? +Matevz Groboljsek ? +Blaž Kunovar ?

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Damn, to sm dejansko fovš.

+Jasa Zidar mislil bom na vas, vse iz svedske :)

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Something for +Matevz Groboljsek :)

I've got the opportunity to try out Oculust Rift yesterday!

It was really great to (finally) see it in action and experience the world of tomorrow ;)

Anyway, I'm happy to answer any questions if anyone is interested!
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