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INSPIRATION - At its finest
So a friend of mine +J. Hancock shared a video with me. I have to tell you this is one of the best videos I have seen.

100% Inspiration

Go watch this: Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

A lecture from Randy Pausch, Carnegie Mellon Professor entitled "Really Achieving your Childhood Dreams"

Artists, engineers, teachers.... this is the stuff...
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I wrote a paper on this. Excellent piece of work.

EDIT: The lecture, not my paper. :p
thanks, +David Bowden- Randy Pausch is my hero.
I watch this once a month... and my kids get to paint their own room!
+J. Hancock this really is great. What a fantastic video. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to teach. This video ties right into my post of this morning. It really is a great share. Teachers like this are truly an inspiration. +Anita Berglund have you seen this one..?
The book is amazing too...and surprisingly uplifting...
GOOD!! I have it & you'll LOVE it! 8-) He's long been a favorite of mine. +David Bowden
We once viewed this film here at EA and Randy dialed in and spoke to us all. He was such an inspiring man. A friend of mine, Tommy, is featured in the video. He's the one who worked on Star Wars, and so did I, but unlike him I can't say it was my childhood dream.
I keep finding something new to learn, relearn, laugh with, and cry over every time is see this video... thanks for passing it along :)
I wish I had known him personally or had the pleasure sitting in his class or lecture. This is the kind of man whos presence and energy as an educator is inspirational. Thanks +Sam Breach I appreciate you sharing that. I cant wait to get the book.
+David Bowden I have to ask, if you could have lunch with a few of your favorite people ever. who would they be? I bet it would be an awesome assembly of cool people... :)
Hello +David Bowden I had the good fortune to see this video before Pausch died and all I could think about afterward was his wife and kids and friends and how stunned I was that they would be left without this amazing man. I have never forgotten this. Thank you for posting is worth watching frequently.
Randy Pausch was certainly a great man and inspiration!
+Giselle Minoli I had much the same thoughts, but mostly about his kids. I think it's tragic that the youngest two barely got to know him at all before he was gone. If they have memories at all, they are likely to be ephemeral.
+Mai'ta L'yeya Nava Humm.... My list would be something like this:
1- Robert Oppenheimer
2- Albert Einstein
3- Scott Carpenter
4- Gen. Chuck Yeager
5- Ansel Adams
6- Nikola Tesla
7- Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni
8- Leonardo da Vinci
9- Claude Monet
10- Yaĭtsa Faberzhe (Fabergé)
11- Robert Goddard
12- Louis Khan
13- Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, better known as Le Corbusier
+Giselle Minoli Thanks for stopping by. I was really moved by Randy and immediately bought his book. After watching his video, while he did some excellent work, I thought his legacy was his passion for education and learning. Truly an inspiration.
Nice list, thank you... I would have added some gals to the pot, to stir it well and proper... ;)
+David Bowden Many thanks David! Yes, I have watched this video. I was very touched by his courage and sense of humor. Very inspiring! He must have had incredible coping skills. Wishing you David and all others a beautiful day! Don´t forget to smile and be in the moment.
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