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The LARGEST B&W circle on Google+
Well, its that time again. Time to share the B&W circle. We are REAL CLOSE to 500 in this circle. After months of collecting and cultivating the circle is at 485.

If you are a lover of B&W images, please take a moment to look over this circle of photographers. To be included each photographer must shoot at least 40% of their work in B&W or have a dedicated collection of quality B&W images here on Google+

I encourage you to look at the work, comment and SHARE this circle. There are some fantastic photographers from all areas of the world here. I learn and enjoy their work and know you all will to.

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Thanks +David Bowden for including me - very much appreciated as is the hard work involved in creating and maintain this circle. Have a great weekend :)
+David Bowden  thank you very much for the inclusion,  its a great circle, you are doing a fantastic job, have a splashing weekend. :)
hey +David Bowden I would love to be included into this circle for next time to reach the 500 circle mark! Most of my photographs are black and white! Thanks :)
Thanks for inclusion! I saw it Thursday night but wanted to wait until daytime to pass it on :)
It's only the second largest... :) My B&W circle (parts 1 & 2) contains almost 800... :)
:D +Peter From - take it up with circle management LOL - seriously though, I love your circles!
Does anyone have any recommendation on cleaning up my own circles? I'm at almost the max now,and I have a hard time figuring out how to determine who to uncircle...
Just teasing David a bit Amy... :) I am sure his circle is great!
+Hakan Gül Welcome to the circle. Thanks for the note.

+Peter From 800..??? I had no idea you shared a B&W circle..? how have I missed that in the last year. Especially when i get all of your others.
+David Bowden –– I have been sharing that circle four times the past six months. :)
+Helena Martins thanks for the note. If you can  get a B&W album together I am happy to add you. Most consumers of the circle want to see only B&W images and prefer photographers that have their images in one place so they can find them easily. If you can create one that would be great.
+Helena Martins I just checked you are already in the circle :-) sorry its been a LONG couple of days :-)
Ahahahah for you and me! I've just checked the circle again... And yes I'm on it
Ohh +David Bowden I'm so sorry for being such a nonsense and giving you extra work!
+Helena Martins not a problem at all. I should have checked yesterday but was too busy. My administrative error. Thanks for the notes :-)
thanks for this great circle. Would love to get in. I'm doing more b/w since a few month. +David Bowden 
+Markus Kapferer you have  some excellent work! WELCOME to the B&W Circle. In fact I should be sharing it again this week. Thanks for the note.
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