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#MyTownMonday, #MonochromoeMonday, #MytownMonday and #WhateverTheHeckElseMonday

This shot was taken on a Photo-Walk for a project I am working on. The buildings are the "W" Hotel (on the left) and some Condo building on the right in downtown Austin, Texas. The W is one of my favorite pieces of Architecture in downtown Austin. I think I already submitted one from a shot I took in Vancouver, but I had to do a hometown shot as well.

Similar Theme here as a previous shot. I like B&W for the W hotel. Its a relatively monochrome building to begin with and this format highlights its structure and materials better than color. Slight silver tint added in post to the shot.

#Architecture, #Buildings, #Skyscraper, #PlusPhotoExtract, #Austin, #Texas, #BWFineArtLE
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Jack L
wow... great shot! nd filter?
And thanks to everyone for the +1's - Sincerely appreciated !
I had to look twice to really see what this was, excellent shot.
+Jenna Lynn Monroe I would be more than happy to get with you or a group and do just that anytime. The last group outing was a blast.
Everyone, I cant tell you how happy all of your comments have made me. I have tried hard to get an image on G+ that would stand out a bit. Being that there is so many excellent photographers here its hard to do. =)

The encouragement and community here keep me trying and learning. That is the beauty of this site and system. There are so many outstanding artists here that I am never at a loss for inspiration. Thanks for that.

All of the kind words really have made my day. Thanks for all the shares and the +1's.

It's because of each of you and the time you take to share, comment and encourage that I will continue to learn, improve and reciprocate.
WOW I had no idea until I saw you comment. You guys are great ! Thanks to everyone for sharing commenting and hitting that +1 button. I cant thank you all enough for the support.
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