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THE B&W Circle of Google+
Hey G+, its that time again. Time to share the largest collection of B&W photographers here on Google+. 

If you love Black and White then this is the circle for you. Each of these photographers shoots at least 40% of their work in B&W. All are very talented and have some excellent work for you to view.

Take a look and enjoy the circle!

If you arent in this circle and would like to be, please review the criteria for inclusion here:

Then send me a note on this thread or a personal note and I will gladly review your work and add you.

Thanks everyone!


PS- Please share this circle.
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More and more the pics I am posting are b&w. Im sure i owe the newly discovered love to folks here on G+.
+David Bowden pretty sure 50% or more of my work is in B/W, take a look and add if i fit the criteria, thank you in advance for the consideration :)
+J.J. Bentley, +Roman Kruglov & +Gary Harris you have all been added. I share this once a month. So next month you will be included in the share (since Google+ doesnt automatically update). Thanks for the note. You all have some great work !
Wow David. Was not expecting that. Just wanted to say how much I'm moving more and more that way it seems! Blessings
You are welcome +Roman Kruglov you have some great stuff. +Gary Harris you have some excellent work and perhaps being in the circle will help motivate you even more. :-) after all, its about support and sharing.
 thank you for the inclusion david, i feel very honored, and thank you so much for your great work, it´s a great circle! ;)
thank you mate for including my name and my work here.
it is nice to be in circle with so much talent.

sharing this.
Would love to be added to this :), have uploaded my stuff to its own dedicated B&W album....:)

Awesome stuff, glad to still be included!
It's very interesting circle. I take some B&W photos, but they are less than 40%... Am I out of your criteria??
+Takashi Asao unfortunately yes. The goal of the circle is to promote those which have a very vested interest in B&W photography or are exclusively B&W Photographers. 
Hi +David Bowden if you get a chance to include me in your next posting of the circle please do :) ...many thanks in advance :)
Hi. +David Bowden  !! Would be honoured to be included in your B&W Circle.  almostly my work is in B&W. Please take a look and decide if i fits the criteria ..Anyway im so glad to meet you who love B&W in G+.. see  you again all u guys..
+Joshua Kang Welcome to the circle. You have some great work! thanks for the note.

+Athena Carey its my pleasure. You know I admire your work (your shot for the magazine is simply amazing). Always nice seeing you here.
Hi +David Bowden thanks for taking the time to put together this circle I've really enjoyed browsing the work here.  I shoot mostly B&W.  If you have a chance, please take a look.  Thanks!
Hey +Brad Morgan thanks for the note and welcome to the circle. You have some great work !
Hi David, it would be nice, if you add me.
Hi +David Orr and +Stefan Wensing Welcome to the B&W Circle. Thanks for the note. After taking a look at your work, you have both been added. I share this circle monthly and will share it again on or about the first week of July. Thanks again and Welcome !
I finally found time to rearrange my albums last night, add a B&W and move things ... just for you, +David Bowden. I'm pretty sure my monochrome is significantly higher than 40%. I left my portraits in the portrait folder, so there are others.
Thanks, +Gene Bowker! :)
Also, I left architecture and the Salton Sea in their respective folders.
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