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Hey Google+

This is the largest B&W circle of photographers on Google+. Each photographer in the circle is personally reviewed before being added. If you like B&W photography this is the circle of people to take a look at. Now at 462.


Are you a B&W shooter..? do you shoot over 40% of your images in B&W..? if so you need to be in this circle. Its one of the most shared on Google+.

To learn what it takes to be included please visit this post:

Thanks everyone, Enjoy !
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Shared! Thanks, +David Bowden

I've been busy with other projects of late, but I'm back posting on G+ again!
+David Bowden thanks for including me in this wonderful circle :)
I do appreciate it very much, and it makes me very happy.
+David Bowden, great circle, not sure if I fulfil your criteria, but please feel free to have a look at my work.
Hi David, thanks for including me. I^ll share this tomorrow as I'm about to share my latest 15'000 follower circle. I'll also go see if I can share this from Monochrome Monday.
I bow humbly and say thank you my friend.
Thank you for the inclusion Mr. Bowden. Much appreciated!
+Darren Rye & +Andreas Levi you both have some nice work. Welcome to the circle.

+James Slevin Thanks ! im not going anywhere... just changing things up a bit.

Thanks EVERYONE! you all make this circle great. I get hours of pleasure from looking at the fantastic work from the photographers in this circle. Its my sincere pleasure to share it.


Thanks again +David Bowden for your hard work getting this circle together! Will re-share this once it's died down in my stream a little. In order to keep it fresh! - if this ok with you?
+Alen Pasalic you have some great work. Welcome to the circle.
+Faith Fowler if there is ANYTHING I can do to help or questions I can answer, just ask. I am more than happy to help. Also, you may want to add my friends +Peter From and +Charles Lupica as well as +Grant Murray and +Garry McCarthy to your photography circles if you dont have them already. They are excellent photographers (each of them) they actively participate in the community and help a great deal. Thanks for the note.
thank you mate, if you need any help just ask.
any of you, i love to help if i can ;).

cheers good people of G+ :).
Tee Kay
Thanks again so much for including .. very appreciated :)
It's very humbling to be included amongst so many talented people, thank you so much +David Bowden. :) Also gives me more lovely images to look at every day!
Doh - 39% B/W, just missed it!
Just kidding - great circle +David Bowden
I will be adding this to my circles for sure!
Thanks for the continued inclusion +David Bowden - a pleasure to re-share this one! :)
+Ricardo Williams my friend, this is my mistake. You did and you were supposed to be in there. I will reshare in 2 weeks. I have double checked and I definitely have you in there now. My sincerest of apologies. This was not intentional by any means.
How about that... I shared my circle and forgot to put myself in it.... DUH...
+Thorn Button odd you are showing as in there..??? when I check it you are in the circle.

+Ricardo Williams you are in good company. I forgot to add myself to the share :-) I have made sure you are in (again) sorry man.
Ah yeah... that was a DOH! moment :-) I can't believe I did that.... oh well. I guess the next time I share my own circle I will get the benefit LOL !
thanks for the inclusion David. That's one hell of a circle, I'm immensely pleased to be included.
Hi +David Bowden, I'd like to nominate +Mike Morgan for your next round of this circle. Check out his stuff. He's posting predominately in B&W. He's got a great collection of music shots, and others too, all with a nice fine art type of eye for things. Surprisingly he has only been circled by 28 followers as of this writing.
Hi +Stan Showalter thank you so much for nominating me to the B&W Circle and thank you +David Bowden for adding me to the circle! Thanks guys, really appreciate it.
Hi +David Bowden, this is a cool circle. Is this where I comment for consideration for your next posting? Cheers
I have finally segregated my B&W work from my colour work, +David Bowden, and split them into Wildlife Monochrome and Landscape Monochrome albums. I would appreciate a consideration, though I am probably currently between 30-40% on the "weight" of monochrome vs colour in my photos on G+. I have a lot of monochrome images to come, which I upload as relevant daily themes come along. Anyhow - thanks in advance for at least looking even if I don't make the circle. Oh, and thanks for your work in setting this up and maintaining it!
+Morkel Erasmus thanks for the note. you have some excellent work. You are in the circle now. I will re-share it again before the end of the month. Thanks again !
Big thanks again, David.
I don't know if I actually meet the requirements +David Bowden, but it's worth a try! If you think I do, I would really like to be added to this great circle.. Thank you in advance :)
+Goldie B I have added you to the circle. Thanks for the note. Sorry it took so long to reply. My notifications dont always work and sometimes I miss them.

+Ulrich G. Wortmann I have added you as well

Thank you both for the note
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