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Plus One Magazine, Issue #1 Submission
Hey G+, +Ivan Makarov the man behind the PlusONE book is now creating a magazine and had opened it up for submissions. If you would like more information please take a look here:

Naturally after the FANTASTIC Plus One book, i had to participate in this as well. I have submitted the following photograph (you have all seen it before) to the gallery. Its a shot in Downtown Austin, Texas on 6th and Congress.

If you get a chance please go check out the SmugMug gallery and rate my image. (!i=1856260339&k=RkQV3CJ&lb=1&s=A) Also, if you are a Photographer and want in, take a look at the link above and follow the simple submission guidelines.

Thanks +Ivan Makarov !!!


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Oh David, this is outstanding!!!
Thanks +Judy Lee I really appreciate it. This shot was a "get out of a slump" shot... at the encouragement of my G+ Friends. That is why I submitted this one. It was a community backed effort :-)
Hey +William Scuby Thanks !, I was lucky on this day in mid January. Still some blah weather that made for a great sky when shooting up.
+David Bowden I totally understand. It must be truly wonderful to have such supportive friends here :) Well, I guess it's a 'hats off' to the community that backed this wonderful effort!!!
Hey +David Orr Thanks ! I really like this one. Literally no set up. I walked across the street, leaned on the building (which is quite ugly actually) and shot straight up on what was a bad weather day. I love it when you dont have to work hard to get a decent shot. Glad you like it.

+Judy Lee I have to admit I really do love the folks that follow my work and push me. Very supporting indeed. Truly a great group of peeps.

+Louisa Catharine Forsyth you are always too kind to me. Thanks so much. I hope it makes it. The book was such excellent quality that the magazine is certain to be excellent.
I say it as I see it and I love your work :) It deserves to make it. Happy Sunday to you :)
I know I've said it before, but it really is a stunning shot +David Bowden, and very appropriate for the purpose too! :)
This is great news +David Bowden & as this is one of my favorites of your images, I think it's an EXCELLENT choice. After all what better image to submit than one that is an arrow to Heaven?! (((HUGS)))
Great sumbission +David Bowden. I was hoping I'd see one of your shots make its way into this issue. Maybe we'll both have one in there. :)
Hey +Chris Sader good to see ya :-) its been awhile. Thanks for this, it would be great to end up in the first issue. There are some amazing submissions. It will be interesting to see how it goes.
Kab Yaj
This is architecturally stunning and an excellent submission, David. I love the perspective as if I'm being transported on a wild roller coaster ride. Good luck (though I doubt you need it)!
+Kab Yaj you are far too kind. Thanks for this... made my morning :-)
Excellent image! Also, thanks for the info about the magazine submissions.
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