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The after Party at Pax-East, hosted by the Crystal Method
Taken at the Pax-East Party for Riot Games Players and Fans. The Crystal Method was our special guest. They played for a packed house. It was truly an amazing party! Scott Kirkland is seen here (Ken is out of frame for this shot).

Taken withe a D700, Hand held (Intentionally)... in fact all of the shots where to try and capture the action of the event. This is just a small sample of some of the shots I take for Riot. No, I dont shoot for Riot full time, I do something completely different. I volunteer to travel, meet our players, fans and Cosplayers. It's an absolute blast to meet everyone and to capture the events for Riot !!!

Next stop.... KOREA for LCS Semi and Finals !!!


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#leagueoflegends #Riot #riotgames #LOL #party #photography #paxeast2014 #thecrystalmethod #Color #Nikon  
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David Bowden

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Hey everyone, thanks for adding me :) the problem is, I am not following this account anymore and have created a new profile. Since Google will be deleting this account (this one is broken) at some point I wanted to share the new account with you so you can all add me.

Please follow me here :

I wont be checking or replying to things here (shy of my griping to Google to fix my inability to delete this account). So please do follow me at the above.

I hope to see you there.

Works at Riot Games as Full time Geek and have been for over 25 years.. Lives in Santa Monica, CA. Software Industry Executive - Photographer & Writer of Stories - I share "Images and Words"
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Done :)
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David Bowden

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STILL CAN'T - Delete this account
Hey +Google no matter what I do (and now for 2 weeks) I cant seem to delete my account. I know you are working on it, but really.... you have my permission... NUKE THIS BAD BOY :)

To my followers
As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am starting over and am not active on this account. If you would like to re-follow me, please bounce on over to:

I hope to see you there.... sorry for the issue. It appears Google doesnt want me to kill this account :)

Props to +DeAno Jackson for all of his help.... dude Rocks you should follow him too :)
Works at Riot Games as Full time Geek and have been for over 25 years.. Lives in Santa Monica, CA. Software Industry Executive - Photographer & Writer of Stories - I share "Images and Words"
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David Bowden

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Houston... We have a Problem...
I dunnno , I have tried 5 times now to delete my OLD account and I keep getting a 500 error (Which by the way doesnt help much). I really am looking to move on but cant seem to get this taken care of.

Lil help....

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L' Mor
Ah that makes sense. Glad that it's now fixed for you +David Bowden Dontcha just LOVE when you can figure out how to solve a perplexing problem?! 8-)
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David Bowden

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As Porky Pig once said....

"Aaa th th th th Thats all Folks!"

Yup thats it. I am deleting this account on Sunday, July 20th. If you would like to still follow me please re-add me (I just re-added 600 of you) or follow me here at this account:

I have decided its time for a fresh start. It's time to re-engage, share more photography and get back to what it was I was doing originally.

There is no other reason other than, I dont want to keep this old profile around. The numbers are meaningless as obviously I am willing to start all over. I dont like the mixture of the content I have shared or are sharing and really need to start all over.

I sincerely hope that everyone will indeed follow me again as I sincerely look forward to ENGAGING with the people that truly follow, my old friends and the new ones I will meet along the way.

Your help in spreading the word is appreciated.

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+David Bowden Hahahaha... you're such a treasure, you can't be lost. :D
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David Bowden changed his profile photo.

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I Give Up
I started "ATTEMPTING" to delete my account here on G+ back in late June. Its now October (well its about to be) and despite several requests to the folks at google, they cant seem to make the delete function work.

Now before anyone goes off freaking, I had created a new account that I was working under. Basically, I wanted to start all over for various reasons.

For whatever reason, Google has decided to not let me go and now I am torn. Do I continue with this account..? or do I stick with the new one...?

It will be interesting to see how many peeps reply here.

Let me know...? as I fear this entire process since its been a cluster has caused more confusion than helped.

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Thanks anyway +Berit Schurse​
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David Bowden

G+ General Help  - 
STILL cant delete this account
Hey +Google+ Help I have been trying for over a month now to get my OLD account (This one that I am posting with) deleted. I have created a new account and want to start all over. HOWEVER every time I try and delete the account from settings I get an error 500. 

I was getting some help before but I havent heard a word in a month since I gave permission for the dev team to review the logs etc associated with my account.

can you please simply nuke this account... I am good on my new one and want to start all over from scratch.

Your help in this is sincerely appreciated.

As an FYI I have:
1- Cleared all cookies
2- tried every browser on the planet
3- already moved and am using a new account
4- am really tired of not being able to delete myself

Lil  HELP please
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Hey +Dave E its important to me that as I disassociate with my old account that the ability to link to and or follow an unused account is not doable.  being I am walking from an account with that many followers (I still get added daily) I need to make the change so peeps can find me on my new account and not see this one go stale. At this point, I seriously doubt the service for removing unused accounts will even work as the self instantiating delete function is throwing a 500 error.

Last I heard there was an issue with the service and it was being worked on. The team asked for my permission to allow Google to look at my account logs (it was given) and since its been kinda quite.... as in crickets 

Im not asking for mountains to move, I am asking to delete an account that I no longer want to be associated with. From a DB Perspective, deleting the records should be easier than me going through and deleting 3 years of content manually.

So.... I need em to either fix the link and back end service or just nuke it for me. Either is fine :)

Important to note.... im not bitching or complaining just need an update as to what I should expect or when its going to be fixed. I know its an account level problem as I have created another "Test" account and the delete function worked fine. So something is hosed with my account.
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David Bowden

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Hey +Google+ Almost a month ago I reported a 500 error when attempting to delete my old profile : I have created my new profile and given you guys permission to nuke it from above on your own if you like. Either way, I do need something that works and REALLY want my info out of that profile. Please advise as this has gone on for quite sometime now.

Any and all help is appreciated.
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Ah! They obviously haven't fixed it yet either. Good grief! 
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David Bowden

G+ Questions - Desktop  - 
URGENT: Need help and getting Server 500 Error (Over... .and Over)
I am trying to DELETE this account (yes the one I am sending this message from). Everytime I go into settings and select the delete function, the browser times out and returns a 500 error. This has been going on for two days now. I have tried; Chrome, IE, FireFox and Opera. All get the same result.

Please call me on the phone number listed with my account for more details or just go ahead and delete this account. (I am fine with either).

I have posted an error message on my stream for your review. Please help.


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+David Bowden you're welcome!
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Going to Edit.... and then sleep..... and then kill this account
So, as I shared with everyone on Friday.... I am starting over this Sunday. Once I crash and get back to my computer tomorrow, this (over 3 year old account) will get nuked along with all of its content.


I have created a new one and you can follow me here:

Yes, I promise this is the last time I will send this link. I just wanted to be sure since peeps in the G+ Universe aren't used to hearing from me anymore. So just in case....

I have gotten a few messages asking why.... it simple really.

I recently decided to re-brand myself from a social media perspective. As a part of that I am starting over on all social platforms. G+ is the last one to get switched over. Along the path of change I have added a few new social sites and am expanding a bit.

So that's it.....

No drama, no sad story forcing me to leave.

Cause, I'm not. I am just moving to a new account where I can focus on my followers, start fresh and re-focus on sharing and interacting again.

I know.. its disappointing that there isn't more too it, but seriously that's it. Some times in life a clean slate is a good thing. This is one of those times for me.

I hope to see you all there.

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Awesome :) See you on the other side +David Bowden! 
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David Bowden

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As Porky Pig once said....

"Aaa th th th th Thats all Folks!"

Yup that's it. I am deleting this account on Sunday, July 20th. If you would like to still follow me please re-add me (I just re-added 600 of you) or follow me here at this account:

I have decided its time for a fresh start. It's time to re-engage, share more photography and get back to what it was I was doing originally.

There is no other reason other than, I dont want to keep this old profile around. The numbers are meaningless as obviously I am willing to start all over. I dont like the mixture of the content I have shared and am ready to head into a new direction.

Thus far 54 of my old followers have added me back ! 

THANKS !!!! for the continued support and the vote of confidence as I move forward.

I sincerely hope that more of you will follow me again as I sincerely look forward to ENGAGING with the people that truly follow, my old friends and the new ones I will meet along the way.

Your help in spreading the word is appreciated.

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+Karin Nelson THANKS! actually, I am pretty nice (and I have witnesses in Austin) but I am glad you like the new profile photo :) thanks for adding the new account. I appreciate it.

+Laurie M & +L' Mor  I will add you both, please add the new account when you get a chance.
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David Bowden

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Well.... my new G+ Account is created. I am now in the process of sharing my circles with myself. Inside these are some of the best friends and photographers I have run across since starting on G+ over three years ago. This is my TECH Circle.
In this Circle:
Add people
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Have him in circles
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Being the best Dad I can be. Software Development, Development Management, Web Development, Systems Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture, Data Security, Compliance, Payment Systems, Photography, Writing, Being a Smart Ass
  • Riot Games
    Director, present
Software Industry Executive - Photographer & Writer of Stories - I share "Images and Words"
"In this Journal, my pen is a delicate needle point, tracing out a graph of temperament so as to show its daily fluctuations: grave and gay, up and down, lamentation and revelry, self-love and self-disgust. You get here all my thoughts and opinions, always irresponsible and often contradictory or mutually exclusive, all my moods and vapours, all the varying reactions to environment of this jelly which is I

-- Wilhelm Nero Pilate Barbellion (1889–1919), British diarist. March 11, 1917 entry. The Journal of a Disappointed Man

Curiosity appears to have gotten the best of you and as a result, here you are. Looking at my about page to see what morsels of information or additional insight you can glean about me.

It's either that or you are bored to tears. (I will let you decide which it is).


The truth is......I'm here by accident. 

I stumbled across Google+ in September of 2011 (almost three months after it launched). I was invited to a Photowalk in Austin and managed to meet some great people whom all frequented or used Google+ so I joined to share my photography. I was looking for a place where I could share, get comments and blog a bit without having to create yet another photography blog. This was it and things were going great until December 21, 2011. Then things changed.

You see, I don't shoot like most Digital Photographers. I am an OLD FILM guy, so I rarely use the back display on my camera. I always shoot in 100% Manual Mode and I take my time, think about my shots and generally wait a bit once I am set up. So, I am somewhat methodical (most of the time). After three months of Google+ sharing my backlog oh photographs the seemingly impossible happened.

I ran out of stuff to share.

Out of shear frustration, I decided I would write something (OH... NO! not another blog post). Instead, I wrote about a guy, I met on the bus when riding home from work in Downtown Seattle (I wrote it on January 26, 2012 (Edited it in March hence the date change)):

Anyway, that story was shared a bunch and started a change.

Since that time I have written a great deal. Over 400 pages of text in 2012 alone and 45 long posts. While I was here to share my photography, it turns out my writing was received just as well if not better.

Another accident.

So, for a long time I wrote a long (over 1500 word story) every week. Then, just as before something happened.

I ran out of things to say.

You see, my stories are 100% Non-Fiction. They either happened to me, were witnessed by me or are my opinion. After 50 of them, I literally ran out of things to say (my life isnt that interesting). As a result I have slowed down quite a bit but I do still write.

I have to admit, if you want to meet some great people, you need to take a look at the folks that leave me comments on my stories. I have to tell you, I have some of the nicest most supportive people on the Internet that follow me, and I am grateful for every one of them.

I keep an archive of my long posts so they are easier to find (you'd think Google would have a better solution for this, but they don't) So, in case you are wondering what these stories are that I am talking about, you can find them here: 

My Long Post/ Story Archive

So why am I here...? 

It' simple really. I am here to share. I don't have some APP to sell, I'm not Internet Famous, I won't come do lectures and I don't teach classes. (I have been asked to write a book so there may be that, but I haven't officially started anything yet). I'm just a regular guy, trying REALLY hard to make it through life. I photograph what I can, share what I can and try and support some of my friends here on G+ all at the same time. That's it.... no million picture goal, no apps, nothing to sell and NO half naked pictures of me to help get numbers. 

Just me, my Images and Words

A Little Bio - Technology Stuff
So I get this all the time, and I hate talking about myself. But, people ask questions, and rather than answer them all the time, I have added this stuff here in hopes of answering most of them.

I am an Engineer twice over. My first Degree is in Architecture, and my Masters is in Computer Information Systems. My regular job has been building giant web sites up to recently. Now, I work for a gaming company. Some of the web sites I have either been a developer on or managed the development of include:,,,, and a bunch of others. In this business I am a payments and security specialist. I have been programming for 33 years (as of 2013) on the Windows Platform. I have been doing Web Development (highly transactional, fault tolerant systems and dynamic data driven systems since 1999). I have written two books (with six other friends) on Windows Development and been asked to write a few others, but haven't (its a lot of work). 

Yes - I really did design a project that flew on the Space Shuttle Discovery, Flight 51G. I am a space nut, and it was a dream I had when I was a kid (1976 to be exact). I realized that dream in 1985 when the Discovery carried my payload into space. Shy of my children being born, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life.

Photography Stuff
Oddly, I started taking pictures 33 years ago as well (I was a busy kid back then what can I say). I shot with a Pentax K1000. I processed all of my film by hand and printed all of my pictures by hand. As a result, I developed (pun intended) a strong appreciation for black and white photography. To this very day I shoot 80% of my images in B&W.

I am a 100% Nikon Shooter. I have the following Camera's in my bag: Nikon - F5, D700, D300 and seven f2.8 or faster Nikkor lenses. ( I would have my D800 now, but I have a kid in college.... so perhaps soon)

In my studio, I shoot with Alien Bee's. Though my model/portrait work is slim to none, I do have a complete studio. (I have kids, I have to use that stuff for something).

Since I started taking pictures again back in 2006, I have been published in 6 different books, 4 national magazines and 5 different newspapers. I have hung in 3 galleries in the last 6 years and won 4 different awards for my work.

That's all for now.... 
You can go now....

That's it. 

Nothing else to see or read here.


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