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Canary in a coal mine...
Thats what my twitter feed feels like. (my fault)
I could tweet all day..... the echo in the mine is AMAZING.

I guess I shouldnt have let that go eh..?
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Maybe it's an owl in your twitter account. Whoo whoo whoo?
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PAX East
So, at work there are occasions when I get to shoot for Riot. I REALLY enjoy shooting for my company and always have a good time. Recently I got a chance to go to PAX East in Boston and shoot the show, meet our fans and players.

I have to tell you, we have some of the best fans in the world. I LOVED every second of being there, meeting people and talking about our company, game and the overall League of Legends community. The Cosplay was nothing shy of AMAZING!

Here are just "Some" of the shots I took. More are on the way (Including our after party that included a surprise visit by the Crystal Method).

It was EPIC ! and these shots are just a small tribute to the fans and players that make everything we do at Riot possible. WE LOVE YOU ALL and thanks for letting me take your pictures.


#paxeast2014   #riotgames   #leagueoflegends  
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+Jaes Overley thanks so much for the kind words. It was a blast. If you get a chance, go to Prime in Seattle. Its another GREAT show!
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David Bowden

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Another one....
So, how many times do you (out there in the Googleverse) see a shot by someone else and you wish it was yours...?

I have that experience all the time, the below shot is one of those shots.

Shared by +Paige Fulton, this is yet in my book another EXCELLENT B&W image.... that I wish I had taken :)

Mono in Mono.
Image was taken at Mono Lake, CA.
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+Ricardo Williams well said my friend.
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David Bowden

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I love this shot by +Paige Fulton take a look at her work. its good... REAL good.
El Capitan shrouded in clouds.
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Thank you so much David!
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Well I cant post a picture to save my like (Error #500). The one time in MONTHS I wanted to share something and I have tried this on three computers and 2 different networks.

Google+ FAIL

Error #500 - you suck
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+Eddy Rademaker angered indeed. Fickle Google. I am in the middle of a big project with them. THey should be nicer :)
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David Bowden

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Long Road -
Its been a long road since I joined G+. I think I have had a pretty good run despite disappearing here for the last year.

I have decided to create a new profile and start a new project with regard to my social media presence. I am going to create a new profile, officially launch my blog and separate my photography and writing. My new profile will be largely based on writing alone.

once created I will share it here with all of my followers in hopes that those that wish to read my stories or mindless rambling will follow that profile as well. 

I know a few of you have read me toying with this idea for quite sometime. generally most of you say, "Just start over here" no reason to create a new account.

Up to know I have agreed, but really want to just start over.

So what will the difference be..?

1- I am going to share my stories, writings and thoughts as I always have.

2- In the form my friend +J.C. Kendall I am going to address issues, problems and observations in a very direct (sometimes humorous) way. I miss his writing, his style and presence and think its time we get some of that back on Google+.

So... stay tuned. I am in the process of moving and things are kinda hectic but I will be ready to go soon and will once again be "Present" on Google+ here very shortly.


So keep your eyes open
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Yep, got those.  Let me know if there's something you've been wanting to shoot down this way, or even up there.  The Disney concert hall in LA looks pretty interesting...
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Have him in circles
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David Bowden

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I love everything about this shot.
I really hope to get to a place where I can witness this first hand one day.
House of the rising aurora - Deryk Baumgärtner Photography #auroraborealis #house #road
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Sa Cris
Lovely capture....its just stunning amazing !
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Just got the news!
This image will be published in a Digital Photography Magazine in the July/August time frame. 

Super Excited!

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Validation--it never gets old. Congrats +David Bowden!
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David Bowden

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Smack out of the DUH Column....
Moron who has used G+ since the beginning just realizes that his bio wasn't displaying properly.

Ok... I'm the moron.... and here is why. 

I haven't used G+ Much in awhile, though that is improving. There have been so many UI changes that at times you (meaning me.... not really you) forgot how the hell this thing works.

In the vein of making it "more usable" they have inadvertently made something less usable. It never ceases to amaze me at the decisions that are made for inclusion vs. those that we have asked for FOREVER yet have never seen (case and point - A WYSIWYG editor for these posts (much like that which has existed for sometime in the About/Bio Section) that allows for Bolding and underlining without all of the proprietary stoopid leading characters)... Just sayin...

Anyway, I digress (hell, Im getting old I have an excuse).

I just realized that my default view showed my profile and I wrongly assumed this is what was displayed to the public. 

[SMACK! had on desk]

That wasnt the case. Nope I had to include it in the public viewing so people could see why the should follow me or even care.

So problem fixed + one new bruise to the forehead.

Now that I am done with my self deprecation....

Why dont you add something we REALLY want like the WYSIWYG editor instead of making just sharing and posting a PITA...?

Also... how about Error messages that mean something. #500 means NOTHING and I shouldnt have to google it to find out what it means. I think they taught me that in software 101 :)

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I like it
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It's late but its me in 2014. Taken in January.

See... I haven't changed much.

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I'm very glad to hear that, David.  So happy for you!!
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Have him in circles
37,139 people
Being the best Dad I can be. Software Development, Development Management, Web Development, Systems Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture, Data Security, Compliance, Payment Systems, Photography, Writing, Being a Smart Ass
  • Riot Games
    Director, present
Software Industry Executive - Photographer & Writer of Stories - I share "Images and Words"
"In this Journal, my pen is a delicate needle point, tracing out a graph of temperament so as to show its daily fluctuations: grave and gay, up and down, lamentation and revelry, self-love and self-disgust. You get here all my thoughts and opinions, always irresponsible and often contradictory or mutually exclusive, all my moods and vapours, all the varying reactions to environment of this jelly which is I

-- Wilhelm Nero Pilate Barbellion (1889–1919), British diarist. March 11, 1917 entry. The Journal of a Disappointed Man

Curiosity appears to have gotten the best of you and as a result, here you are. Looking at my about page to see what morsels of information or additional insight you can glean about me.

It's either that or you are bored to tears. (I will let you decide which it is).


The truth is......I'm here by accident. 

I stumbled across Google+ in September of 2011 (almost three months after it launched). I was invited to a Photowalk in Austin and managed to meet some great people whom all frequented or used Google+ so I joined to share my photography. I was looking for a place where I could share, get comments and blog a bit without having to create yet another photography blog. This was it and things were going great until December 21, 2011. Then things changed.

You see, I don't shoot like most Digital Photographers. I am an OLD FILM guy, so I rarely use the back display on my camera. I always shoot in 100% Manual Mode and I take my time, think about my shots and generally wait a bit once I am set up. So, I am somewhat methodical (most of the time). After three months of Google+ sharing my backlog oh photographs the seemingly impossible happened.

I ran out of stuff to share.

Out of shear frustration, I decided I would write something (OH... NO! not another blog post). Instead, I wrote about a guy, I met on the bus when riding home from work in Downtown Seattle (I wrote it on January 26, 2012 (Edited it in March hence the date change)):

Anyway, that story was shared a bunch and started a change.

Since that time I have written a great deal. Over 400 pages of text in 2012 alone and 45 long posts. While I was here to share my photography, it turns out my writing was received just as well if not better.

Another accident.

So, for a long time I wrote a long (over 1500 word story) every week. Then, just as before something happened.

I ran out of things to say.

You see, my stories are 100% Non-Fiction. They either happened to me, were witnessed by me or are my opinion. After 50 of them, I literally ran out of things to say (my life isnt that interesting). As a result I have slowed down quite a bit but I do still write.

I have to admit, if you want to meet some great people, you need to take a look at the folks that leave me comments on my stories. I have to tell you, I have some of the nicest most supportive people on the Internet that follow me, and I am grateful for every one of them.

I keep an archive of my long posts so they are easier to find (you'd think Google would have a better solution for this, but they don't) So, in case you are wondering what these stories are that I am talking about, you can find them here: 

My Long Post/ Story Archive

So why am I here...? 

It' simple really. I am here to share. I don't have some APP to sell, I'm not Internet Famous, I won't come do lectures and I don't teach classes. (I have been asked to write a book so there may be that, but I haven't officially started anything yet). I'm just a regular guy, trying REALLY hard to make it through life. I photograph what I can, share what I can and try and support some of my friends here on G+ all at the same time. That's it.... no million picture goal, no apps, nothing to sell and NO half naked pictures of me to help get numbers. 

Just me, my Images and Words

A Little Bio - Technology Stuff
So I get this all the time, and I hate talking about myself. But, people ask questions, and rather than answer them all the time, I have added this stuff here in hopes of answering most of them.

I am an Engineer twice over. My first Degree is in Architecture, and my Masters is in Computer Information Systems. My regular job has been building giant web sites up to recently. Now, I work for a gaming company. Some of the web sites I have either been a developer on or managed the development of include:,,,, and a bunch of others. In this business I am a payments and security specialist. I have been programming for 33 years (as of 2013) on the Windows Platform. I have been doing Web Development (highly transactional, fault tolerant systems and dynamic data driven systems since 1999). I have written two books (with six other friends) on Windows Development and been asked to write a few others, but haven't (its a lot of work). 

Yes - I really did design a project that flew on the Space Shuttle Discovery, Flight 51G. I am a space nut, and it was a dream I had when I was a kid (1976 to be exact). I realized that dream in 1985 when the Discovery carried my payload into space. Shy of my children being born, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life.

Photography Stuff
Oddly, I started taking pictures 33 years ago as well (I was a busy kid back then what can I say). I shot with a Pentax K1000. I processed all of my film by hand and printed all of my pictures by hand. As a result, I developed (pun intended) a strong appreciation for black and white photography. To this very day I shoot 80% of my images in B&W.

I am a 100% Nikon Shooter. I have the following Camera's in my bag: Nikon - F5, D700, D300 and seven f2.8 or faster Nikkor lenses. ( I would have my D800 now, but I have a kid in college.... so perhaps soon)

In my studio, I shoot with Alien Bee's. Though my model/portrait work is slim to none, I do have a complete studio. (I have kids, I have to use that stuff for something).

Since I started taking pictures again back in 2006, I have been published in 6 different books, 4 national magazines and 5 different newspapers. I have hung in 3 galleries in the last 6 years and won 4 different awards for my work.

That's all for now.... 
You can go now....

That's it. 

Nothing else to see or read here.


Save Ferris
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