I've been trying out #Sublime Text 3. And it's great for the most part, but some fundamental things really hurt my user experience:

1. The size of the file tabs is too big. It prevents more than a few files from being easily selectable at once by clicking on their tabs. (Consider this forum screenshot that compares 3 files in TextMate vs. two in Sublime: https://www.sublimetext.com/forum/download/file.php?id=699&sid=087be75e68b17f38141bbcecc863c7fe) Tabs get needlessly hidden behind others too quickly.

2. There's no visual cue that indicates if the file is write-protected. This is useful for revision control systems that require unlocking. The problem is exacerbated because it allows editing to the buffer of the locked file.

3. There's no concept that distinguishes tabstop (supported) from shiftwidth and softtabstop (not supported). Many systems require tabstop to be 8, but indent code by 4 columns.

I have other nits to pick, but those three problems in #SublimeText  affect  me on a daily basis.
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