I noticed that there was an iPad 3 unboxing video in one of the "What's Hot" posts on my stream. I would like to counter with my all time favorite unboxing videos. :)
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Haha, so well done. I just don't get unboxing videos.
I will never understand the whole "unboxing" thing. I enjoy reviews about the products themselves, but could care less about the darn packaging. It's a box people, with probably no manual. Why is this a thing?
snort I'm one of those people that likes to keep the twist-ties from packing. You NEVER KNOW!!
I find a lot of modern twisty ties are plastic, with no inner wire, and virtually useless for re-use, At least with the packaging I get anyways. I use small velcro strips that are re-usable for cables.
OMG I missed the unboxing cries in corner
Oh, this is funny. I have no idea why, but I treasure twisty ties and carefully set them aside (just like in the vid) for future use. After a few weeks I finally discard them only to find a week later that when I need one they are no longer available.
On that rare chance I get a velcro wrap instead of a twisty tie, its like I've struck gold.
Great, unboxing videos are only blatant spam.
I need one of those ViewSonic projectors, they are packaged so well and have TWO free frisbee's. Amazing.
Excellent parody!
These unpacking clips are actually very annoying (and often with poor sound quality and / or image)
I liked the “let’s introduce the product features” part, all blurry. ^^
It's when I see the multitude of clip like this; I say “There are too many people with cameras!"
There is a lot of sick people out there! lol
I like yours more.... Unboxing videos are so smug and self-absorbed...
I'd just muted the iPad 3 unboxing video because it annoyed me, scrolling down to find this gem made my day :-D
I have just experienced the most wonderful adventure in my life o.o
My fav unboxing is that kid at Christmas and the N64! He goes so nuts!
focusing more on the packaging material rather than the product itself LOL
The dude sounds like Neil Tennant.
I love his voice, its so soothing!
you're doing it wrong i actually feel like watching some unboxing videos.
Matt C
Awesome. I've watched an occasional unboxing to find out what all is included, but most people fetishize it WAY too much.
The music is cracking me up for some reason lol...
So great! :D
this guy sounds like Kip from napoleon dynamite. :)
Brilliant, and funny! Well produced! Nice one!
This born from the "unboxing videos", wouldn't have this if not for them. Great!
You know how most of the people don't like foot porn? This is kinda like that... some people eat this shit up and it is for them (not you).
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