SWTOR Patch 1.1 - Illum PVP Borked:

There are a lot of angry PVPers, especially Republic. I have a feeling that a rollback is imminent over this one.
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What did they do to Ilum?
Ouch well i am imp on my main but i can see how thats a major imbalance but how can bioware control where someone plays if i server is more imp then repub
Republic getting spawn camped now leading to Imperials getting loads of valor.
Ah ok i have not done anymore on Ilum yet i have been working most of my toons to 50 doing story line
+Benjaman Harre Well, the problem there is that all of the Imps are camping on a Republic spawn point. They're easily able to destroy the turrets and farm Valor to the point that they can get to 100 valor in less than 5 hours. It's a game breaker on the PVP side. There are a couple of things that can be done to fix it, but the first thing that will probably be done is a valor rollback and a closing of Ilum for awhile. Then, a hotfix will be put through in the next couple of days... probably invicible / 1 shot kill turrets on spawn points. Also, they'll probably remove valor points from killing NPCs. I feel bad for Bioware since this was the first major patch. I would like to see the new Flash Point. And, since all of the focus is on this PVP problem, no one's talking about the new FP.
Well i do have toons on both sides and that does suck ppl getting camped maybe if they had repub and imp safe respawn points? but it kinda feels like wow with wintergrasp back in the day when horde would roll over the allie
I love to pvp just enjoying leveling for once in a very long time :P
+David Bleecher Too true...I'm normally a PvEer but my mains are with my guild on #DeathWindCorridor as I'm giving a PvP server a try. I'm pretty much even on pvp kills/deaths so far.

+Benjaman Harre yeah that would be the obvious solution (safe respawn), but then hardcore PvPers would bitch. Probably better to let the hardcore PvPers bitch in light of the problems today.
I'm just hoping that if they do a rollback...it either a) is before I start tonight or b) only affects valor points (which I don't give a shit about right now). Last thing I need is them resetting all progress post patch after I've gotten some stuff done.
There is no reason for a roll back. The current change are mechanics working as intended. There is no exploit in play because the rewards appear to be only from players dieing. The turret thing might have been a misinterpretation of gain, but if it's only players dieing then it's not any kind of exploit, and it's just Gabe Amatangelo's poor thinking and lack of pvp development giving the faction that owns the most objectives such a massive valor boost.

He was warned, the entire development team was warned. Now they have to live with and deal with their lack of development experience.
+Michael Washington Well, the definition of an exploit is using an unintentional game mechanic for excessive gain, or for bypassing a game mechanic through a bug. I don't think that anyone should be banned, but I think that valor should be rolled back since the law of diminishing returns wasn't implemented. Or, it was, and whatever the code trigger was didn't fire. Spawn Camping at the level shown in the videos is definitely an exploit.
I would have to agree a roll back would not only take the valor away but really Fook ppl who have just been leveling all day. Maybe a freeze on Ilum till they resolve the issue or a valor rollback
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