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Normally I hate cat things.

But I don't hate this.
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+bediha dogru stop shouting and take your tablets
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Spoiler: it involves physical pain.
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Well these would certainly make an impact on the Thames …

Some of the concepts submitted for the new Nine Elms to Pimlico pedestrian bridge in London are rather - well - pedestrian, while others are so out-there they've been nicknamed 'The Flaming Mouth o...
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This is a fascinating discussion for those interested in how special effects shots are planned for big-budget films.

Eric Carney, Emmy Award-winner for VFX work on Game of Thrones talks about the industry and working on major Hollywood blockbusters.

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David Blanar

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Citizenfour available to watch free for next 48 hours.

Worth checking out. Especially when free.
An eye-opening, Oscar-winning exposé of the dangers of government surveillance. You will never again think the same way about your phone, email, credit card, web browser or profile.
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Oops - neglected to say: this is for UK peeps.
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David Blanar

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I've seen things.
For years, this graffiti calligrapher has made his mark around New York City, but some of his best work is reserved for special (and somewhat unpredictable) occasions, relying on seasonal snowfall....
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This is the most true honest accurate entertaining thing I've seen today … and I watched the Age of Ultron trailer earlier.

#england #uk #finenotfine  
For anyone whose life is one big awkward silence.
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Cool … getting more excited about this now.
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Yes, Selma suffered a few slights at the Oscars this year but no film was more overlooked than Under the Skin, particularly in the soundtrack category. Completely baffling.
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very cool … h/t +John Evans 
Nvidia just announced an Android gaming console. The latest Shield (previous entries include a gaming tablet and before that an all-in-one game controller plus screen) is the "world's first 4K A...
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David Blanar

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So. Good.

h/t +Josh Ayto 
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Good artists borrow... etc. 
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David Blanar

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I don't see what could possible go wrong …
Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero is stirring up some controversy in the medical world by proposing that successful full-body transplants are only two years away. The operation itself is mind-boggling as it consists of grafting a living person’s head...
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London, UK
Los Gatos, CA - Seattle, WA - Santa Clara, CA - Saratoga, CA
American loving life in London, UK.
Passions include reading, going to the theatre, watching and playing sport (mostly football), going to the cinema (when I have time), hitting the gym, cooking, and roaming across the island and the world.

All my posts are public which means you'll get a mix of philosophy, politics, art, industry updates, media, sport and design. I tend to circle those who have a full profile and repeatedly interact with me.

I also manage the blog for the Loveliest Book Group, check it out.


“I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.” 
                                                       - Malcolm X

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

David Blanar
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No, we are NOT all Charlie (and that’s a problem)

It is comforting and politically expedient to claim that “we” are attacked because “they” cannot deal with “our” freedoms, particularly free

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White male nerds need to recognise that other people had traumatic upbringings, too - and that's different from structural oppression.

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First U.S. media conglomerate to control British FTA network

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Fox and Ridley Scott are moving forward on a sequel to the 2012 sci-fi hit "Prometheus," with Michael Green on board to script. Green worked

Content economics, part 5: news

The conception of what counts as news is going to get broader. It will include living articles of the kind that Klein is talking about; it w

The Most Ridiculously Expensive Olympics Ever in 7 charts

For the cost of the Sochi Olympics, we could have gone to Mars 20 times.

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Decent selection but the layout of the shop is difficult to navigate and it's routinely extremely busy, making for a generally less-than-fun experience.
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Not much room but a great place for a long afternoon. Not open on weekends.
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