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Take a moment to report these naughty people.

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"...its appearance is friendly and unthreatening."

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More disturbing videos from Brad and Miss Friday...

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In other news, MOD seeks gamers to prepare for Zerg invasion...

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Buy, buy buy...

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Wow, I don't think I can un-see that...

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"I've been married eighteen years. My wife still doesn't understand what I do."

Would you like to go to space? I'll ask again. Would you like to go to space?

At Red Gate, we're running a competition to send a DBA into space, courtesy of Space Adventures ( Anyone who works with relational databases such as SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL, whether you're a full-time DBA, an accidental DBA, a developer or a sysadmin is eligible.

We're doing this because we know that DBAs are the most important people you've never heard of - enabling medical records to be summoned in the blink of an eye, keeping transport running smoothly, managing the data beneath the electrical grid for billions of people and providing instant access to news, music, phone calls, money and an endless supply of entertainment.

To win, you need to correctly answer fourteen questions about space, and SQL Server, asked in a series of sci-fi webisodes on our DBA in Space website. You'll also need to let us know what you'd tweet from space if you won the prize.

The competition runs through to November 18, and you can enter any time at

To warm you up, start here: DBA in Space Trailer

You can catch up with the first five questions here:

DBA in Space Question 1 - Identify a Country from Space
DBA in Space Question 2 - Secret SQL Task
DBA in Space Question 3 - Sci-Fi Film Knowledge
DBA in Space Question 4 - Computers in Space
DBA in Space Question 5 - The Interrogation

If you're not a DBA, send this to your IT people. And get ready to watch them cry tears of joy.

My God, it's full of stars
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