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David Benson
David Benson is co-founder of JGraph Ltd and the co-creator of the mxGraph and products
David Benson is co-founder of JGraph Ltd and the co-creator of the mxGraph and products

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The Drive release note aren't being updated any longer, Is this 1) a lapse, 2) because they moved elsewhere? 3) because there haven't been any releases?

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We've had a series of users report that files, that used to open fine from, now throw up the error "Sorry, we were unable to authorize this app for all of the files you attempted to open. Please try again."

Looking at!topic/apps/weFHNRWu5iw this is affecting many third-party apps. Are Google aware of the problem (it's kinda a showstopper bug)?

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Suddenly, we seem to be flavour of the month for venture capitalists to email me offering lots and lots of investment:

1) Is there a VC spam list somewhere?
2) Latest one opened with "I'm hoping to land more firmly on your radar". I can only conclude that he wants to have sex with me.
3) What the hell would I do with $1M, let alone 15.
4) Jump off a tall building and die multiple times on the way down, please.

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Was reading a BBC news article about the decline of Flash usage online...

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"Earlier this year, the number of paying organizations actively using +Google Drive crossed one million."

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To delete/clear the JIRA plugin cache if you get random plugin behaviour:

- Stop JIRA
- Delete these folders:
- Start JIRA

Make sure it's just those folders you delete, nothing else.

Kudos to the +Starbucks Coffee​ worker at Northampton train station who just took a piss then walked out and back to work without washing his hands. Top class stuff...
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