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This is a Circle that I compiled of G+ users around the world who support the re-election of Barack Obama as President of the U.S.  

While Obama has certainly not been perfect, we believe that he has been working diligently to improve the U.S. and bring the world's communities closer together.  In the face of unprecedented unwillingness on the part of the Republicans in Congress to support his efforts, he has achieved many positive goals.

We feel that a Romney presidency would bring us back to the George W. Bush days of reckless wars, less bank and Wall Street regulations, and a dwindling social safety net.

Add a comment to this post if you wish to join, and I'll gladly add you in.  

If your aim is to find fault with Obama, this Circle isn't for you. Go create your own Romney Circle if you wish. If your name was added to this Circle in error, please let me know and I will promptly remove you.

This circle is dedicated to a world with less conflict, less hunger and more cooperation between nations.

please share widely

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you're welcome +ANGEL SALAZAR  I put this together fast, and I hope more people join.
Get me in that circle.... and let me know when you finish learning pandeiro
Thanks +Wellington Annoni you will be included in the next share!  Sorry to say I've got a way to go before I master pandeiro!  Do you play Brazillian music??
I don't play anything, but I like Brazilian music.... Just keep going with the pandeiro... and thanks for adding me... 
I don't see me in the circle!!!
you're definitely in there +john sawyer Did you do a search within the Circle?
thanks for the encouragement to stay with the pandeiro, +Wellington Annoni  Sometimes we all need a kick in the butt. I've been a bit lazy.
I see me now. Missed it the first time I looked.
thanks +Roger Glover you're now added (nice to have another bipedal, carbon-based life form joining us)
Proud Obama supporter here in Oklahoma. Yes we do exist :)
I used to vote Republican because my Conservative ideals would lean more Republican than Democrat, heck I was even an avid FoxNews follower and Rush Limbaugh listener. But after watching Republicans literally tell me they care more about rich people and corporations, watching how FoxNews bulllshits the news and how Rush has become a joke, I found myself looking the other way and running for the hills.

There I found myself siding with Democrats but believe me when I say I am not a Democrat. I would rather vote for an Independent but its pretty obvious our society is not ready for one yet. Our society has yet to grow out of being told who to vote for thru expensive campaign ads and lame one sided websites with personal agendas. For now our society is formed of followers, naive and brainwashed people who will vote as they are instructed.

Me? This time around I will vote for Obama because its the lesser of two evils (as they say) and are the only real options this time around but next time I am going Independent all the way.
 +Lennon Patton very glad to have you aboard! I am always touched to see that there are aware and compassionate people living in the reddest of states! 
I'm happy you found this Circle, +Chuck Cortes , and can cut through the BS that is fed to us daily in the media.  I too consider myself an independent thinker, and don't think Obama is a perfect candidate.  That being said, I do believe he has the interests of the American people at heart, and is doing his best to get things done in a hyper-partisan environment.  Welcome!
I used to think I was a republican, then I realized I miss Bill Clinton. 
+Jd Geier personally I like Hillary better than Bill, but he has definitely evolved.  He did some good things economically...I think he'd be a better president today than in he was in the '90's.
Bill Clinton is the one politician who I admire
Please feel free to include me in your next update.
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