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David Bassetti

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VH-80: The World's First Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer
+Arthur Wolf
We just need three for the hang printer and some smoothieboard running it of course ... as this laser would really shorten the Calibration time.

Please can someone help us write the marlin to smoothie firmware we need to use the hangprinter without Ramps ?
Already Arthur has offered a smoothieboard 5xc to the person who can do it... I can help as well just contact me

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Posted a ( quick) NEW website so you can all see what I'm up to now :)
I have stopped working for Motedis and am opening a new Digital Fabrication Space here in Cerdanyola Del Valles.

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Repairing a very old Prusa.. thankfully it has a Sav PCB..!!!
Gracias Amigo..!

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Setup for Fira Sabadell

+Bondtech AB Congratulations for being the BEST extruder used in the BEST Open Source 3D Printer on the market.. +Josef Prusa Congratulations for picking the BEST dual drive extruder.. we love them too !!
We will be buying the quad colour Prusa for our local +Fab Lab Connect

Van a sacrificar 6 cachorros de dálmata por un embargo en la perrera de Rubí, están desesperados porque la orden judicial es inminente, si quieres alguno llama al 680 34 49 18. Pregunta por José María. Si no te interesa, por lo menos pásalo… Por favor, son totalmente gratuitos, difundelo

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SmoothieBoards are now ON SALE..!!!!

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