Time for an update on the charity raffle I posted on 5/5! First, in a little over a week, we have pulled together and raised $1,889.00!! You have nooo idea how giddy that makes me!

Please continue to spread the word until the auction ends on 6/5! Even a dollar gets you entered into a cool raffle for a UUuge bounty of all things cool!


I've also had some folks that wanted to contribute items to add to the trove over the last several days, so I've decided to add a 2nd place prize pack. +Marzio Muscedere sent a copy of "Death Slaves of Eternity" and "Steel and Fury", and +Jethro Wall has donated a copy of his awesome "Threat N Ink Kreature Kompendium"!

I've also decided to personally add something additional each week, thus you'll see a brand spanking new DCC RPG shirt (XL) and a signed copy of the Metamorphosis Alpha 40th Anniversary reprint going into the 2nd place prize!
Who doesn't want to own something beautifully signed by James M. Ward?
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