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David Armstrong
Professor of Surgery (and man-machine gadgetry)
Professor of Surgery (and man-machine gadgetry)

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Scott Lick proudly telling me that he's now doing toe amputations-- but he means "toe of the heart". Nice, man. 

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I just played with the future: PadBot and Telepresence Robots for all of us?
Greetings from SALSA. I just spent a few minutes postoperatively wandering around my friend Perry Mayer's clinic in Hamilton, Ontario. This was courtesy of Perry's very own PadBot , which allows simple controls from iPhone/Android to allow interaction and e...

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Is this the single greatest promotional video for a prosthetic ever?
Thanks to SALSA's John Miller for spotting this from handiii. 

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If you ignore your feet, they'll go away. @apmatweets @UofA #DFCon
Here's a wonderful poster from our SALSAmigo, Penn State's Prof. Jan Ulbrecht. The little model (incidentally) is Jan's granddaughter! 

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From wearable robots to stem cells to 3D printed shoes: International Experts Team to Prevent Amputations at DFCon15
                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       
 Pam Landaiche March 21, 2015       
                                                        FROM WEARABLE ROBOTS TO STEM CELL...

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The Global Economic Burden of #Diabetes
This synopsis of the manuscript (link below) from Around 382 people worldwide have diabetes. By 2035, this figure is estimated to rise to 592 million, with type 2 diabetes accounting for around 90% of all cases. It goes without saying t...

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Young vascular and podiatric surgeons bring the "Toe and Flow" together in collaborative white paper. @APMAtweets #DFCon15
From APMA News: The APMA Young Physicians’ Program and the Young Surgeons Committee of SVS collaborated on a practice memo, “Building Effective Partnerships between Vascular Surgeons and Podiatrists in the Effective Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers.” Read...

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In diabetic foot infections antibiotics are to treat infection, not to heal wounds
Review Posted online on March 3, 2015. (doi:10.1517/14656566.2015.1021780) HTML PDF (278 KB) PDF Plus (373 KB) Reprints Permissions Mohamed Abbas ,  Ilker Uçkay , and  Benjamin A Lipsky 1 University of Geneva, Geneva University Hospitals and Medical School,...

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Act Against Amputation: Japanese Limb Salvage Takes a Leap Forward
Congratulations to Prof. Norihiko Ohura and team for their wonderful new website: Act Against Amputation . It promises to be a one stop shop for information on foot care and amputation prevention!
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