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Digging into Google+ and Pages today, investigating how best to make the most of them...
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David, I reckon you guys could have a Google Plus Page for each of the Envato 'properties' (ActiveDen, ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, PSD Tuts+, Net Tuts+, AE Tuts+, FreelanceSwitch, etc, etc), and post content related to each of these 'properties'.

It would mean that if we're interested in ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, Net Tuts and FreelanceSwitch specifically (which I am:) - we can just see posts/competitions/offers (both Envato and 3rd party) just to do with those topics (as opposed to a Marketplaces Google Plus Page for instance, which would post about all the other 'properties', like ActiveDen-related content for example).

P.S. A Marketplaces, Tuts+, etc, Google Plus Page would also be good if the above is too-complicated/unworkable :)
Thanks for the suggestion, Hugh. Definitely something we're thinking about :-)
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