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David Appleyard
Writer, designer, and Tuts+ Manager for Envato
Writer, designer, and Tuts+ Manager for Envato

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Phew. Finally finished setting up all the Tuts+ sites on Google+. Should be a great new social avenue for the sites!

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Enjoying this week's Read & Trust article. Definitely worth subscribing if you don't already:

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Wise words about how to use Google+
Google+ Is NOT Your Blog

You can blog here, yes. You can make posts, receive more comments than on your own URL. It's easier. Less maintenance. Less patching.

But it's a rental property. The rules can change. You can violate terms. You can change your mind about which social network you want to post your information on, and then not be able to port your data (especially your comments) off the site.

Your blog is your primary property. You can control its look and feel. You can add or remove technologies to support your efforts. You can port the data simply.

You may use Google+ as an outpost for connecting with like-minded people and for discovering new colleagues. But it's not necessarily a great idea to abandon your primary site for an outpost, no matter how cool or engaging it is.

Final note: I lost a few years of my work (from 1998 to 2003) because I didn't maintain the data somewhere that I could control or touch. I played around with a lot of different technologies, and thus, paid the price by losing my content. That might bear consideration, even if you don't think your work is worth it at the time (mine certainly wasn't, but I bet that SOME folks would want to see it for entertainment purposes today).

Digging into Google+ and Pages today, investigating how best to make the most of them...
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