Got an Amazon Echo the other day, on the continued belief that I should expose myself to new ideas in tech on a regular basis.  (* This belief originated after recalling that I'd said to myself that the idea of a camera on a phone was stupid.  Oops.)

It's surprisingly cool.  But the best part is what it makes me want, because it also sucks.  It can't recognize my 2.6 y/o daughter's voice, for example -- even though she can say to it fairly clearly "Alexa, play Puff the Magic Dragon"  (it will, if I ask it).  What an awesome enabler for kids, if it worked.  A little dangerous, too, but hey. :-)  It can't turn my remote-enabled lights on or off for me.  It can't even send me an email to remind me about something.  Boo.

But - these are all current limitations.  Its speech recognition, albeit within a slightly narrow domain, is really solid.  It's happy with me, it's happy with my wife, and it's happy listening to us with the microwave running and a toddler running around.  The convenience is awesome.  I suddenly want to control more of my life by talking to it.

But I can't.

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