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Everything is a Brand!

If it's not it has little value (and that constitutes goods without label that make a 'brand' of their state). When it comes to countries we only now begin to realise that we are all accountable for the national brand and we all benefit, equally by becoming actively involved in its reputation and working to build it up. Brands work at the perceived value interface to produce a relationship between them and their audience that is largely cost-agnostic. 
Reputation, national branding, tourism and businesses
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Well played as always +David Amerland , this is exactly what I am talking about in my comments made to your last post! Thank you!
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David Amerland

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How Technology Provides Solutions Politics Struggles to Make Reality

Legislature works in slow, pondering ways. Because it works always in retrospect it is reactive rather than proactive (unless it comes to government spying on us of course, but that's a note for another post). This means that every law that has been passed has been triggered by some unfortunate human tragedy. 

Consider the case of Frances Molloy ( whose 18-year-old son died travelling back from a music festival when the coach he was travelling on was involved in an accident caused by 20-year-old tyres. ( 

Her tireless determination has resulted in her local MP, Steve Rotheram, doing research, meeting with industry leaders and then using an arcane House of Parliament rule called "The Ten Minute Rule" to introduce a BIll to be considered for legislation on tyres being used in public transport vehicles that are under 10 years old: - Steve has also campaigned to have this adopted by the EU as well in a wider proposal. 

There are a few points to take on board here: a mother's determination to have her son's death mean something. Mechanisms of accessibility and reach in the UK which make government accountable. A process that considers this in the public light: which can lead to questions being raised should nothing happen. Still legislation likes this can take years to pass, test, refine and amend. Time in which more lives can be lost, more damage done. 

We wouldn't expect 20-year-old sneakers to be safe to run in, let alone 20-year-old tyres so the only reason we, as consumers, put up with that and some public transit suppliers feel comfortable allowing it to happen is ignorance, as in their ability to keep us in the dark.

Now consider what happens when in the very future, there will not only be car-to-car communication, cars will also communicate with the road, the Cloud and other road users. When technology allows us to see not just the safety record of the transport company we choose to travel in, but the safety record and maintenance schedules of the vehicles we align in, the imperative to keep things up to date changes immeasurably as it becomes a competitive advantage that affects not juts a company's reputation but also its bottom line. 

A 'small' example of how technology, advancing quickly, overtakes the ponderous mechanism of government and provides a faster, more widespread, common-sense based mechanism for 'good behavior' that is actually proactive. 
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This post does in fact trigger exactly the kind of response +carey g. butler​ gives ... how about installing something like our TÜV in your anglo-saxon domains? Then this whole issue about safety would be obsolete ... 
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David Amerland

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Who wants to live for a very, very long time? Well, it may be possible after all. +Padraig Ó Raghaill unearthed it for us. :) 
Funny it was only yesterday this thought process was being discussed. Ping +David Amerland may just be up your street. Kick ageing to the curb 
Cambridge researcher Aubrey de Grey argues that aging is merely a disease — and a curable one at that. Humans age in seven basic ways, he says, all of which can be averted.
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I would prefer to have my connectome scanned and live in a robot suit after I'm too old, instead of a whole life of eating brocolli. 
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David Amerland

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Ok, Nike knows all of these life hacks! 
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LOL, they get all of us in the end :) 
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David Amerland

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Everybody Needs a Hacker just never know. +Zoe Goodacre says so (in just 100 words). 
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Thank you,I got it now.
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David Amerland

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Put Your Feet Up!

Friday's here. +Mick Sharpe Gratitude :) 
Back to Old Kent Road

In a week that is seeing much discussion around the difficulties that the Old Establishment in Europe is having with the big, new kids on the World Stage I was pleased to see the response from Google showing the continued innovation, growth and new entrants in the sector. Far from the damaging monopoly feared by the EU. Yet, you can sense it will get a lot worse before it gets better.

It’s not about the numbers…

...but here are the numbers. +Eric Enge shares the latest comprehensive study from +Stone Temple Consulting in Hard Numbers on Google Plus Activity ( Over 500,000 Google+ profiles analysed, you’ve got to admire the do it justice approach. The findings are laid out in a very easy to digest form with a substantial conclusion that is worth reading. If you, or anyone you know, need any more convincing that Google+ isn’t going anywhere then Eric’s colleague +Mark Traphagen tells us Why Google+ Isn't Going Away in his latest podcast ( I’m really enjoying these Traphagen's Takeout Orders - I’ll take a rant at market price any day of the week ;-)

You may well have noticed the number of social profiles and content that are often returned in search queries. +Brian Jensen noticed and shows us how to make the most of this opportunity to increase our online visibility in The Rise of Social Search (And How to Take Advantage Of It) ( Peppered with real examples you’ll find some sound, actionable advice in this post. Good job Brian.

People don’t speak finance

+Stephanie Sims is the friendly face of finance and funding on Google+ (that’s a lot of Fs in one sentence!) Stephanie joins +Thomas E. Hanna | for The Theory Of Funding Your Business ( and makes the finance speak intelligible for those at the coal face. Always sound advice from Stephanie - I really need to reduce the bus factor of my business! And that advice goes far beyond the financial, great stuff. Go get the book too!

If you’re looking to expand your services or improve your knowledge then you probably should take a look at this week’s The PYB show! (an experiment) ( +martin shervington, still under the beardy influence of +Travis Taylor, announces the new PYB Local Consultant Course and the reasoning behind the donation-based offering. There’s certainly a lot of value in Local Search for every business and this is a chance to get on board early and make a difference.

A guiding light

It’s here! Let’s Put Eagle, CO on the Google Map : A Case Study … ( A comprehensive review of the work undertaken by the +EagleCO Vail2015 team. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of all that the team has achieved in this project and I’m really glad that they have gone the extra mile to give us the benefit of their gathered knowledge and experience. Anyone looking to improve their local presence would do well to take a long look at this to see how the team implemented the Audit, Localize, Optimize, Socialize strategy. A huge pat on the back to all involved - well done.

And if you needed any further evidence of the value to come from the project take a look at this post from team member +Tim Sweeney: Ongoing Management of A Google My Business Account ( a comprehensive guide to making the most of a Google My Business listing. Read, absorb, deploy (and share in your local business community!).

Batting against the Big Boys

The opportunity for small business to compete in search has never been greater. +David Amerland provides the expert guidance in the Small Business WebTech Show: SEO Help for Small Business ( I have to acknowledge the continued efforts of +Marilyn Moore and +John Moore bringing this kind of expertise and support to the busy small business owner. The section on the importance of process particularly resonated. Everything works great up to a certain workload, all enquiries dealt with, adequate social media engagement, all good. Then I make the mistake of taking on that extra client, extra piece of work and bam - it all goes out the window! I know we all get the importance of the people-to-people engagement - after all people buy from people. For anyone who doesn’t point them to this show, even if they aren’t looking for a landscape gardener! The ever helpful #timestamp summary from +RightStart Websites here (

Thinkers corner

+Gina Fiedel has given us plenty to think about in Honesty Culture: Truth In Business - Who Are You? Who Do You Want To Be? ( We all hope, and believe ourselves, to be honest in the things that we do in both our business and social activities. It’s the right thing. Respect and trust the reward for such honesty. But is it so? Gina points out ”We’re so utterly faithful, that sometimes we don’t even realize we’re lying to ourselves.” This is a rich vein, dig deep, and then ponder how honest can we actually be?

And finally…

Get behind the facade of democracy! +David Amerland shares the latest Trews in Use Your Power To Empower Yourself ( It’s hard to disagree with the issues raised by +Russell Brand, issues that become more and more apparent in our age of increased reportage and information exchange. Hell he might even get my vote and that’s saying something - the last time I exercised my right was 1983!

Have a great weekend wherever you are

#WeeklyRoundUp  #WeekInReview  #Google+

#BitingedgeFridayFavourites  #MicksPicks

Created by +Mick Sharpe of +Bitingedge
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The Ultimate Currency…

I am writing this at 3.00am after having put in a ten hour day writing and spent two hours at the gym depleting my body’s physical reserves and the day’s mental pressure so I am more than passingly aware of the fact that no matter how hard we try we cannot divorce our physiological processes from the digital ones, the body is still the instrument through which we sample the world and assess everything in it. 

The caffeine flowing through my system is holding the sleep response at bay, allowing my brain, a 3lb prisoner locked in the darkness of my skull, to free itself and make connections between things I have been reading and thinking about for weeks, usually when running on a treadmill (because it is monotonous and I need to occupy my brain) or getting to and from meetings, talks and presentations. 

Everything we do, the thoughts we dream of, the aspirations we have, the ambitions we aim for, arise out of a sense of hope, power or desperation of our physiology, meshing with our neurobiology. We forget that everything starts out as a mental construct deep within us, or it cannot start out at all. And what happens inside our heads is only a cell wall’s thickness away from what is happening to our bodies. 

It was Rudyard Kipling who rather inspirationally called prostitution “the most ancient profession in the world” ( He was referring to the transactional value of almost anything that crystallizes the moment we trade sex. At that human-to-human interface coalesce two ancient drives, that of engagement and interaction with the urge to mate. 

We use our bodies (and minds) their energy reserves and capabilities as tools to help us make our way in the world at every opportunity we get. The premium they command depends upon the twin principles most of economic theory rests upon: Scarcity ( and Marginal Utility ( We pay a lot for beauty ( for that very reason and the transactional value of physical endowments, physical achievements and expected sustainability of the two, is spread by human economic behavior, across every area of human conduct which helps explain the inexcusable such as the odious cross-section of human society revealed by Carthon’s non-start of a boxing career: or the very short career (just 3.5 years on average) enjoyed by NFL pro athletes:

Our bodies insinuate their needs into the mechanisms we create that allow us to build meaningful societal constructs by appealing to our morality (many times through religion) - and even driving many of the innovations we enjoy: by appealing to what we think are the ‘worst’ of our instincts. 

Our technology is an abstraction of our physical and mental capabilities designed to help us amplify their effects, augment their strengths and overcome their limitations. So it’s not surprising to see Oculus Rift coming up in relation to sex ( though the description will raise more giggles than concern. In our far more transparent, connected world, those who are active in the sex industry are never far from the mainstream:

+Yonatan Zunger, very recently, posted on this same subject: tackling sexuality, sex and feminism in a thread that sparked a lively debate all of its own, and he buttressed this further with a post that drew more connecting lines from the other side of the ‘divide’: A study into why women get into porn: showed that predominantly this is led by economics. 

Economic behavior does not take place in a vacuum. Entire mechanisms spring up around it to sustain it and when those mechanisms are big enough they turn it from a ‘hobby’ to an industry where the Eurythmics’  Sweet Dreams anthem rings truer that ever:

Technology can short-circuit things a little because it provides neurobiological shortcuts as well as physical ones, as it does in online porn which is kept going by an ancient mammalian program in our brains called the Coolidge Effect:

Extreme responses to it: can have some interesting consequences: which are ringing alarm bells: The question whether technology can really wrongfoot an entire society this way: or does it simply serve as a layer bringing the symptoms of much deeper causes to the surface is still being debated:

The truth is that as the web changes our access to porn: as well as our understanding of the pathways through which our bodies and minds manifest their desires in the digital medium become key to understanding our human condition. 

The emphasis here is on “human”. Stripped of almost all the other markers of our identity we each become reduced to gendered beings, driven by physiology and neurobiology, forced to become more complex when we are grouped together into communities and societies. 

We have a unique opportunity here. Whether we discuss sex (and violence) as responses that are coming into mainstream acceptance: or are arguing about how they shouldn’t be: the fact remains that we are becoming aware of the mechanisms that drive our behavior and shape what we do and who we are at a very fundamental level. 

Awareness begets responsibility. Responsibility calls for acceptance and change. We can only do that as people, talking to people, rather than labels of nationality, profession, creed or ethnicity hurling hypocritical blame unto each other. Our bodies dictate that we each use all we have to get somewhere. We start out all alone. A biological machine 'fighting' against the world. It doesn’t mean we have to continue this way, forever.

This has been a somewhat adult edition that’s been coming together for some time. Of also adult pleasure are all the sugary treats (donuts, croissants, cookies and chocolate cake) and caffeine stimulants you ought to have bought aplenty for the edification of the ‘prisoner’ inside your head. Have one awesome Sunday, wherever you are. 

PS. If you want to be added to the Sunday Read notification circle, please let me know in the comments below. 

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Thank you for that +David Amerland I was quite conflicted as I genuinely like the guy, even though I have also met the guy, and still liked the guy. Yet as the years have progressed, ego unbridled, is the best vernacular I have. 

It is  crying shame as now I only have reruns of +Top Gear to watch and the illustrious leader has gone.

Not liking his public profile, his (PB) that then killed the corporate TopGear Brand (as we know it) I can never forgive him for. 

Some say he is an automobile journalist that runs over a cyclist every morning before brushing his teeth.

All I know, is his name is ‘The Tool” 
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In a long, considerate piece +Frank Gainsford explores all the options of evolution for SEO. 
What is #OLSEO   and why should you know how to use it?

In my personal opinion SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is divided into 2 sections with three categories.  Section one is #IPSEO   section two is #OPSEO   which has a sub category of #OLSEO

IPSEO = In page search engine Optimisation
OPSEO = Off page Search engine Optimisation (online)
OLSEO = Off Line Search Engine Optimisation. (off line)

IPSEO and OPSEO are pretty much standard as far as search engine optimisation goes, as they are both well documented and practiced by most Search Engine Optimisation practitioners.  OLSEO on the other hand is a new concept that comes along with the #FUFISM   marketing philosophy.

OLSEO dose not replace any SEO tactic or strategy, and there is nothing that has DIED which needs to be replaced  OLSEO is just a new way of looking at the impact of SEARCH QURIES and how the online marketing industry needs to find ways and means to have an influence on search queries.

We at +Info4u  coined the term OLSEO or Off Line Search Engine Optimisation specifically to help us explain the many tricky issues around #HASHTAGMARKETING   and the need to introduce your hashtag to the world through print media, radio flyers or other off line marketing methods.

The issue is how does one ensure that a search query contains your key words?  This is a very tricky question, and many online marketers still use these two words, QUERY and KEYWORDS in the same manner and do not differentiate between the two in the appropriate manner.

my  last two posts have also been indirectly related to this topic.
this post discusses the difference between keywords and queries

this post discusses knowing your intended target market better.

Coming back to OLSEO :  OLSEO is basically  the tactics that you use when you PSYCHOLOGICALLY ATTACK  the thinking patterns and thought processes of your intended target market audience to influence their choice of words that they use within their search query, by making use of off line marketing tactics.

These PSYCHOLOGICAL ATTACKS are done within the off line environment, mostly  through PRINT MEDIA such as news paper advertising, magazine advertising or flyers and supplemented by radio marketing, where you plant the semantic seeds that will grow into search queries over time.

You will use your OPSEO  (On line Off Page Search Engine Optimisation) in the form of your social media posts to nurture and fertilize these semantic seeds and help form the search queries that you desire through further and more detailed physiologic attacks on the thinking patterns and thought processes of your online audience.

By this stage your intended target market for your #HASHTAGMARKETING   campaign would already have heard your hashtag in open conversation or read your hash tag in some or other print media adverting. 

By pushing this hashtag in your social media marketing you will now have a better chance of getting the correct target market audience to search online for your hash tags, and hopefully your landing pages,  within your blog and web site feature at the top of the SERP's for the use of this hashtag in general organic search.

Hashtags are all about the ongoing conversation in many different platforms,  and allow you to monitor who is talking about your marketing project by using social media monitoring tools like tweetdeck or   Mention is a very  powerful paid social media tool that allows you to monitor who is using your hashtags in close to real time.
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+Frank Gainsford You know I do like your words, not that you would care but. I find it really difficult to 'buy in' 

1. The website is a usability disaster and the font is really difficult to read (credibility killer 1)
2. Colour, on design you have some really huge issues on contrast selection. (credibility killer 2)

It is really hard to gage the quality of message, if it is almost illegible. 

As always, no offence intended, and would love to take a good read. 

UX is pretty hot - if you cannot pass UX muster how can I 'buy into' the messaging.
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David Amerland

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Well worth your time. +Yifat Cohen wants you to play :) #itstime2015  
We want to know what YOU think It's Time for.
Play to win a 3 day all-access pass to It's Time Conference.

In 2 weeks, a  a select group of powerful organizations, women and men will get together to achieve gender equity and empower women and girls at all levels to be leaders. You can be there too!

Here's how the game is played
It's 2015, yet many social dynamics haven't changed. We want to know what you think It's Time for.

1. Share your own story - in a post, in an image, in a short video - and let us know what YOU think It's Time for. You can share it all over the web - Google+, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Pinterest, your own blog. Have fun!

2. *Use the Hashtag #itstime2015 * so that we can track it with +NOD3x 

3. Spread the word get as many shares and comments as you can for that post, and other posts.

4. You have 5 days to really rock it! We'll announce the winners on Thur. April 23, 2015 at noon CST.

Need inspiration?
I'll start - 

It's time for each of us to find our unique voice and share it with the world. Gone is the chase of the shiny object. Gone are the day of copying others. Gone is the pursuit of external pacifiers, Novocains for the soul.
It's time to discover our passion, what truly fuels us, stand up and - unapologeticly - grab it with both hands and drown in its bliss.
That's what life is about, and it's time for all of us to have a taste. and then the whole cup. Why not? ;)

A great example of it is +Mia Voss  - 
Mia Voss recently took a 3 week birthday celebration trip to Italy.. all by herself! Even when faced with a breakup and a cancer scare, Mia chose to push forward and celebrate her 50th birthday and celebrate with wine, restaurants & building new connections in another country. Lesson learned: just do it. YOU can do it. 

What do you think It's Time For?

Let us know. We're tracking :)

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Я, больше Взаимопонимания... Нахожу со Всеми Теми, Для Которых: ДУШИ... ЗДОРОВЬЕ... - В ПРИОРИТЕТЕ и ЭТИ ЛЮДИ: ИЗ ЕВРОПЫ Старой И ИЗ США. Хотя Английским Языком не в полной мере Владею Я, - ОДНАКО: в Изображениях... и в Комментариях..., - ВИДНО... Человека. Его - Приоритеты и БОЛЬ... - Его ДУШИ... Мы - СТАНОВИМСЯ... ЛЮДЬМИ И НАЧИНАЕМ... Друг Друга СЛЫШАТЬ...: ЧУВСТВАМИ... ДУШИ..., - а не Словами..., в Которых Много Лжи.
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Breakfast Pizza Anyone?

i have, all this week, been going to bed about 3.30am - 4.00am. At that time in the morning the research I am looking at and the writing I am doing become synthesized into all sorts of things. I take mental breaks by dipping into the webz where the world appears both wonderful and crazy, at the same time. Late last night I found this and back then it made total sense to me! ;) 
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Mmmm, this pizza, thank you, Dear, +David Amerland,, nice video, you are targeting my appetite especially at the end, taking the good slice of this pizza, you really made me, brought out my tongue, really., a recipe full of delights at the right time
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David Amerland

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SEO Conf and HIRL

I've been looking forward to meeting +Ognian Mladenov +Teodora Petkova and +Nina Trankova for over a year now since the last SEO Conference in Sofia. This time +Omi Sido wil be there too :) 
SEO Conference Bulgaria 2015 with +Teodora Petkova+David Amerland & +Nina Trankova 

Next week much of the European #SEO elite will be on the move to Sofia or have already taken over the streets of this beautiful ancient city. 
This isn't an event that just gives you cliches like all those other conferences. Forward-thinking and actionable session only. 

Pinpointing on all aspects of building #trust in a semantic search environment, including content marketing, local and mobile optimization (21st of April is coming folks), power of social signals in link building, data-driven marketing, SEO copy writing, managing online reputation, social advertising and more, SEO Conference Bulgaria is designed to help all SEO and #SEM experts, digital and advertising agencies, business owners and #marketing directors move their businesses forward.

Some of the stars: +Ognian Mladenov, +Plamen Barzev, +Dimitar Dimitrov, +Боян Василев, +Dejan SEO d.o.o., +Evgeni Yordanov, +Mariya Moeva and many more
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I wish, I wish +Omi Sido. How wild would that be?
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Use Your Power To Empower Yourself

There is an election coming up in Britain and were +Russell Brand to put in, he'd have my vote. In Seven minutes he manages to peel back the layers of a number of social issues, the dysfunction of the banking system and the disconnect between government and its people. It's worth listening to because Britain is not alone in what it is experiencing, the same pattern, in different severity, is found practically everywhere. 
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+Mardy Kennedy I read the comments and think, I wish YOU, Mardy, could cast your vote and voice your opinion on specific legislation! Or help write it! Why can't we actually vote on things ourselves?
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Patras - Brisbane - Sydney - Miami - Perth - London - Athens - Saint Petersburg - Shanghai - Singapore - Prague - Barcelona - Corfu - Zante - Edinburgh -
Author, Speaker, Analyst.

The world is changing. Showing how is part of what I do. I travel a lot (less than I used to). G+ is my home in more ways than one. In one way or another, all of us here, are part of a vanguard that "gets" the change that's happening.  

In my posts, interviews and podcasts I add pieces to the puzzle. I explain how each one fits in a bigger picture. How that bigger picture then makes sense. 

Sensemaking changes everything.

Before I got here, I used to be a corporate rat who used to be a journalist, before I jumped ship into full-time writing, speaking and blogging. 

In my offline time I indulge a lifelong passion in martial arts, I run, hit the heavy bag and try to find the limits at which we can go without sleep and still function. I also visit as many museums and cafes as possible. Funnily enough I regard what can be found in both museums and cafes as brain food. 

Fitness is important to me. It helps maintain a level of sanity that would otherwise require pharmaceuticals or expensive therapy. I pay some of what it has given me back by running  a Fitness Community. I am also a moderator of Plus Your Business a community focused on helping business people get the most out of G+ and the semantic web. 

Speaking of semantics, I am the owner of Google Semantic Search a community I started to explore the implications of semantic technology in daily life (and there are many) and I also own and post a lot in the SEO Help Community.

Professionally I advise a handful of companies globally, blog for a number of websites, including Forbes,, and socialmediatoday and write for magazines and newspapers. 

I give about 50 talks, speeches and presentations each year and hold an annual seminar on SEO and Social Media (details to which you will find on my website.). I advise a couple  of global companies and a handful of startups on social media positioning and search strategies and I write for Forbes, 21CIT, Insights and a number of dead-tree newspapers. 

Some of the Events  I have been part of:
  • SEO in the Sun (SEO & Introduction to Social Media)
  • Manchester SES (SEO)
  • Business Group Digital Conference (SEO & Social Media)
  • Rutgers University mini-MBA (SEO and Social Media Crisis Management)
  • Shanghai APAC executive SEO & Social Media Crisis Management training.
  • MxDE Senior Executive Program, Zug (Piercing the Search Bubble).
  • SMX East (keynote speech on Entities in semantic search)
  • Semantic Technology & Business Conference panelist
  • SMX London
Associated with: 

Currently working on:
  • Working on a writing project about which I can't yet say anything. (Sorry)
If you made it this far you might be interested to know that now all of my writing is curated (without comment) at Prometheus. I no longer use RSS on my website and the G+ Page here gives me the opportunity to archive all my writing across the web.  I have, however, created an RSS feed for it so you can keep track of everything I write here.

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