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SEO Guidelines, Step-By-Step

+SEMrush had some copies to give away in the UK last year. Their analytics tools are incredibly useful in this new SEO universe of constant change.

Follow +Olga Andrienko for updates and don't forget to add +Omi Sido who, these days, is on fire! 
If you need some #SEO Help this book by Mr +David Amerland is your best bet

+Olga Andrienko and +Liza Perstneva agree with me.
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+David Amerland thanks
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David Amerland

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Google Voice Upgraded

In the Google world you always get more than one service doing more than one thing which is why you always kinda think "what did I miss?". Google started off 2017 by buying Lime Audio ( to help improve call quality in Hangouts. In the meantime in the US those who have been using Google Voice ( which gives you one number to use with everything are enjoying some pretty cool upgrades (see article below).

For those of us not living in the US, sorry no number available but Hangouts Dialer ( which appears together with the Hangouts app does allow you to make international calls from your phone using either a person's name/profile or their number and still pay a flat, very low rate.

All of this of course is also data that Google uses to further improve its services and seeing how machine learning is playing more and more of a part in Google services there will most probably be a whole new layer of meta-functionality that will come off on top of all this. In the meantime, enjoy the connectivity and make the world smaller. 
Google Voice is getting a fresh design and new features, across Android, iOS and the web.
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Management official of business 
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David Amerland

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This is a total no-pressure post. It is always hard to ask for help, especially from people you know because it completely changes the dynamic of the relationship. This is a year when many things will change and connections and friendships should stand for something more than just a +1. I've known +Stuart O'Neill for some time now and it's been the kind of digital connection that simply makes you happy to know someone at a human level. As a person.
[Finally I found what I had been looking for...a dealer that would take me to the auction. The campaign has been cut to $3,900. Good news.] It started with one heart attack, then would seem that would be enough but then other cardiac problems and other medical issues jumped into th...
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+David Amerland Thank you for the beautiful video you made in support. Yes, sometimes it is that one thing that gets us over the hump. It is so hard to ask. #kindness  on the web!
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David Amerland

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In The Republic ( Plato ( asks (and answers the question of whether it is always better for the individual to be just than unjust. The ideals of Greek ethics have been the foundation of moral theory ( not because somehow the ancient Greeks were more moral or personally just than any of the peoples before them or after them, but perhaps because they lived in a time when life was so precarious and things so uncertain that understanding the value of a person’s life was of paramount importance.

While in our super hi-tech world we have managed to advance our thinking on ethics a little by creating a greater level of taxonomy ( our questions (and answers) show that we have not really moved the needle that far from ancient Greek times ( We are concerned with how we ought to act because we want to have at least some concrete answers to how we ought to live ( And therein lies the rub. If self-interest is our primary motivation, can that be successfully reconciled within a broader personal and then national context? -

In our search for ethics we are really looking for morality ( More than that, really, what we want is clarity of the sort that will allow us to say “There! See? That’s how things ought to be!”. Consider the bind, for a minute, presented by former American coach Lou Holtz ( whose quote on doing the right thing ( is the kind of motto that should be graven on everyone’s wall. And then wonder how, in through that one man’s mind, we go from the high aspirations of his kindness to others, to this:

Plato’s answer that it is always better to be just than to be unjust ( relies on proofs that revolve around life, living, meaning and happiness and the cultivation of specific attributes and virtues. In Plato’s time the world was decidedly smaller, though perhaps not from his perspective, and arguably simpler in its belief systems which might have made one ‘better’ than others. A luxury which perhaps we can no longer enjoy:

Cultural (and ethical) relativism raises some pretty important questions regarding authority, acceptance and our collective sense of right and wrong. Or maybe the ancient Greeks were right all along: and we need to go back and reconsider some of the deeper aspects and implications of their concept of a life “well lived”.

“At the heart of ethics is a concern about something or someone other than ourselves and our own desires and self-interest.” - It is, it seems, upon us to create ethical cultures and ethical people: We hold those who hold High Office accountable to greater standards because they set the tone of what’s acceptable, they create the atmosphere of permissiveness that allows us to be more or less ethical ourselves: But it is perhaps wrong of us to expect those who lead us, just like those around us, to do everything by themselves.

Ethics and morality just like just leadership and a just society are the direct result of our collective actions and the collective responsibility of us all: If we have the power to create the world we want to see, then not using it to create a better place for everyone: is akin to living a life, half-lived. Our eyes, made to see far and wide, failing to raise themselves from the ground. Passing from this world without once having looked up at the sky and wondered just how far we can go? How high can we fly? How much better can we be?

Now, sugar, is not the best thing in the world, but taken in small doses on the one day of the week when we have coffee aplenty and time to think, may not be the worst thing we can do. So, I hope you’ve got your donuts and your croissants, your cookies and your chocolate cake and, as always, have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are.

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+David Amerland
David! What an incredible gesture and gift from you!! Thank you for acknowledging another writer's/Thinkers work!!!
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David Amerland

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Final Fantasy XV Tribute Workout

+DAREBEE in conjunction with the awesome Final Fantasy team ( has created a Final Fantasy character workout for those of you who are into RPG fitness (or just plain fitness even ;) ). Check it out!

Level up with our Final Fantasy XV Workout Time to get role-play fit, says David Amerland. Workout by Darebee If you have ever driven to work but can’t remember how you got there, then you know exactly what it’s like when the brain goes on autopilot. This phenomenon is common, but it’s only recently […]
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David Amerland

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A touching instance where people and animals come together in a way that stresses our responsibilities to them.
Elephants in India are sporting colourful woollen jumpers after villagers knitted the super-size garments to protect the animals from near-freezing temperatures. Women in a village near the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in the northern city of Mathura reportedly began producing the colourful, pyjama-like garments after staff at the centre warned temperatures were approaching sub-zero at night.
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+David Amerland awesome! time we step up for the animal kingdom. We have lost over 50,000 species in the last decade. Elephants are near that critical point
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David Amerland

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Lysistrata for a Modern Age

I know it's Thursday (still) and the week has been both hectic and weird so adding to the weirdness factor is Kenya whose politics takes a leaf out of Aristophanes' Lysistrata ( - 'nuff said. 
Kenyan women have been urged to withhold sex from their husbands until they register to vote in the August elections. Mishi Mboko, an MP in the African country, said it was the “best” strategy to adopt to increase the number of votes in opposition strongholds.
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+David Amerland
seem is the operative word!! LOL this was a rather amusing post, still brings a good giggle. Yet, let's look at the power of sex and relationship! And the feminine power that has reigned for millenniums.
The oldest profession! And still scourged except in the Netherlands.
We are a curious creature. Thanks David
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David Amerland

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Good morning!

Loki wishes to express his best wishes for an auspicious start to the day to everyone, today. :) (No angry bird in him, the rumors are false ;) ). 
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David Amerland

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Building Blocks

We often ask what exactly are our social constructs made of? What is it that makes a bank more substantial than a guy with a bag of money working out of the boot of a car? Why should a newspaper with dozens of reporters, be more trustworthy than an anonymous website?

Clearly form cannot always dictate the validity of function. Especially when we live in days when the challenge of form is what we all do.

This post shows, perhaps, the building blocks of our anxieties and our successes. The tiny steps that take us to bigger, grander things. Ultimately the validity of everything comes down to the realness of their instigation. Their attempt to address a real problem for real people. Failing that everything becomes equally abstract and equally theoretical, the moral compass that guides, suddenly capable of pointing equally towards every direction. 
Over eight years, through millions of letters, the staff of the White House mailroom read the unfiltered story of a nation.
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Think One...
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David Amerland

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A New Sky King is Crowned!

+Jimmy Kouniakis is the new #SkyRegent for a day! Mucho parties are planned for the next 24 hours. Remember to send all your tributes of uncut diamonds, stamped silver ingots and gold bullion to the usual address for distribution. These parties are expensive. ;)

After 2 weeks of rain , some sunlight....and very few sunsets can beat Greek sunsets. A picture of the sun slowly sinking in Patra's bay, no filter...!! #gn
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Congratulations +Jimmy Kouniakis​ gourgeous shot.
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David Amerland

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How To Be Real

A belief system is a living thing, subject to change within the individual's understanding of who they are and what they can do. It is only through constant challenge of what we believe that we get to the very core of what is truly important and begin to understand why.
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+David Amerland <****@**> In ponderance of +Grizwald Grim
the cynic scientist in me smiles. The primal RNA evolution of us as I know
all too well the educational training that responds better to crisis in a
subconscious part of myself that stands tall when the human vessel fains in
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David Amerland

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Important points to keep in mind. 
Semantic Writing Newsletter

SEO for 2017
Transparency and customer experience
Trends in social media marketing
Thu, Jan 19 2017: Zara Altair (AltairZara) Newsletter on Nuzzel. Subscribe to Zara Altair's Nuzzel Newsletter
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Author, Speaker, Analyst.

The world is changing. Showing how is part of what I do. I travel a lot (less than I used to). G+ is my home in more ways than one. In one way or another, all of us here, are part of a vanguard that "gets" the change that's happening.  

In my posts, interviews and podcasts I add pieces to the puzzle. I explain how each one fits in a bigger picture. How that bigger picture then makes sense. 

Sensemaking changes everything.

Before I got here, I used to be a corporate rat who used to be a journalist, before I jumped ship into full-time writing, speaking and blogging. 

In my offline time I indulge a lifelong passion in martial arts, I run, hit the heavy bag and try to find the limits at which we can go without sleep and still function. I also visit as many museums and cafes as possible. Funnily enough I regard what can be found in both museums and cafes as brain food. 

Fitness is important to me. It helps maintain a level of sanity that would otherwise require pharmaceuticals or expensive therapy. I pay some of what it has given me back by running  a Fitness Community. I am also a moderator of Plus Your Business a community focused on helping business people get the most out of G+ and the semantic web. 

Speaking of semantics, I am the owner of Google Semantic Search a community I started to explore the implications of semantic technology in daily life (and there are many) and I also own and post a lot in the SEO Help Community.

Professionally I advise a handful of companies globally, blog for a number of websites, including Forbes,, and socialmediatoday and write for magazines and newspapers. 

I give about 50 talks, speeches and presentations each year and hold an annual seminar on SEO and Social Media (details to which you will find on my website.). I advise a couple  of global companies and a handful of startups on social media positioning and search strategies and I write for Forbes, 21CIT, Insights and a number of dead-tree newspapers. 

Some of the Events  I have been part of:
  • SEO in the Sun (SEO & Introduction to Social Media)
  • Manchester SES (SEO)
  • Business Group Digital Conference (SEO & Social Media)
  • Rutgers University mini-MBA (SEO and Social Media Crisis Management)
  • Shanghai APAC executive SEO & Social Media Crisis Management training.
  • MxDE Senior Executive Program, Zug (Piercing the Search Bubble).
  • SMX East (keynote speech on Entities in semantic search)
  • Semantic Technology & Business Conference panelist
  • SMX London
Associated with: 

Currently working on:
  • Working on a writing project about which I can't yet say anything. (Sorry)
If you made it this far you might be interested to know that now all of my writing is curated (without comment) at Prometheus. I no longer use RSS on my website and the G+ Page here gives me the opportunity to archive all my writing across the web.  I have, however, created an RSS feed for it so you can keep track of everything I write here.

The best way to reach me is through Google+ or my website:
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Two-floor gym with some superb equipment and really friendly staff. I found it by accident when I was looking for a place to train and I have been a member now for the last three years. Whenever I am in Greece it's where I can be found when not working. ;) It is professionally run, has great opening hours and the membership fee includes classes as well as the use of the equipment. Of the many gyms that can be found in Patras this is one of the best. You will not be disappointed.
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There are several things that make a bar by the sea: First the sea. On this Mare Mare is unrivaled. There are tables that are practically within five steps from where the waves break. The setting has been nicely decorated and on a hot summer night it feels brilliant. Second, the service. You do want to feel that everything is as magical and special as the setting and sea and here, unfortunately Mare Mare fails to deliver. Water, comes in plastic disposable cups (and it's not cold). The waiters are not trained and although they do try hard, their best is not sufficient substitute for a system to working the tables that allows the patrons to get their drinks in time without having to wait for more than forty thirty minutes (for a couple of drinks) and an additional twenty (for ice-cream ordered at the same time as the drinks, which came half melted). Consider the fact that you do spend money there and the prices are not cheap, the level for service is deplorable. If you really want to enjoy the sound of the waves and the simmering play of moonlight on the surface of the sea grab a rag and a portable cooler and spend some time on the beach, just five meters away. It's free and you get to supply your own drinks, but then again you won't get frustrated by an order that will come in parts, late and be disappointing.
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Dedicated staff and excellent exam results speak for themselves. There are not that many businesses that managed to grow during the recession in Greece - this is one of them.
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Googleplex has a feel and atmosphere that is uniquely its own. I had relatively little time to spend there but the place is totally addictive. It thrums with intent and everyone you meet is dead earnest about their ability to change the world and have an impact. Plus you really got to love a place where ideas simply flow across every conversation.
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12 reviews
Huge hotel with some history practically across the road from Penn Station, in Manhattan. Brief stay over three days it feels totally impersonal so if you want a more cosy feel this is definitely not the place to be. It is incredibly busy and often feels like a massive bus stop with crowds coming in and equally large numbers leaving. The lobby is massive. There is a concierge service but what they do exactly is hard to tell. A quick question on how to get somewhere resulted in my having to use my phone and Google maps any way. Then again this is NYC and the whole city feels like this. It adds to a s sense of imperative and speed that carries you along so you hardly notice the imperfections.
• • •
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Budget hotel chosen for its proximity to a speaking venue. Great bar and restaurant and the staff were extremely friendly. It was clean, efficient and lived up to everything one might expect from a place like this.
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No visit to Paris can be complete without at least one trip to the S=arc De Triomphe. I walked the route rather than drive and it allowed me to take in the Seine river barges that were very much Highlander in style (for those who know the TV series). Totally loved the change of the guard.
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