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Northern Greece EU Education Summit

On Friday I will be in Thessalonika, in the North of Greece, presenting a workshop for educators from 20 different EU countries, as part of the eTwinning EU programme that aims to create a cohesive, support network for those working in education, across Europe. 

This is part of the broader EU Erasmus programme ( that looks to increase the flow of information and experience across all EU countries. 

It is exciting because I have never seen Thessalonika (it is the 2nd largest city in Greece) and talking to educators across the EU presents an opportunity to increase awareness across the board of the impact of social media, semantic search, digital identity and content creation. 

Plus I will get to HIRL with +Nikolaos Bogioglou (even if I have to absail down the outside of the hotel in the middle of the night to find the time ;) ).

It is exciting to see initiatives like this happen in countries across the EU. I was in Poland just a couple of weeks ago at the 25th +MakoLab S.A. anniversary and its semantic technologies conference and the zest they had was simply incredible. 
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Cool +David Amerland, improvements to education are vital, I'm certain you can bring a lot of extra value to the process. And you get to HIRL in an antique city :-)
What an exciting moment for you +David Amerland ; while you're in beautiful Greece making things happen, I'll be launching an Entrepreneurial Educational initiative in an HOA from my computer in Cincinnati... Your "scenario" seems much more appealing.
I really wish there was a camera to capture my reaction when I was notified by +David Amerland that we will get the chance to HIRL... It even surpassed my yesterday's reaction to Greece's goal LOL 

+Heidi Bouman it is an antique type of city indeed! Its history goes back some 2.300 years :)))
This is a very exciting initiative +David Amerland! When you were explaining it to me I'm just astounded as an educator that they have been able to put this together.
+Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales it is still at an early stage but, like you, I am really excited by the potential here and being invited to help them shape it better was just awesome. 
+David Amerland have a wonderful Conference. the power of social, educating world leaders to use this power for good to change the world with  identity and content...  have a wonderful experience and keep us posted... 
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