Boycott Apple
Beyond the simple kneejerk reaction of the #BoycottApple  trend in response to the banning of the Galaxy Nexus, there are seven eight nine good reasons why Apple should be on the receiving end of some hard questions:

1. Control-freakery - it all started with Steve Jobs and his internal culture of fear. It continues, to a lesser extent, today.
2. Dubious production methods. From virtual slave labor conditions to a totally unempathic approach to doing business abroad. Apple's changing the world in terms of style but not substance.
3. Overpriced. It is no accident that the company is so profitable. Their profit-margin is the sort which any business would die for.
4. Anti-competitive. They lock consumers into their ecosystem and developers out of it. They make it hard for you to port your data. Once the Apple shackles go on, boy they ain't coming off.
5. Data hogs. They take your data, lock it into their verticals and never allow you to even see what they do with it.
6. Haters. Their approach to banning products until patent issues have been resolved has never endeared them to me. Particularly since Steve Jobs himself said that Apple was one of the greatest thieves of ideas.
7. Anti-social. They truly fail to 'get' social both as an enterprise and as a community. They think generating a wave of bad will against them is OK as long as they still make money. 
8. No conscience. At a time when most companies work hard to integrate themselves in their communities and develop a social conscience, Apple remains conscience-free. h/t +Kershaw Rustomji 
9. Environmentally unfriendly. Apple has repeatedly come under fire for its environmentally unfriendly production methods. I admit that here I do not know how they stack up against the competition but Google at least has become a trailblazer in its Green Data Canters. h/t +Chuck Fresh 
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