Crowdfunding is the next step in the natural evolution between content creators and their audience. This piece looks at some of the practicalities and two case studies. Invaluable if you're thinking of running  a campaign.  h/t +Andrew Broadbent 
Crowdfunding Campaign Lessons- How to raise money and build brand awareness across the web  

Here is +Jaclyn Sorese latest article for +Vab Media  on 10 tips and lessons from raising brand awareness and money for companies and causes.  
Whether or not you ever run a #crowdfunding   #campaign    , there are  *lessons to be learned that can be valuable to any marketer, business owner or entrepreneur. When it comes to raising awareness or promoting a brand, product, service or cause*, the usual marketing channels of content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media strategy and public relations journalist blogger outreach are what is necessary to find and connect with people and customers.    
Special thanks to +Ronnie Bincer and +David Amerland for the things we have learned from them - trust , reputation authority and building a following across social media channels. And check out +Larry Kim wordstream article link. about #googlegrants  +Vania Benavides 
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