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Facebook Pimping Out Mark for $100

Yep! Apparently for just a quick $100 you can message Facebook's CEO and say 'Hi, great product!" directly to his inbox. Guess it really is a tough economy and everyone needs to pull their weight. Full story at:
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Joe Ford
Wow. Might be worth the 100 bucks to tell him that the app sucks.
+Joe Ford I suspect there is a long queue for that. The man's onto something big again! ;)
Clever way to beta test the technology!
+David Amerland Ha-ha ! Wondering whether a user would be deactivated if his message isn't exactly complimentary. :)
+Raja Mitra Given Facebook's history not just would they lose their profile but all their private pics would probably go on the public stream. :) 
Haha, I think that I should start charging that for client emails.
+David Amerland I hate to think how his inbox reads if anyone does go for this "Amazing" (sarcasm) offer. Can't see it's going to be too complimentary.
They are in the process of making people pay to reach whom they want to reach.  
So much for I'm on FB, it's an easy way to reach everybody.
They are reinventing the stamp :-D
I wonder how many people the Zucks is paying to trawl through these emails? And I wonder what the training was like to make the replies seem genuine.

"No Tanya, the Zucks would never use the word "lol" in an email, start again."
I stopped using facebook a year ago. Funny thing is, since I never shut down my profile, I still get notifications through my email. It's like a psycho ex girlfriend.
JM Bell
Someone pointed out on Fast Company - or was it Forbes? - anyway.

Someone pointed out that Facebook has been playing the same game as drug dealers. First give them a taste, get them hooked, and then start charging.
JM Bell
I've been clean and sober going on 3 years now.
They are practising digital people trafficking there ;)
google+ is the best
I wonder why the log-in Page still needs to proclaim in large fonts ' It is free and always will be' despite more and more things (e.g. Promote ) not being free exactly.
can you just go away? why does even this on google! I hate damn facebug! 
when you try it out on FB, then you will find that it's not true. you can send him a message without paying $100
Wow! This is the standard of begging!.
+ronak jain thank you for the response. i am realy very weak for beautiful feet
You have got to be kidding me! I am only charging $9.99 to speak with me:)
I had to try..... I've just sent him 'hi' and it worked for free
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What? Just $100, mine is set at $500
+Bill Gassett LOL the funny thing is I think most people would rather speak to you than Zuckie to begin with! 
Its good test to see how many bunch of loosers send him yhe message by paying...crapbook...they can buy some cool panties for their girl friends or buy nice underwear for their boy friends. Shelling $100 for a facebook message? I cant comprehend it...
Thats false, nothing about money comes up! Very easy to see for yourself, but who honestly wants to message him?!
If you are Mark you know how many spam messages you will receive ... now.. it cost $100 no one will try to send him a message. 
Shows how desperate facebook is
The Syrian heaven and earth rules!
he isn't worth the steam off my piss. 
I was going to share this to the peeps stuck on face:palm:book, but then I went it's not worth contaminating my browser history with and they already know this.
.. from WoW(world of warcraft), Google's (gogle), FB and so on it's no wonder that they fail because the original idea of ​​their whole story would be based on truth and not lies!
Send him a threat note.... You'll see how fast he'll get that msg. No need to pay 100$! That's just a rip off. But hey, who gives a
F%*k about Mark? 
Anyone know how to download this picture? I tried clicking on details but that was a dead end 
+Imad Abselem if you are using windows you could use the snipping tool, or did you try right clicking the image?
I am not a facebook lover, don't even have an account, but I assume this is a clever method of stopping his inbox from having thousands of messages in it.  I highly doubt this is a method of generating revenue.  I am sure the only users that don't have to pay, are the ones he actually wants to hear from. 
Great way to avoid spam. 
Woo sa
yet another reason why i got rid of facebook altogether.
Is there an option to pay so as to not having one's data aggregated and repackaged and sold? Oh, wait, nevermind... :)
Really? Someone doubts this is a method of generating income? ANYthing Facebook does is a method of generating income or gathering data. 
Do you get a refund if he don't answer within two days? Lol
Why would someone want to pay $100 to send a message? I don't understand the thinking behind this at all.
How does Facebpok decide how much to charge to send someone an email?
+Claire Jarrett It's easy. It takes the view that Zuckie is 100X better than the rest of us who are only worth $1.
Kind of a "tip jar" for poor CEOs?  Zuck's net worth declined by over $3 billion last year, to less than $14 billion.  Or maybe it's a filter to avoid riffraff like us.
Find his personal email address and contact that way instead.
Really glad Google makes their money from other sources.

Too bad Facebook didn't invest in something that wasn't Facebook.
Can i name my price for the irrelevant ads that mark sends me? One Mmmillion dollars
Tim Cook doesn't charge anything. I'd rather talk to Tim.
I would like to be able to name my price and share 50% with Facebook. $2 to message me. So I would get $1 for every piece of junk mail. Easy money and i can still delete them. But if Facebook is charging and I don't get a single penny then that is just insane!
+Jeff Bristow Wow! Your suggestion is pretty cool actually and unfortunately, I fear, way too sensible to ever be implemented. Here's hoping though. 
Anybody wanna go halves on this?
I wonder how many people will invest just to tell him to f*** off.
Iswear there an article that says mark could spend $300k a day for the rest of his life and still have money left. 
Guys a penis.

Would pay 100 quid to punch him in the Tit. Fucking arsehole
Does that guarantee a personal reply? Or is it like a letter to Santa type thing? 
All I'm gonna say is. Just keep the Facebook Fannies on Facebook.

I don't want to read about some tit just cleaned there house now goin for a bath. Or some fucking idiot of a friend friends "Liked" a page about fucking chocolate.

Is should be called Fucking Idiots Book.
I guess with a real bad IPO he needs to make some money. Better than pan handling.


@Mark Z Fuck off and die ;-)
I won't waste my money with this.
Wow what a waste of money.
Can I charge Facebook for sending me notification messages?
If such a setting exists on facebook, a lot of us will be rich.
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