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From a Program to an Environment

We've come to make an MIT Labs prediction real not so much by design as by happenstance. By looking at ways we could do more, be more efficient, achieve greater connectivity, become more able using technology we have, by degrees, in a largely organic way, come to the "intelligent design" solution proposed back in 1996 (yep, last century). ;) 
Back in 1996 I was given an MIT Media Labs research paper by an editor who wanted me to “check out the possibilities”. Windows 95 was almost two years old, Google was still two years in the future, Yahoo search used human-powered results in what...
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If , Please don't send "someone not to my Gmail.
Gmail because I have been hacked. This Gmail ****@**
I moved to another Gmail.
My other Gmail:

* ****@** to get your answer!*
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David Amerland

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Hardly a quality HOA goes by today without having the +Jessica Dewell and +Scott Scowcroft touch, +John Kellden's presence and +Teodora Petkova. This one definitely has two of these elements. :) Now, all we need are more viewing hours in the day. :)   
+Jess + Scott + You deliberate enoughness with stupendous guests +David Amerland, +Stan Bush and +Teodora Petkova. Watch the original: or enjoy audience commentary in the evergreen version: (Pin for later:

+Scott Scowcroft
+Jessica Dewell

#enoughness #JSY
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It also confirms chocolate should be the ultimate international currency. I now understand the definitions of 'nonpareil' with more clarity. It was an epiphany of gastronomic proportions. Bitcoin pales in comparison. Much appreciation to all involved.
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David Amerland

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Google research Highlights Micro-Moments

The mobile path to purchase is not made of one thing. It is the cumulative weight of dozens and maybe hundreds of micro-moments, each of which adds its own weight to the final outcome. Micro-moments are changing the purchase cycle: They benefit those who take the time and trouble to interject themselves usefully into the minds and lives of their audience: 
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+Zeke Cao yep! :) 
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David Amerland

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The Challenge of our Technology

We are so used to thinking of technology as a tool that we apply that its ramifications and moral dimensions frequently escape us. Daimler's driverless convoy experiment is neither as bold as Google's self-driving cars nor Toyota's experiments in the same domain. But it is forward thinking in the questions it poses. 

Tech is not infallible. There will be occasions when the confluence of events makes failure inevitable and that's where the ethical dimensions suddenly looms large where it relates " how a computer-controlled vehicle should react in certain situations, when an accident is unavoidable and the vehicle has to decide what to do and whom to harm." 

A tough one to deal with as who decides? The programmer who created the operational parameters? The company that might be thinking of what it could afford to pay in liability? The on-board computer, calculating thousands of odds at incredible speed and reaching decisions no human operator could ever hope to reach? 

+Peter Feltham has talked about the Daimler experiment before. Now the conversation broadens significantly. 
With Daimler testing driverless trucks in Nevada, and with supporters arguing they are safer, could the haulage industry of the future be autonomous?
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I have witnessed the overtraking of humans by machines enough times to not say never. 
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David Amerland

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Yes, we're getting more stupid, Not

+Oleg Moskalensky shared this with me today and the first thing it brought to mind was the IQ tests we'd be habitually given at school in the 70s that used numeracy or literacy as the defining standard. Incredibly enough I would score some really high scores on both because I read a lot and was good at maths and yet there were people who took them and fared badly that have gone on to become nuclear physicists (I kid you not) and political scientists. 

Intelligence tests across generations remain an oddity. At their worst they will argue for natural selection and the weakening of the gene pool (so that every advance we make in medicine that improves health for all and prolongs life either has to be abandoned or reserved for the 'select' few) and at their best they will only show that an increase in technology X 1000 that places the knowledge of scientists of the past within the reach of your average Barista expresses itself, maybe, in the rise of an IQ point or so. 

Intelligence comes from the ability to use knowledge rather than possess it. Connectivity and idea sharing (and search) are changing the way brains work. IQ studies like these are just an interesting oddity. :) 
+David Amerland​, are they?
I know we aren't...;)
If studies are correct, you may be too dumb to read this within another couple of decades. Or, you might be too smart to want to. I could craft a narrative with significant data to back up either point of view. Facts and studies exists on both sides of the argument and, as a writer,…
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Stupidity is definitely more visible, esp since "stupidity" is generally defined as "anything that disagrees with our own notions."

People lose their inhibitions and are more willing to make "stupid" statements online. The autonomy is empowering. Of course, so is being drunk.

I do like his Jester & Troll effects.

My guess is that, once modified for better nutrition and health, IQ points haven't varied much over many generations.

The rest is culture. Much like this quote: "“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”"
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David Amerland

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Well, it had to happen. The balance of power could not stay the same forever. The #Cloudwars  community has a new strongman strong lady to help keep everyone on the straight and narrow. :) All bow to Lady +Heidi Bouman (and please do remember she controls the Unicorn Army, before you comment). 
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

We taketh immeasurable pleasure in announcing that the exulted former skyQueen, +Heidi Bouman  now ascends to the elevated position of Moderator of the Cloudwars  Community. In agreeing to forsake any aspirations to occupying the #Skythrone   again the new moderator hath driven a hard bargain regarding the release of the much feared Unicorn Hordes who doth that lady's bidding and who wilt now act as instruments on Law and Order. We welcome the new Sheriff in town!  
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Thank you +David Amerland :)
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David Amerland

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So, Where Was He Born? 

One of the recurring themes of Superman stories is the choice he makes in exercising his powers, and the questions that surround those choices. 

Superman's place of birth has a surprising twist in this story:
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If Superman has superpowers, why does he need muscles?
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David Amerland

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A high-level discussion with +John Kellden (who else? :) ) produced its own deluge of insights. 
Conversations That Mind And Matter: Conceptual Intelligence

"Conceptual intelligence includes the ability to inter-lego signs and symbols plus the knowing that these are representations only, and digital selves no matter how shiny (using the word you [John] used for pathos logos ethos :D) are devoid of the flow of love and life. As for the 4Vs [ #veracity #velocity #variety & #volume ] serving the rhetorical triangle, I haven't imagined this spatially, not sure how you put a box into a triangle... :)"
-- +Teodora Petkova

Conceptual Intelligence: HoA Distillation
by +Zara Altair :
semantic ontologies
layers of contextual meaning
social web
anticipating impact
target group
vocabulary of group
predictive semantics
open and unbiased
data to story
return on investment
contextual intelligence
return on involvement
meaningful connectivity
direct impact on ourselves
coercion of value
free floating rationality
individual adds more pieces
conceptual understanding
why what how
ontologies can be created in advance
individual change
faceted view of others
higher level of intent
higher level of discoverability
intuitive level of understanding
concept building useless 
noise into signal
pattern mining
hidden in place
top of mind
can be the word that needs to be changed
images as text
images as text, text as images
veracity volume velocity variety
value economy of human interaction
digital understanding into real life
intelligence augmentation
learning is trans-contextual
co-creation of value
Ethos Pathos Logos with veracity volume velocity variety
culture core values and consonance

"The amazing part is that inserting it for immediately unidentifiable brain part/system allows for contextual flow when reading. If I went down rabbit holes to define each term, I would have to go back to the beginning of the sentence and start reading again. Inserting #brainthingy  while reading allows me to go through the text and then go back to look up the terms I want to know."
-- +Zara Altair

"Our unconscious mind makes instantaneous subconscious conclusions in a matter of nanoseconds. When our conceptual memory needs to be updated.   #unbias provides that core tool of #morphologicalcreativity  and provides an instant opportunity for inclusivity to expand your conceptual intelligence."
-- +Peter Hatherley 


"The moment when conceptual intelligence meets contextual intelligence is when it acquires value."
-- +David Amerland

"Where analog and digital meet is when story comes into play - you [John] and +David Amerland did a previous HoA [ ] about Data, Storytelling & Narrative. Where tools such as +Peter Hatherley's #cise becomes helpful, is when people can see a set of words, outside their traditional box, and realize - hey, I thought that too, but didn't know there were words for it!"
-- +Manuel Saint-Victor

Conceptual Intelligence Writ Large & Inclusive: Long Boom

"...the only simplicity to be trusted is the simplicity to be found on the far side of complexity."
-- Alfred North Whitehead

In the digital world, which we are right in the middle of discovering, including the necessary and sufficient conceptual intelligence to understand, both our digital and our analog selves, we connect around:

- shared interests
- shared goals and ambitions
- shared stories
- shared graphs and
- shared passions

Once we are sufficiently connected - we evolve and improve our meaningful connectivity, through:

-  communication
-  content creation, annotation(comments) and resharing
-  discussion
-  debate
-  conversation
-  skillful conversation - noticing patterns
-  dialogue - aligning around patterns, eg meaningful connectivity
-  metalogue - convergence around meaning
-  co-efficacy - mindful individual sensemaking
-  scenius - collaborative sensemaking and group performance

By enacting, by weaving our own story together with others, we grow in our ability to presence, to:

-  co-initiate
-  co-sense
-  presence
-  co-create
-  co-evolve

The structures we use, concepts, models, theories, frameworks, scaffolds, are all related to three core building blocks:

-  I, Selfhood, agency, nodes
-  We, Service, inclusivity, edges
-  I/We, Synthesis, curiosity, holons

The process is even simpler:

-  simplicity
-  complexity
-  simplicity beyond complexity

In the dynamic overlap between structure and process: #life

"In a network, the best place to store knowledge is in other people"
-- John Kellden
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+David Amerland "who else?" is the best to describe +John Kellden [plus of course the antonym of #cattail  :D]
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David Amerland

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The Paradox of Superheroes

Why do we need a story where a teenager has the power to crawl on walls like a spider to reflect upon issues of power and responsibility? Why do we need a story about a guy who dresses up as a bat to fight crime in order to reflect upon what justice demands and what responsibility the government versus individual citizens have in ensuring that justice is done?

The narrative structure of their existence is key to their being accepted and then propagated through our social structures. Superheroes allow us to address the moral code we need to live by without pointing fingers at those who should have been the standard and are not. 
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Jesus Christ. Ordinary carpenter. Walked on water and preached good throughout the land in the name of the biggest brand in the world.

The business model seems to work ;)
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David Amerland

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There are just 50 kCal separating the sleeping from the waking state! :) Gonna catch some Zzzss now ;) 
Sleep is nature’s Borg Regeneration Pod. While many of our systems power down while we sleep many others power up so we barely save any energy at all between our sleeping and waking stage. While we are asleep our brains kick into high gear, doing a...
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Sleep well, señor :)
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David Amerland

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+Eric Enge is always worth listening to. h/t +Mark Traphagen 
Interview with our CEO Eric Enge about the State of SEO in 2015

Eric talks about why content matters, the importance of mobile friendliness, the importance of educating clients, the real purpose of guest blogging, and much more!
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+Eric Enge agreed, and more changes are lying ahead :) 
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David Amerland

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The Reality of Social Media

Almost three years ago I wrote a post about how I started the day with gunfire and bacon. I wrote in that post: 

"Here’s a real-life firefight! The video contextualizes everything we think about war. It disabuses us of the precision of intent and orchestration of execution that countless films have fostered upon us. It drives painfully home the point that lives are at stake, on both sides. That technology apart we have barely progressed from the screaming tribes facing each other across a river, busy thumping our chests and aimlessly throwing heavy stones at each other."  (from:

Get to today. A study published by the British Psychological Society talks about how people exposed to violent viewing (and subjects) via social media exhibit PTSD symptoms:

The ability of social media to have real impact at a psychological and cognitive level is what's behind its massively disruptive power. It is also a double-edged sword exposing the most vulnerable amongst us to instances that can have such lasting impact that they begin to affect us pathologically:

This, again, is new ground. In a way, across the web, we become building blocks of communities. Our behavior and conduct every bit as critical to the structures we create (and their effect) as our real world lives. We have yet to learn to be cautious with other people's lives. BBC's coverage of this: 
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+Gina Fiedel are you sure you're not elevating Vin's value too much? ;) 
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The world is changing. Showing how is part of what I do. I travel a lot (less than I used to). G+ is my home in more ways than one. In one way or another, all of us here, are part of a vanguard that "gets" the change that's happening.  

In my posts, interviews and podcasts I add pieces to the puzzle. I explain how each one fits in a bigger picture. How that bigger picture then makes sense. 

Sensemaking changes everything.

Before I got here, I used to be a corporate rat who used to be a journalist, before I jumped ship into full-time writing, speaking and blogging. 

In my offline time I indulge a lifelong passion in martial arts, I run, hit the heavy bag and try to find the limits at which we can go without sleep and still function. I also visit as many museums and cafes as possible. Funnily enough I regard what can be found in both museums and cafes as brain food. 

Fitness is important to me. It helps maintain a level of sanity that would otherwise require pharmaceuticals or expensive therapy. I pay some of what it has given me back by running  a Fitness Community. I am also a moderator of Plus Your Business a community focused on helping business people get the most out of G+ and the semantic web. 

Speaking of semantics, I am the owner of Google Semantic Search a community I started to explore the implications of semantic technology in daily life (and there are many) and I also own and post a lot in the SEO Help Community.

Professionally I advise a handful of companies globally, blog for a number of websites, including Forbes,, and socialmediatoday and write for magazines and newspapers. 

I give about 50 talks, speeches and presentations each year and hold an annual seminar on SEO and Social Media (details to which you will find on my website.). I advise a couple  of global companies and a handful of startups on social media positioning and search strategies and I write for Forbes, 21CIT, Insights and a number of dead-tree newspapers. 

Some of the Events  I have been part of:
  • SEO in the Sun (SEO & Introduction to Social Media)
  • Manchester SES (SEO)
  • Business Group Digital Conference (SEO & Social Media)
  • Rutgers University mini-MBA (SEO and Social Media Crisis Management)
  • Shanghai APAC executive SEO & Social Media Crisis Management training.
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  • SMX East (keynote speech on Entities in semantic search)
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If you made it this far you might be interested to know that now all of my writing is curated (without comment) at Prometheus. I no longer use RSS on my website and the G+ Page here gives me the opportunity to archive all my writing across the web.  I have, however, created an RSS feed for it so you can keep track of everything I write here.

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Sleep is nature’s Borg Regeneration Pod. While many of our systems power down while we sleep many others power up so we barely save any ener

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Huge hotel with some history practically across the road from Penn Station, in Manhattan. Brief stay over three days it feels totally impersonal so if you want a more cosy feel this is definitely not the place to be. It is incredibly busy and often feels like a massive bus stop with crowds coming in and equally large numbers leaving. The lobby is massive. There is a concierge service but what they do exactly is hard to tell. A quick question on how to get somewhere resulted in my having to use my phone and Google maps any way. Then again this is NYC and the whole city feels like this. It adds to a s sense of imperative and speed that carries you along so you hardly notice the imperfections.
• • •
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Dedicated staff and excellent exam results speak for themselves. There are not that many businesses that managed to grow during the recession in Greece - this is one of them.
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Googleplex has a feel and atmosphere that is uniquely its own. I had relatively little time to spend there but the place is totally addictive. It thrums with intent and everyone you meet is dead earnest about their ability to change the world and have an impact. Plus you really got to love a place where ideas simply flow across every conversation.
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The Temple of the Jade Buddha, in Shanghai is one of those experiences every visitor should treat themselves to at least once. The temple is in the heart of the city surrounded by tall buildings, yet manages to retain a sense of tranquility that is truly timeless. There are bi-lingual tours but the exhibits are also in English. I kinda just lost myself for three hours in there.
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10 reviews
Budget hotel chosen for its proximity to a speaking venue. Great bar and restaurant and the staff were extremely friendly. It was clean, efficient and lived up to everything one might expect from a place like this.
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No visit to Paris can be complete without at least one trip to the S=arc De Triomphe. I walked the route rather than drive and it allowed me to take in the Seine river barges that were very much Highlander in style (for those who know the TV series). Totally loved the change of the guard.
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There are not many truly customer-centric companies in Greece. Plaisio is one of them. Staffed by people who love tech they also try really hard to make sure that customers are really happy. It has become the only place I buy tech from when In Greece.
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reviewed 3 months ago