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Commenting on the web has marketing value

One of the reasons YouTube videos are such powerful brand marketing aids in a semantic web is because the visual element of a video makes it easy to absorb content on the fly and engage in a way that allows brand sentiment to surface. 

Comments are judged according to:

Directionality - where did the connection come from? Was the vicinity domain relevant (i.e did the comment come from a group of people who regularly comment on this subject?) Was it from a bad neighborhood (which might have been trollish) or from a domain not usually associated with the current interaction? 

Temporary or Persistent - was the connection haphazard, or by design? Did it lead to a real connection because it contributed something significant or was it a miss? 

Transivity - does the current connection stand alone or are there shared friends and interests linking the commenter and the person who posted the video? If yes, what level are they at?

Priority - Was the connection one that resulted in a response and further engagement? Or was it ignored as irrelevant?
What all this reveals is that comments and engagement, interaction and connections in the semantic web matter as much as they do in real life.  

Excerpt from:

#semanticsearch   #marketing  
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+Roland J. Ruttledge morning. :) 
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David Amerland

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'Broken' Systems...

I have always been a huge Batman fan. There is a doomed pathology to his actions that has always fascinated me. Sans super powers Batman is not just doomed by his own mortality but he is doomed by the compulsion of the unending task he has set himself. 

Saving Gotham is impossible when even being Batman becomes part of Gotham's first response. I have been watching Gotham the series and though I know many find it slow, there is an inexorable development arc in the character of a city sliding slowly towards moral oblivion and hopelessness, a city that is to birth the Caped Crusader. 

I've outlined six systemic failures in a process that ties Gotham to the Batman and him to it in a self-completing loop without end. What do you think? 
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+Richard Hussey Yep, precisely. And look who is back on top now like nothing happened and they were never to blame? 
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David Amerland

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+kara wood is set to go :) Changes in search are accelerating again this year. 
My copy has finally arrived! +David Amerland​ this is a gorgeous looking book! Now to get down to business and into chapter one. I enjoyed the acknowledgements and seeing so many familiar names. The force is strong with those mentioned! I am off now to get down to business. The business of being found! 
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LOL +Oleg Moskalensky it's pretty cool (and a tad sneaky). ;)  I forgot to mention that anyone can get a copy signed digitally:
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+Randy Milanovic doing some experimenting. Consider, for a moment, how our connections here allow us to experiment across countries and cross-reference information in almost real-time. It leads to important aspects of information sharing and bar-raising in any profession. 
Has Local Gone Loco?

Recently, I found myself Googling for “big island real estate” as part of a new client project. Imagine my surprise when a trio of business listings appeared near the top of the page as local search results. Otherwise known as the Local Pack, this group of listings – presumably – is intended to display local (nearby) business listings.

A quick peek at Google Maps – and a quick glance at the fresh snow outside my office window – confirmed that we do not, in fact, have any Hawaii-based Realtors any closer than around 3,000 miles from my office in Calgary.

An observation of some rather odd Google Local Pack results in SERPs ensued. Thank you +David Amerland for your thoughts as we deciphered the craziness.

What craziness you ask? Check this out...

Desktop Search Results (WIFI) in Calgary:
New York Pizza displays Calgary results (brand name trumps location)
Boston Pizza displays Calgary results (brand name trumps location)
London cafés displays London UK Cafés (city trumps location)
Madrid hotels displays Madrid locations (city trumps location)

Mobile Search Results (LTE) in Calgary:
New York Pizza displays Vancouver results (carrier trumps location)
Boston Pizza displays Vancouver results (carrier trumps location)
London cafés displays London ON Canada Cafés (carrier plus city location and proximity)
Madrid hotels displays Madrid locations (city location keyword matches desktop search)

No doubt, this is a confusing time for businesses as we do our best to win with local SEO, but given Google's vast appetite for experimentation, it’s likely things will keep changing over the coming months.

However, by understanding what Google wants right now, you can take a few simple steps to make your business easier for buyers in your neighbourhood to find. There's a Local SEO Checklist you can download right now at:

Best of luck in this game of chance.

#localSEOtips #localpack
Google seems to be looking for outside cues from other websites (such as Yelp and Houzz) for corroborating information in local search and the local pack.
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Appreciated +Dr Lew Jensen
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David Amerland

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Theory cannot long exist without data. +Stone Temple Consulting for some time now has been a leader in the area of independent research, throwing incredible manpower at questions which mine Twitter and  Google data, using the results its research provides to look for the answers. 

This, case in point. Authority is critical in semantic search results. It also has to be relative as in authority as perceived by quality, assessed, in relation to a given query, compared with everything else indexed. 

There are two immediate lessons you can take away from this before you dive into the data (and you should): First, you do not have to beat Wikipedia in order to be taken seriously by Google. you just need to be an authority in your niche. 

Secondly you do not have to be the best in the web in order to show up in search in a highly visible position. You just need to be indexed well. SEO really matters. 

h/t +Eric Enge 
50% of the Sites Google Uses in Rich Answer Boxes Have a Domain Authority Less than 60

This was one of the more interesting findings from our study of Google's Knowledge Graph. Yes, Wikipedia is the most frequently referenced site, and the Domain Authority sites are used in 52% of the rich answer results.  But, if you just look at the 19,004 domains we found that Google references in their rich answers (AKA direct answers or knowledge boxes), 9515 of the domains that got attribution links were from pretty average authority sites.
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Glad the smoke is clearing for you +David Amerland!
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Watching the sun on a warm spring day

One of the reasons I love the Med is the weather. I took a little time to get to the gym and on the way back: this! I took several shots (album) coming soon. 

The ability of a natural scene to totally clear our minds is indescribable. 
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Digitally Yours

You can get a personalized, autograph sent to you for any of my books you have bought by using the Authorgraph page below. :) The webz! We can do anything. :)
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+David F Leopold definitely and it was a real pleasure. 
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David Amerland

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The Right Way to Eat Bagels

This is a public service post. :) I know you all struggle with the darned things but in less than 90 seconds you will see exactly what you should be doing. 
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+Jim Shankle LOL, another classic. :) 
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#Lesson 6 - Voice

...speak on the social web with the sincerity and authenticity of a real person, even when you market.

Everything that happens now in the online world is part of a conversation. The problem with this (if we can call it a problem) is that this conversation takes place frequently asynchronously and often across platforms. excerpt from:

#SEO   #socialmedia   #voice   
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+Malthus John Some would argue this is already happening. There is a sentiment graph, of sorts, being built around personal profiles. There is sentiment analysis happening around brands. Nothing now is without consequence. 
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Charting the Dark Side of Human Thought anonymous survey of trollish commentators found that they scored highly on dark tetrad traits, but particularly the everyday sadism component – and enjoyment was their prime motivation. Indeed, the bug-crushing experiment suggested that everyday sadists may have more muted emotional responses to all kinds of pleasurable activities – so perhaps their random acts of cruelty are attempts to break through the emotional numbness.

I have often observed that when someone says openly that they're being "brutally honest" it's the brutal aspect of their behavior they relish rather than the honesty part. Sure, we all detest liars and prize openness and the truth but when the truth is going to serve no purpose other than to hurt someone a softening of it may actually serve us better, as people than the need to wild it like a club, ready to bludgeon everyone in sight. 

My next few posts are a little more practical :) so enjoy this flight of the mind and think that it impacts directly into what we do here, now.
Why are some people extraordinarily selfish, manipulative, and unkind? David Robson asks the scientist delving into the darkest sides of the human mind.
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+Carl Turechek yes, actually: and The issues is more complex than our simple labeling of it will ever have us admit. It has a human solution and it always calls for some thinking. 
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Answer an 'Impossible' Question Today

We tackle questions that seem impossible because as we think about them the traditional boundaries of our ordinary world fall away. We see things from a different perspective and new connections are forged in our minds. 

More than that, by looking at the world around us this way we realize that nothing is 'impossible' if we really start to really think about it. And just to get you started this Wednesday ask yourself if the entire human race could fit into a building how large would ti really have to be and would it be possible to even build it? 

In answering precisely this question through a connected series of logical steps, this post manages to both boggle your mind and leave you feeling totally glad to be alive and thinking in the middle of the week. 

When they say: "Central Park, with an area of 3.41 square km (1.3 sq mi), could easily hold the population of Australia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Venezuela, Malaysia, Nepal, Mozambique or Syria. You could fit all 13.9 million Jews into Central Park and still have room for the population of Romania, Chile, or the Netherlands. The entire human race in 5,000 BC, which historians estimate to be between 5 – 20 million people, would fill up at most a little over half of Central Park. We’re just getting started, so settle in." They are not kidding! 

It's a long read. Believe me you will love it.  Take the dive:

#maths   #brainbrew  
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David Amerland

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Ingredients for Respite

It's been a madcap 2-3 weeks. When I wasn't in meetings I was writing business reports and carrying out in-depth analyses at 4.00am, or I was in HOAs or Goto Meetings, conference calls and even a (gasp!) Skype call. 

I have two ways of recharging: I go to the gym and get some valuable headspace away from computers and emails (my phone gets switched to Airplane Mode) or photograph nature (the art of focusing and composing takes me away from the confines of my own head, which is great). 

I got the chance to do very little of the first and none of the second recently. It was time to change tack a little so i went to the gym and on the way back, without looking for it, came across the perfect sunset. A calm sea, a setting sun whose disk appeared to be on fire, clouds glowing across half the sky, a boat plus seagulls fleeting across everything. 

I intended to take a couple of shots. Ended up taking over 100. By the end of it i felt like I'd just been on holiday! :) Magic.
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The world is changing. Showing how is part of what I do. I travel a lot (less than I used to). G+ is my home in more ways than one. In one way or another, all of us here, are part of a vanguard that "gets" the change that's happening.  

In my posts, interviews and podcasts I add pieces to the puzzle. I explain how each one fits in a bigger picture. How that bigger picture then makes sense. 

Sensemaking changes everything.

Before I got here, I used to be a corporate rat who used to be a journalist, before I jumped ship into full-time writing, speaking and blogging. 

In my offline time I indulge a lifelong passion in martial arts, I run, hit the heavy bag and try to find the limits at which we can go without sleep and still function. I also visit as many museums and cafes as possible. Funnily enough I regard what can be found in both museums and cafes as brain food. 

Fitness is important to me. It helps maintain a level of sanity that would otherwise require pharmaceuticals or expensive therapy. I pay some of what it has given me back by running  a Fitness Community. I am also a moderator of Plus Your Business a community focused on helping business people get the most out of G+ and the semantic web. 

Speaking of semantics, I am the owner of Google Semantic Search a community I started to explore the implications of semantic technology in daily life (and there are many). 

Professionally I advise a handful of companies globally, blog for a number of websites, including Forbes,, and socialmediatoday and write for magazines and newspapers. 

I give about 50 talks, speeches and presentations each year and hold an annual seminar on SEO and Social Media (details to which you will find on my website.). I advise a couple  of global companies and a handful of startups on social media positioning and search strategies and I write for Forbes, 21CIT, Insights and a number of dead-tree newspapers. 

Some of the Events  I have been part of:
  • SEO in the Sun (SEO & Introduction to Social Media)
  • Manchester SES (SEO)
  • Business Group Digital Conference (SEO & Social Media)
  • Rutgers University mini-MBA (SEO and Social Media Crisis Management)
  • Shanghai APAC executive SEO & Social Media Crisis Management training.
  • MxDE Senior Executive Program, Zug (Piercing the Search Bubble).
  • SMX East (keynote speech on Entities in semantic search)
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If you made it this far you might be interested to know that now all of my writing is curated (without comment) at Prometheus. I no longer use RSS on my website and the G+ Page here gives me the opportunity to archive all my writing across the web.  I have, however, created an RSS feed for it so you can keep track of everything I write here.

The best way to reach me is through Google+ or my website:
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