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Author, Speaker, Analyst.

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Google Semantic Search Makes Top 10 Pick

Google Semantic Search ( makes Top 10 SEO Books pick this year. Yours truly thought of opening a bottle of sparkly to celebrate but seeing how I am in the middle of writing something fairly complex that must still make sense when I re-read it in the morning, thought it prudent to exercise restraint and opt for another espresso instead :D 

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Yep, I know! ;)

Stop what you're doing and check this out. I know it will affect your productivity but in some other universe, some other version of you will just double down and get the job done, anyway. ;) 

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Four Years Ago ;)

Google Photos just reminded me that four years ago Nike was pretending that she was the best thing possible we could ever have at Christmas and all planned Christmas expenses should be directed solely towards her, forever. 

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Would You Like A Slap To Go With That?

I know you know that we all know that things are far from OK in our world. But in the Bizzaro world of an alternate Earth men get together to slap the seven bells out of each other because there is truly nothing so complicated that it cannot be solved by the forceful contact of an open palm with the exposed expanse of another man's proferred cheek. Before you think this is a new phase in some forgotten wing of Christianity let me remind you that it is Thursday (which is the new Friday). ;) 

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More Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs announced that more Pokemon Go characters are coming ( As we are heading towards Christmas, currently just 18 days away, this could well be the gift many have been waiting for.

If you're into this kind of thing that is. :D


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When Life Becomes Cheap

This is an in-depth, uncomfortable piece on The Philippines' President's "War On Drugs". Some time ago I wrote, briefly, about why the war on drugs is failing and how we need a fresh approach:

This piece however is not about that. Disturbing as it is I am sharing it because of the striking similarities between what is happening and what we have seen happen in other places like Rwanda in 1994 ( and Argentina in 1976 (

In each case the pattern is the same. A common-sense cause is touted as the problem to fix. The government brings its full might of military, police and information systems to bear. Under the guise of targeting only those who are 'guilty' it begins a crackdown that broadens with the passage of time.

Those involved demonstrate behavior that shows total disregard for human life and perceived immunity from any consequences for their actions.

History has taught us that these events also follow a predictable pattern: It will get worse, the international outcry and condemnation will grow, a tipping point will be reached where the perpetrators will find themselves on the receiving end, on the run, professing their innocence and ignorance, citing that they were just following orders in the performance of their duties.

There is not a lot we can do right now except not look away. And not forget. 

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I am a little short on sleep today and as we are heading towards the end of the year the situation may not improve that much thanks to a couple of pressing writing projects.

Meanwhile, Nike is disgusted that summer is not here yet and dinner time is hours away. She wants to be woken up only when good things happen. :) 

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Understanding How Machines Think

One quick clarification: when we say machines "think" we are not saying that they are conscious. Thinking, as a process utilizes a well-defined path that makes evaluations and reaches decisions based upon data and the parameters of their general programming. Within certain contexts, machines can do that as well as, or better than people.

This particular experiment (which you can interact with, BTW) is important because it strips back some of the layers that usually obscure the process through which machine learning arrives at its conclusions and makes it more transparent. 

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Lyrics Come to Life

What if Queen's iconic Bohemian Rhapsody was filmed? ( The lyrics coming to cinematic life? :) It's only Tuesday and the week already is looking promising. 

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The Colour Of Policy-Free Politics

In an alternative Earth, in another dimension where gravity makes things fly upwards and we all need lead shoes to stay on the planet the world's formerly 5th largest economy, decided it needed a break from reality and launched into the politics of color.

This is not what you may understand by that term. Faced with a "Black Brexit", a "White Brexit" and a "Grey Brexit" the new PM publicly explained her detailed plan for changing the status quo, taking the UK out of the EU and maintaining the value of the economy of the country, creating new jobs, attracting fresh investment, reassuring corporate anxiety, encouraging innovation and increasing trade.

Now, you may think that in order to understand such complexity that covers so many diverse areas of expertise you will need to know some economics, have a little knowledge about UK and EU laws and agreements, understand how international trade tariffs work and also have a basic grasp of party-political divisions within the UK electorate. Rest easy. In the Bizarro world of present day Britain all you need to know are colors and how to pronounce them. Confused?

Draw between the lines. 
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