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Author, Speaker, Analyst.

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How We Think

There's more to this than just this loop but you begin to see the process. And yes, before you ask, intelligence and cognition are two different things. Intelligence is the abstraction that powers us, think of it as thinking about thinking, while cognition is a series of processes that are activated due to existing conditions (thoughts, ideas, knowledge etc) and circumstances to lead to an outcome.

To make this a little harder, Cognition feeds back into Intelligence and vice versa. :) 

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Nietzsche ( once wrote: “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how”. He was talking of course about the power purpose has to add meaning to our lives (

Despite the fact that having a sense of purpose, feeling that we are part of something greater than ourselves is necessary for our physical and mental health ( we all struggle to successfully articulate it:

From employees who don’t really know why they work ( to students who do way better if they feel they have a sense of purpose ( we all feel a largely unexpressed need to belong, not necessarily to a group, but certainly to a vision.

At the very heart of our search for purpose lies its very opposite. We all have, at some point in our lives, experienced a sense of purposelessness and it is soul-crashing ( It takes away our ability to breathe by rendering everything we do devoid of meaning. Such is our complexity that while we, now, are all quite capable of surviving and many of us are capable of thriving, without the sense of direction imparted by a sense of purpose we often feel rudderless, useless and unable to continue living.

Those born as the new millennia started, a generation that is used to expressing how it feels, frequently cite their willingness to give up jobs or better pay for a sense of belonging to a greater cause (

Our search for a sense of purpose, in the past and, to some extent, the present, has frequently made us easy prey to cults and ideologies ( groups and organizations that promise to end our (psychic) suffering by providing a ready-made solution from their rack of pre-fabricated choices. In isolation we are all vulnerable to the same ‘defects’ - Subject to the same vulnerabilities. Our personal levels of resistance may vary, but given sufficient time and pressure, we all eventually succumb.

We hope to find purpose by following (or listening to) public figures:, thinking perhaps that they have at least some of the answers we seek. The ability that parties, cults and factions have of blinding us is evidenced by the verisimilitude achieved in massive multi-player online games (MMPOG) like World of Warcraft ( where many different types of personalities, nationalities, ages and genders, come together to lead virtual lives. Faction bias ( and the discussions that arise from it allow our deep-held beliefs on fairness, social justice, meaning and purpose to emerge:

The “purpose mindset” that some speak of ( is allowing us to re-examine and redefine value in everything, from finding a job and doing some work to breathing oxygen daily and staying alive. In contrast, those who choose to follow an ideology, hoping that it will provide all the answers, frequently have to deal with internal conflicts ( and cognitive dissonance ( that outstrips all the potential benefits their party or cult affiliation provides and exposes them to internal stresses they are ill-equipped to handle -

There is some light at the end of this particular tunnel. First, there are techniques we can employ to help us find and define our purpose in life: Second, for the first time in history we are capable of forging our own virtual groups and identity. We get to express our values and talk about the things that are truly important to us. Handled wrongly, this is just another opportunity to create yet one more echo chamber ( But handled right, it becomes a new way to find enrichment, discover purpose and add meaning to our life.

In The Social Media Mind ( I explored how the connectivity we experience has the ability to help us change our view of the world and find new ways to exercise our online power to influence things ( Happiness, purpose, meaning come about in inverse order and are elusive targets ( yet we may, now more than ever before, be one step closer to helping each other achieve them and, in the process, unshackle ourselves from the legacy features of a past that would have us shoehorn ourselves into some socio-economic construct which would represent a top-down view of what it is we should be doing with our lives.

At any rate, I hope you know enough about your purpose in life to know that you need coffee and lots of it. Things always become more meaningful when contemplated with donuts, croissants, cookies, ice-cream and chocolate cake in hand. Have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are. 

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Unmade Bed Day

"Hooman, I know you need to make this bed but today I am just too busy resting on it to move." Nike's sentiments of course are to alway be obeyed so #caturday is now officially Unmade Bed Day. Obey you lot! 

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#TheSniperMind journey is beginning. Some brave snipernauts (excuse the newly minted word) are taking an early dive into this world and they shall be reporting back. 
My Journey With The Sniper Mind Has Begun
Thank You +David Amerland

I dove right in and it began with a bang. :)

(photo inspired by +Zara Altair)


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If you're running a restaurant this can really help you become more productive and way more profitable.
MiRA, a brand new service from PCS, is ready to be unleashed on the world. Originally MiRA stood for Multimedia In Restaurants, Automated, but those of you who speak Spanish know exactly what MiRA means.

It's a new way to promote your restaurant or just about any business, inside the business. It's a smart digital display/signage system with many useful and unique features. It's capable, affordable and potent, but don't take my word for it - check out the video and let MiRA show you personally.

If you own a restaurant or know someone who does - come and invite them to watch this... it just might be exactly what you're LOOKing for :)

Very few have seen MiRA live, be one of the first to see it live...

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Training the Mind

A trained mind delivers a different perception. Perception creates reality. A new reality delivers different outcomes. #TheSniperMind

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If you can't think it, it doesn't exist. #TheSniperMind

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Tourism, Reputation and Nation Branding

Few countries truly get the brand value they possess and act accordingly. The few which do, however, end up winning big. 

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How Video Ranks

Video ranks differently on YouTube than it does on Google Search and seeing how YouTube is now more popular than on desktop searches, it makes it the world's most popular search engine.

Relevance, Resonance and Revenue play a pivotal part here. Dine in!

h/t +Mark Traphagen

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How Good Are Your Leaders?

When most C-Suite executives are barely digitally literate the leadership they put into practise is deeply flawed: 
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