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David Allen Wizardgold

People at Street  - 
Sant Jordi celebrations in St. Feliu de Guixols with gifts for small children too.
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David Allen Wizardgold

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One man and his Irish Wolfhound
What a beast of a dog, he is huge and apparently not very friendly either. His owner said best not to touch him as he is prone to snap. I would rather keep my fingers, thank you very much!

#nex6   #irishwolfhound   #bigdog   #wolfhound  
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David Allen Wizardgold

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What's writers block?
How to not to get writers block

I take something, often an object I have, which I like. Then I invent stories around them. I'm doing that today.

Once upon a time, in my lifetime far, far away, I bought an old Singer sowing machine because I loved the cast-iron stand. That cast iron stand is in the garden, twenty years later and still waiting for the day when it will be made into a table.

The Singer sowing machine, anno world war 1, has long since been trashed. Stupid thing to do. It was a beautiful object and I bitterly regret I did so. The wisdom of years.

What I am left with is this box, used to contain all the threads and needles in a little drawer at the base of the machine.
The box I am using in my books... all because of an old Singer in a dingy basement someone wanted to get rid of.

The story this little box has generated is wonderful. Because it reinvents something lost to us.

Icilma was the name of the water coming from the spring he hit upon in Algeria, when Englishman Stephen Armitage drilled for petroleum in Algeria in 1898 using a rig imported from Canada.

The place was named the Hammam Selama, close to the shore of the Mediteranean, to the small ex-Roman town of Portus Paulus, then named Portes-aux-Poules. The rest is part of my fictive world.

The water he named Icilma went on to be developed into a whole cosmetics industry across the world, soaps, creams, powder shampoo even, until it faded from existence in the late 1950's. 

This is how I work... exhaustive. But wonderful.

And yes, this is used in The Element water...
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Hè: thats my secret! 
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I just took a photo of a huge Irish wolfhound owned by a German man who is staying at the campsite here . I did this with my Sony NEX6 so I will have to wait until I get home so that I can post it.
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Just spent the last three hours working on the book. I deleted some sections of text and just did basic editing for grammar and spelling on some other part of it. Looking forward to when I can get to the process where I uploaded to kindle.

When I have finished this first editing of the text I will be adding photos and links to videos that referenced to in the text.  At various stages of this editing I am outputting from an Scrivener to the Kindle format and also for Epub so that I can at least see what it looks like on the mobile devices I have. I will also be doing a version in iBooks Author that will be specifically for the enhanced EPUB that's can be seen are the iPad and also on the Mac.  I will also have two put this out as a PDF.
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David Allen Wizardgold

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Another man and his dog from the campsite. Small dog that thinks it is an Alsatian.
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Nice campingsmoking... 
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I tried out the new Google photography app with the blur background option can you tell which one of these two photos is the one that is blurred?
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First one.
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David Allen Wizardgold

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Adding to circles.
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Today I'm reading the first book of the Wool trilogy by +Hugh Howey. I am really enjoying the story and it is incredibly well written. I have already started to care what happens to the protagonists in the story and starting to wonder what is going to happen next . It was my son Jack that recommended this book to me , he is an enthusiastic reader of books . I knew that if he said it was going to be good, then it would be.

The story is set in a post apocalyptic future where it is not possible to live out in the open. The people living in a bunker that is called the silo that goes 144 levels down into the earth . This silo has to provide all of the needs for the people that are left. There is murder and political intrigue in the first few chapters and the story is set up now for a bit of a mystery.
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Thanks for sharing this. I've been looking a book to read this summer, and I think this is going to be it. Going to check this on Google Play store later when i get home. 
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Writer Photographer Video guy and Mac Tech Head. Blogging to make money
Video, audio, photography, artistic endeavour, computer nerdery,
  • Camping Vall d'Or
    Receptionist, 2008 - present
    Booking people in during the summer
  • Wizard Signs
    Owner, 1990 - 2002
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Santa Cristina d'Aro - Sutton Coldfield - Virginia, Co. Cavan Ireland - Banbury, England - Leeds, England - Coleshill, England
David Allen Wizardgold is a writer, artist, Mac guy, Android phone user, podcaster, video, photo guy and all round scallywag
Latest Tutorial Video - Time Lapse with the Sony NEX 6

Playlist of Aperture Tutorials - Learn how to use Aperture on the Mac

David Allen Wizardgold makes tutorials showing his viewers how to use software on the Mac, iOS devices and also on Android. Loving the creative process of making screencast videos and also getting to use my  NEX-6 camera to shoot videos as well as taking photos.

David Allen Wizardgold lived childhood and youth in Sutton Coldfield and lived in Leeds, Banbury, in England and Cavan in Ireland. Now living in Catalonia, Northern Spain.

Done a few things - like Policeman, artist, art teacher, mechanic, signwriter, sales and entrepreneur stuff. Now I am working as a writer and video maker. Starting to build up some income from some websites on which I write articles to get paid.

If you want to send David Allen an encrypted message here is my PGP Public key that goes with this applestudioman account. 
Bragging rights
Three Excellent sons - I am a creative person - I am a free thinking atheist
  • Arthur Terry School
    1970 - 1975
  • University of Leeds
    Fine Art, 1980 - 1983
  • University of Birmingham
    Post Grad Certificate of Education, 1984 - 1985
    Learn to be an art teacher
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I work at the campsite.
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