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Just taking it easy.....
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The watch is proving very useful. I miss it if I have to take it off. Great for controlling my podcast listening and I love it for the health and fitness stuff. When I die I will be too healthy for words.....
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David Allen Wizardgold

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The local Barcelona supporters are letting off fireworks now to celebrate winning the league. This is extremely good news and now Barcelona have to go and win the champions league. It is appropriate that the winning goal came from Lionel Messi. 
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David Allen Wizardgold

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I've been using the application Effects Studio with a photo that I took this morning.

There are lots of creative possibilities with this application I have been just using on my iPhone and I have also been using it on my iPad.
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All of the creatives possibilities are in your mind! Effects Studio si just a tool to express :) you are awesome David, grats!
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David Allen Wizardgold

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My son Jack with his ticket to ride to Korea. He should be in Seoul by now and heading on to another town where is going to be teaching for a year. He's off to see the world!
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The best way to live -- and grow.
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This morning I've been trying out Effects Studio on my iPad and quite pleased with all the effects available. There are loads of filters you can find in many apps like this one in the app store. In the effects section you can make loads of changes to your image including warping and putting holes in the picture.

With some of effects you get good controls for the placement and level of the effect and some not enough. The Tone Curve works well and the Blur and Focus is well done. You can have a circular spot or a linear control as well as blurring the whole image.
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it's really nice of you I am delighted :)
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David Allen Wizardgold

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Looking forward to seeing how MoneyWiz will work on the Watch. More new apps keep coming and the ones ready from the start keep getting improved.
Possibly the first Apple watch in Spain · Get some Great Apple Watch Tips in an eBook. IMG 1542. There is the possibility that other people living in Spain have done similar to myself. Having connections in one of the first waves of countries that Apple debuted the watch, I was able to put in my ...
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Just installed the first upgrade to the Apple Watch OS. The measuring of standing up is supposed to be improved.
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David Allen Wizardgold

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Got 400 words written for the zombie story this morning. It will all go into chapter 8 which when I've edited it will go onto Wattpad. I've added a new nasty behaviour for the undead. Should entertain the readers.
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David Allen Wizardgold

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I didn't do as many steps as usual today because the weather was too hot at the beginning of the day. I made up for it a little bit in the evening when the weather cools down a bit. Nearly 15,000 steps is about 4000 steps less than my normal number for the day.

The Apple Watch is a great motivator for keeping fit and getting those circles in the Activity App to complete themselves.

I don't use the Exercise App so much I prefer just to let the Apple Watch and the iPhone do the job automatically for me. With the exercise application you have to first decide how many calories you want to use for the exercise event. I suppose if you have a normal exercise routine you will eventually know exactly how many calories you are likely to normally use for such an activity.
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David Allen Wizardgold

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Today I took the first shower while still wearing my Apple Watch and it was just fine. I will also like to note that I am getting much better battery life out of my iPhone now that I am using the watch for more of the notifications.
#applewatch #applewatchespaña
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wow. the first waterproof apple tech?
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David Allen Wizardgold

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On the way to win La Liga!!!!
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La Liga has been won...... Well done Barça...
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David Allen Wizardgold

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Cool photo
The Boxcar Trio by Joachim Mortensen: #photography
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Cool background could be for a Mac....
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