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Fox News reported that Tim Tebow resuscitated a fan. I thought he went over and gave him mouth-to-mouth or something. But, he leaned over and prayed for the man, and the man got better. The media wouldn't say that he prayed for someone and they improved. The media is anti-God, liberal and biased; and they are manipulating this election for Hillary Clinton. It has never been more evident than in this election cycle.
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Got my new Trump copper (pictured) and silver 'dollars' (1 oz) today from This represents the best collectible I have of the campaign and its value is tied to the value of the metals. They also have gold, but that is a little more than my budget can afford. Shipping was about 2 weeks. You can also pay a little more and get a display case, but these are getting mounted inside my Trump Journal. That will be passed down to my children...or sold on eBay...I haven't decided.
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David Allen Rivera

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I just posted a video giving you a peek at the Trump Journal I've been keeping to document the events of the 2016 Presidential Election.
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David Allen Rivera

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I've just uploaded my newest video, and it's my most personal video yet. Check it out.


I never really thought that much about atheism until it raised its ugly head in our family. Since then, I’ve been watching a lot of videos, and I’ve realized that most Christians are not equipped to debate an Atheist; and in fact, often embarrass themselves in doing so. Atheists don’t believe there is a God, so you can’t use the Bible to support your contention that there is a God. You have to make an appeal in another way.

There seems to be an increase in the number of Atheists, as well as those who are noncommittal in any sort of religious beliefs. I attribute that to the Supreme Court decision on June 25, 1962 that removed prayer from public schools and effectively took God out of our schools. But, in listening to a lot of Atheists, it’s amazing how many were raised in Christian homes. In fact, I’ve even seen where ministers have become Atheists. So what happened?

In many churches they have a good youth program, where music and worship is a good draw. They are very participatory, and get caught up in the fervor of it all. What is perceived as God’s anointing, in some cases is nothing more than a cathartic release. You see, It’s all about devotion, not the emotion. It’s all about establishing a relationship with God, spending time in prayer and being grounded in the Bible. Without that, there isn’t anything to hold onto, because there aren’t any roots. The problem is, that when you never had a personal experience with God, you don’t have anything tangible to base your faith on.

For me, I was predisposed to Christianity, because as a child, my Mother took me to Church on a regular basis. I remember during the summer months I would see my friends outside playing– but I had to go to Church. I really didn’t have a choice. Now, I could have gone and had a bad attitude, been resentful and miserable. Instead, I chose to make my time productive and learn something, since I had to be there anyway. And, I was very skeptical. I remember one time, when I was about 11, when we visited another Church. At the end of the service we all ended up at the front of the Church as the preacher went by to pray for everyone. And they were all dropping like flies– what they call “falling under the power.” I looked over at my Mom, Bam!, down she went. When he got to me and put his hand on my head to start praying, I realized that he was trying to push me down; and I leaned into it just to communicate to him that I wasn’t going down.

Probably the 2 things that swayed me was the story of Evangelist Leroy Jenkins. My Mom had gone to one of his crusades and brought home a couple of his booklets. It turns out that as a young man in 1960, his arm had been nearly severed in a freak accident, was surgically repaired as good as they could for that time, yet gangrene had already started setting in when he went to an A. A. Allen miracle crusade to be prayed for, and his arm was healed and completely restored. Of course, many people have denied the authenticity of this miracle. But I saw one up close and personal. Ronald R. Coyne (pronounced “Coin”) an evangelist from Tulsa, Oklahoma came to our Church around 1967. He had been blinded in one eye as a child due to an accident, and wore a glass eye. He could see ‘through’ this glass eye, or could even see through the exposed eye socket. I saw his head bandaged up and I saw him read things out of his blind eye that were brought up by members of the congregation. This made a tremendous impression on me. Some years later, on the ABC-TV show “That’s Incredible,” their investigation could not disprove the miracle. (

When I got married, what prompted me to get back to Church, even though I had certain doubts, was the fact that I had been hit by a car when I was 2 years old, in my early 20s my car slid on ice into the back of a car and my head went through the windshield, and in my late 20s my appendix burst and I didn’t get to the hospital until the next day. Something deep down inside was telling me that God had His hand on me.

Another thing was the confirmation I was finding in the Bible. At an early age, I began reading Bible prophecy, because it was just so interesting. But, in 1978, I heard a cassette tape where a guy was saying that he had been a member of the Illuminati. What he was saying was so fantastic that I started doing research to prove him wrong. Instead, I got a validation of what I heard in Church. I would sit in Church and hear all this stuff about the Antichrist and the Tribulation and I wondered how these things could possibly happen. My research turned up the existence of a group who had been working since the 1700s to create one-world government. Two thousand years ago the Bible foretold that and lays out the geopolitical picture that is now emerging in the world.

One of the stock responses Christians have for Atheists, is that we know that God is real, because we just talked to Him this morning. However, I can tell you, from personal experience, that is true. As I mentioned earlier, I had started doing research about this group that was manipulating history behind-the-scenes. I worked on a manuscript from 1978 to 1984, typing it up on my trusty manual Smith-Corona typewriter, so I could send copies to publishers. I was unsuccessful. Then came President Bush and the birth of the New World Order, so I dusted off the manuscript and began reworking it. By this time, I had graduated to a word processor, and decided to self-publish it. It was a minor success. I realized that I needed to have a website to get my research on-line, but I couldn’t afford to buy a computer. One morning I got up early and went down to the living room to pray. I sat on the floor and just talked to God. I remember saying that if he wanted me to get this information out to a larger audience, I needed the resources to do that, and I needed a computer. Literally, a couple days later at Church, one of the guys walked up to me and said that God told him to give me his computer. He brought it to my house and set it up for me. See, with God, it’s like the wind, you can’t see it, but you know it’s there because you can see the results.

There are Christians who hear God, and there have been times in my life that I believe God spoke to me, only to find out later that he probably didn’t. However, there are a couple times in my life that I knew, that I knew, that I knew it was God, and I listened.

One of those times was when I was preparing a message to preach at Church, because our Pastors were going to be out of town. I got the overwhelming inclination that I had to apologize to my wife for the way that I had been treating her. I remember saying to myself, “I can do that.” But then I got a response in my Spirit that said, “And you have to do it in front of the Church.” Uh-oh. It was then that I knew this was not coming from me. It’s hard enough to get a man to apologize, let alone to get him to apologize in front of other people. This really concerned me because I didn’t know if I could do that; and I wondered what would happen if I didn’t. That night, after preaching my message, I asked my wife to stand, and I apologized to her. Immediately afterward, something happened in the Spirit realm that I never felt before to that extent. I felt the anointing of God on me so much that I felt like I was full of an energy that had to be released, so my wife and I began praying for other people.

Remember how I said that someone tried to push me down when they were praying for me? Well, that’s the only time that ever happened. I’ve been prayed for many times in my life, but never experienced a sensation that caused me to fall backwards. That is, until one particular night when a guest minister prayed for me. When he laid his hand on me, I literally felt electricity going through my body, my knees buckled, and I fell forward onto the platform. It hasn’t happened since.

I am not an Atheist, because God made Himself real to me. He has spoken to me, He has touched me, He has healed me, and He has answered prayer.

In the book of Genesis, we read that Satan tempted Eve. We’ve been led to believe that it was because women are the weaker sex. But that wasn’t the reason. The Bible indicates that God put Adam into the garden to take care of it, He brought all the living creatures He created to Adam to name them, and Adam walked with God in the garden in the cool of the day. Eve never had a chance to experience the work of God’s power, and because of that didn’t have the relationship with God that Adam did and Satan exploited that for his purposes.

When you have an experience with God, you know that there is a God and you know that He is real. But the only way to have an experience with God, is to have a relationship with God. Maintaining that level of relationship is hard, which is why not everyone can do it, and it’s what we strive for as Christians. Jesus told Thomas, “Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” (John 20:29) As a believer, when I die, and I’m wrong, I’ve lost nothing; but, if I don’t believe, and I’m wrong, I’ve lost everything.

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yes, I have experienced the need by "ministers" for "courtesy drops" (only once was it real with me... although i fought it off and stayed standing..and i feel bad that people generally, permit themselves to "enable" these "ministers" It should just stop) and I am familiar with Leroy jenkins and have been to several of his meetings..meetings.... Carry on, DAR.....
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At the 6th annual Women in the World Summit (April 26, 2015), Hillary Clinton said: "All the Laws we passed don't count for much if they're not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice, not just on paper. Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will, and deep-seated cultural codes, RELIGIOUS BELIEFS and structural biases have to be changed." Christians beware!
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I have just uploaded my first Blog post on a subject that I believe is on the minds of many Americans.
In 2008, the Country saw a Hillary Clinton carry out a very strong campaign against Barack Obama, who had become a rising star within the Democratic Party. In 2016, many people in the Democratic Party felt that she was owed t...
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Reince Priebus
Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

RE: Membership # 110322213

Dear Mr. Priebus:

Please cancel my membership to the RNC as I am no longer a Republican. Here are a couple reasons why:

The Presidential candidates shamed Donald Trump into signing an agreement to support the eventual nominee. He did. Now all of them are not supporting the nominee, and no repercussions have been discussed.

A delegate went to court, because he felt like it was against his conscious to vote for Trump.

Delegates at the convention tried to instigate a rule change, and a Floor demonstration in an effort to have the delegates unbound because they did not want to vote for Trump; and, in essence would have erased the votes of Americans.

Ted Cruz spoke at the Convention and would not convey support for Trump.

Leading Republicans have said they won’t support or vote for Trump, and a number have said they will vote for Hillary, Libertarian, or not vote.

To be frank, I am embarrassed by this behavior from Republicans. Members of this Party seem to be working harder against Trump, their nominee, who has garnered more Primary votes than any other GOP candidate in history (in a huge field), than they did in 2008 and 2012 against Barack Obama.

In a year when voters have risen up to vote for an anti-Establishment candidate, if Trump loses, it will be because he wasn’t supported by a unified Party. I’ve been a Republican for over 25 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this, and I find it to be unacceptable.

I have registered as an Independent because I can’t be a part of an organization that would attack their own. You never heard any of these kinds of complaints in 2008 about Obama. What experience did he have? He was selected to lie to America and sell ObamaCare, because Hillary couldn’t sell it during Bill Clinton’s Administration. Now that it’s in place she will continue the socialization of America. Thank you Republican Party!


David Allen Rivera

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When we go to Church, within those 4 walls, none of this kind of stuff is being talked about. Why? Because their 501(c)3 tax-free status would be jeopardized. Money is more important than freedom. If Churches refuse to fight, soon there will be no Churches. 
A local pastor is battling a Colorado city over his church’s Jesus-related ads on public transit benches.
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Today (04/19/16) on Sean Hannity's radio show, a very defensive Ted Cruz lashed out about his crusade to undermine the voting process by staying in the race to deny Trump votes so he can try to win the nomination in a contested Floor fight. Go listen to it. He said that over 1.3 million people voted for him in 5 States to give him landslide victories: Utah, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Wyoming. I've never heard a politician lie so much in my life. Ted Cruz is a legendary liar and he's pulling the wool over people's eyes. Let's look at the facts.

March 22nd in Utah, Ted Cruz did win:
Ted Cruz 122,563 (69.17%) (winning 40 delegates)
John Kasich 29,779 (16.81%)
Donald Trump 24,861 (14.03%)
Yes, Cruz did win in a landslide.

April 1st-3rd in North Dakota, the people of the State did not vote. There was a Republican State Convention where Party people chose delegates, and Cruz is claiming a majority of commitments from those 28 delegates.

April 2nd-9th in Colorado, the people of the State did not vote. There was a delegate process where Party people chose delegates, and Cruz is claiming a majority of commitments from those 37 delegates.

On April 5th, in Wisconsin, Ted Cruz did win:
Ted Cruz 531,132 (48.23%) (winning 36 delegates)
Donald Trump 386,376 (35.09%) (winning 6 delegates)
John Kasich 155,195 (14.09%)
I'm not sure this is considered a landslide, since more people voted against Cruz.

April 14th-16th in Wyoming, the people of the State did not vote. There was a Republican State Convention where Party people chose delegates, and Cruz is claiming a majority of commitments from those 29 delegates.

Okay, where are the 5 landslide victories? I'm counting 1. Where are the over 1.3 million votes? I'm counting 653,695 in 2 States. The people in 3 States were denied the right to vote which is why he's been accused of claiming victories in "Voterless elections." He claims he is a "strict Constitutionalist," yet he doesn't have a problem with people having their vote and their voice taken away from them.

Let me tell you what is going on in these Voterless elections where delegates are being chosen. The Republican National Committee does not want Donald Trump on the Ticket. They are working with the State Committees to make sure that the slates of delegates do not include Trump loyalists. They are stacking the deck. Cruz is even going back to States that have already voted, and Trump won, where the decks are stacked, to convince delegates to vote for him after the initial first ballot where they are committed to vote for Trump only. After that, these Trojan Horse delegates will vote for Cruz.

You see, the problem is, people don't understand how Donald Trump can win the State, but then Cruz is going to get all the delegates. That's because the Party picks the Presidential candidate. They have these delegate controls in place so they can control and manipulate the process. They don't want people to understand the process, which is why the Establishment politicians are upset that Donald Trump is exposing this rigging of the Election. Even though Trump may not end up with enough delegates outright to win the nomination; he's going to walk into the Convention having won more States, more votes, and more delegates; and is clearly the people's choice.

But Ted Cruz' ambition to become President burns so deep, and it shows in his many lies throughout this campaign, and he plans on cheating to circumvent the will of the people. The majority of people did not vote for him. They don't want him. And why should they? But that doesn't matter to Ted. He wants to be President so bad he will stop at nothing to get it.

Ted Cruz has not accomplished anything major as a Senator. Why do you think he's not gotten many endorsements from his Senate colleagues? Because they don't like him. The Party hates him. If he couldn't get anything done in the Senate, what makes you think he's going to get anything done as President.

Remember in Iowa when the Cruz campaign spread the lie that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race in order to convince his voters to vote for Cruz. That was a strategy hatched well before that night when Carson was unexpectedly rising in the polls. This incident caused a high-level staffer to quit the campaign. When he campaigned in Iowa, he wore his religious values on his sleeve; but when he mingled with donors in New York, he said that his Administration would not focus on trying to stop any advances being made in the area of gay rights. Cruz is an Establishment politician. He got a low interest loan for his Senate campaign from International Banker Goldman Sachs, where his wife is a manager. His wife was a member of the International thinktank Council on Foreign Relations, who Ted Cruz has publicly criticized. The simple fact that he is being supported by Establishment Republican operatives shows you that he is not the Outsider that he claims to be. He calls some of Trump's ideas unrealistic, yet Cruz talks about getting rid of the IRS without saying how he's going to do it. He didn't start talking about a Wall on our Southern border until Trump's message started resonating with voters.

No. Ted Cruz is not the candidate you think he is. He is a LIAR and a CHEAT, and is clearly not the people's choice. 
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