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Dear Lazy+, what bandwidth/temperature/load graphing thing should I use for some stuff in my house?
~10-20 things to graph/measure, preferably some red/green failure indicators, easy to add custom things .
Is there anything with pretty js graphs?

I remember nagios/mrtg from years ago - what about these days?
munin? pcp? cacti? zabbix? nagiosgrapher?
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You may want to look at Graphite. Backend is well suited to this, and there a tons of custom frontends for it. Munin certainly fails on the "pretty-JS" front!
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David Alan Gilbert

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I came home to find my main PC had died while I was out and was constantly rebooting; after pushing some cables in and the like it seems ok now - shrug; we'll see.
The boot log is quite fun; it looks like it's got itself into a faster and faster reboot cycle

Mar 29 14:06:18
Mar 29 14:13:20
Mar 29 14:33:35
Mar 29 14:51:39
Mar 29 14:54:31
Mar 29 14:55:57
Mar 29 15:09:22
Mar 29 15:13:00
Mar 29 15:13:28
Mar 29 15:15:33
Mar 29 15:28:08
Mar 29 15:29:06
Mar 29 15:30:06
Mar 29 15:32:00
Mar 29 15:35:39  
Mar 29 15:36:12
Mar 29 15:37:11  
Mar 29 15:37:45
Mar 29 15:38:19  
Mar 29 15:39:12
Mar 29 15:42:59  
Mar 29 15:52:10
Mar 29 15:53:59  
Mar 29 15:56:40
Mar 29 15:58:09  
Mar 29 15:59:16
Mar 29 16:00:11  
Mar 29 16:00:48
Mar 29 16:01:23  
Mar 29 16:02:01
Mar 29 16:03:19  
Mar 29 16:03:51
Mar 29 16:11:26 
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David Alan Gilbert

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David Alan Gilbert

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Does anyone have an asn1/BER decoder that works with an ASN1 schema to check that the two match and to display it in a nice way, or more importantly display my mistakes in a nice way?

My score so far is:
   - libtasn asn1Parser - checks my schema OK
   - libtasn asn1Decoder - complains about 'DER error' without telling me where in my input it got upset (and anyway I want BER)
[that is when I ran it with a ulimit to stop it using 13GB of RAM]
   - asn1c - checks my schema ok, the C code it produces doesn't compile
   - unber - reads my BER happily and displays it, but since it won't read a schema it can't name my types nor check that my BER follows the schema.
  - openssl's asn1parse - as unber
  - pyasn1 - needs it's own special schema format which can be generated by....
  - asnlate - which doesn't like my schema that asn1c and asn1Parser are happy with.

I think I'm understanding why JSON & XML happened.
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I eventually persuaded asn1c to do this; although I think it's loading it all into memory that may be an issue for the stream I'm using.  However, for debuggers of the future, or myself when I forget:
  1) Use the -fcompount-names flag with asn1c to stop it getting clashes
  2) Compile what it produces with -DPDU=YourTopLevelObject -DEMIT_ASN_DEBUG=1
  3) it produces a 'progname' binary and you run it with something like:
./progname -iber file.ber -d 2>debug > output.xmllike

It's error messages without the debug flags didn't help me; but the debug gives you everything and then you can wade through it.
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David Alan Gilbert

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Anyone managed to get git mergetool to do anything more sensible when reordering commits?

I've got an example using this simple repo here:

it's just simply 5 functions a..e committed in order, and I use rebase -i HEAD^^^^  to move the commit of 'd' before the commit of b like:

git rebase -i HEAD^^^^
starts with:

pick 8126e6b add b
pick d9a9ccb add c
pick fbfe7a9 add d
pick 84b9f6a add e

change it to:

pick fbfe7a9 add d
pick 8126e6b add b
pick d9a9ccb add c
pick 84b9f6a add e

Now of course we hit merge conflicts - fine.

my problem here is that the suggested resolution in the middle when starting git mergetool is hopelessly wrong - the b and c can't have happened yet at that point.

It's a real pain when they're complicated files, because I find unless you're really very careful it's just too easy to pull in parts of what should be future commits since that's the position it's started from.

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I don't think it's meld that's doing it; I think it's the generic git mergetool side of it (but I may be wrong).
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Is anyone else seeing delays connecting to some Google services - I think it's related to an increase of https but am not sure.
Firefox's search box in particular seems to have problems, and sometimes going to a youtube page and can take a long time - although once it's got there it's nomrally OK (although I've seen some issues where 'thumnail' is shown).

Firefox 28 on Fedora20 -> Virgin Media cable
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David Alan Gilbert

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This morning is the start of British Summer Time, it looks like nature is just about trying to get there.
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David Alan Gilbert

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At a talk by Doron Swade on the Analytical Engine.
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David Alan Gilbert

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hmm, my g+ app seems to have started reliably crashing at startup, even when clearing all data/cache.
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Pocket sized DNA sequencing - welcome to the 21st century
(via +Mark Bruce SciTech digest)
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Pretty epic - I didn't expect this in 2014, that's for sure
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