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I'm having a hard time for finding any real information on:

The company they reference still seems to be registered at the university,  so it seems unlikely it's anywhere near commercialisation.

Someone on /. found  as the most likely thing they're actually talking about.

Still, I hope I'm wrong and we'll be buying 10% more efficient LED lightbulbs by the end of the year.
A light bulb made with graphene - said by its UK developers to be the first commercially viable consumer product using the super-strong carbon - is to go on sale later this year.
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David Alan Gilbert

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This is a review of an outage to the UKs interbank payment system that happened last year for a few hours;  unfortunately the juicier technical details (e.g. the bug they actually triggered, the language they're saying is old and crusty etc) are blocked out.
The bits they have highlighted are that:
  1) They did an operation that hadn't been performed for 6 years - removal of a bank from the system.
  2) That wasn't tested much
  3) They didn't have a test system to work with.
  4) There was a contingency system designed for major outages (e.g. loss of both data centres) but it generally wasn't realised how painful switching to it would be (because they didn't know how long it would to take to switch back and because it wasn't as resilient as the main one).
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It wouldn't surprise me, but I also wouldn't be surprised if it was something much more obscure.
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Very nice old architecture; I'd never come across this building before, even though it's just on the edge of the centre of manchester.
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Biggest eclipse of ages and it's of course cloudy here in Manchester; still it makes for quite moody pictures.
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Wow, it was a total cloud cover here in Gent, Belgium too. The most I could notice was, slight darkening, outside during the peak hour.
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At a computer conservation society talk on the antikythera mechanism.
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Yes, and it was Tony Freeth who gave this talk and worked on that programme. Excellent talk and with a lot more detail and newer research.
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Following on from the last couple of years attempts at chocolate sorbet, I bought an ice cream maker (Cuisinart ice100bcu) and I've just got my first batch out of it.
What I got out of it was pretty good,  although after overnight in the freezer it was still a solid unscoopable chunk - I'm thinking running it a bit longer in the machine might be better since it was still a little watery.
As for the Cuisinart machine:
   Plus sides:  Feels sturdily built, 5 year guarantee, easy to clean.
   Downside: Pretty minimal manual, it's only choices are the length of the timer, and a choice of two paddles.  I don't think it likes small mixes (I had an ice ridge form and the paddle stop - not that it did anything about it, no settings for anything).
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Some great robots here - watch the videos:

(Via +Mark Bruce's SciTech digest)
The German automation giant unleashes a swarm of new robotic insects
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David Alan Gilbert

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Hmm, one of my clocks just went one hour in the wrong direction.
(KDE5 on f21 thought it was on UTC)
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I finished reading 'Metamagical Themas'  that took me ages to read;  I didn't find it engaging as GEB but it's not bad; it really has about 4 or 5 themes, Intelligence and AI (where he gets hung up on a pet problem of character shape a lot, but there's also bits about consciousness and Lisp and other stuff), Rubik Cube maths, Prisoner's Dilemma/Game theory and finally a bit of anti-nuclear war stuff.
( )

I'm currently reading 'A history of the world in 100 objects' which is interesting, but the 5 or 6 pages it gives to each object is frustratingly short. (Actually I've only got about 90 objects - I found  a misprinted edition for £1 in a bookshop clearout...)

I should think about what to read next.
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I only got it last year (actually I just looked it up, my Amazon order was from exactly a year ago) and it's probably taken me nearly 10 months to read it.   Hmm, that Turing book does look like a possibility, I was wondering about some deeper modern AI stuff; either that or the other thing I'd be interested in would be something pretty deep on the latest connectome type stuff.
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Not sure what this bud is, but it's very nice.
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+Hans Youngmann Thanks! I don't think I would have found that.
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David Alan Gilbert

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okular will have a go at opening odt files
soffice will have a go at reading pdf files.

This gets very confusing!
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Emacs reads pdf and png files by default, 1st time was shocking.
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chocolate eating computer geek
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