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chocolate eating computer geek
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I seem to have bought 3 more Easter eggs, actually I bought 4 but ended up settling one on to someone who came in as I was paying for the last eggs in the shop; the crop so far this year has been 5 bunnies and 6 eggs (all in post easter discounts)

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This is neat but the oddity in this story is the unit 'the quad' which is a weird US unit connected with the BTU

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Very nice set from +Mark Bruce this week - especially the microprocessor in 4 made out of 2d semiconductors, and the genetic based logic tables in 5- and the really neat grasper in 10 - there are more videos of that here:
SciTech Digest - 16/2017.
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Creating negative mass, Solar water harvesting, CRISPR diagnostics, Complex 2D microchips, Complex cellular biocomputers, Cellular reprogramming for Parkinson’s, Generative adversarial networks, Prototype magnonic device, Chatbots that empathise, Adaptive robotic grasping.

1. Creating Negative Mass
An experimentally verified physical system exhibiting properties of negative mass has been achieved by cooling a Bose-Einstein condensate to a superfluid state and using a second laser to change the spin of atoms; pushing the system results in it accelerating backwards

2. Solar Powered Water Harvesting
Porous metal-organic framework materials have been configured such that any suitable heat or light source causes the material to remove and condense water from the air, even at very low humidity levels 1 kg of material would be able to provide approximately 3 liters of water from dry air with only 20% humidity.

3. CRISPR Diagnostics
A modified CRISPR enzyme that targets and cleaves RNA has been developed into the SHERLOCK diagnostics platform for rapid point-of-care testing for specific viruses, bacteria, and other relevant mutations CRISPR is also being used to mine bacterial genomes for pharmaceuticals

4. Complex 2D Microchip
The most complex two-dimensional microprocessor chip with more than 100 transistors has been demonstrated from the three-atom thick material molybdenum disulfide

5. Cellular Biocomputers with Logic Circuits
New synthetic biology tool BLADE uses DNA-recombinase enzymes to function as molecular logic gates in human cells, and currently demonstrating over 100 different Boolean logic functions for regulating gene activity based on environmental cues

6. Cellular Reprogramming for Parkinson’s
New cellular reprogramming techniques manipulate an animal’s cells in vivo and in tests in mice appear to convert one type of cell (brain support cell in this case) into a dopamine producing cell to reverse Parkinson’s symptoms

7. Generative Adversarial Networks
Generative Adversarial Networks pit two neural networks against one another in order to come up with much better and more accurate solutions than either would be able to do so on their own and might one day deliver forms of unsupervised learning

8. Prototype Magnonic Device
Competing with conventional prototype spintronics devices, a prototype magnonic device has been demonstrated that instead manipulates oscillating spin-waves that travel throughout magnetic materials without requiring electric currents

9. Chatbots that Empathise
Chatbots have been developed that assess the emotional content of a user’s text and can respond appropriately by conveying specific emotions

10. Adaptive Robotic Grasping
Soft Robotics has a new adaptive grasping system able to handle arbitrarily-shaped objects with uneven surfaces - this modular robotic gripped could benefit a range of different robotics platforms.

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I really should get some decent lenses; this is playing with a loope stacked on a thread-counter lens, held on the front of my camera by hand - not bad I think - I reckon the spacing between the bond-wires is about 1mm; see that mitsubishi symbol next to the 2764 ID, and some of the array visible.

wth G+ - why have the notification drop down started requiring me to do more clicks for simple comments? It's only showing me 'G+' when I click on the bell, and I now have to click that to see the comment (sometimes?)
I'd also had it not getting rid of the comments unless I explicitly click the [x].

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Some nice views across the Cheshire plain from Alderley edge a couple of days ago.
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Updated to LineageOS - seems to work fine :-)

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I've just registered on the mastodon open-source chat system as penguin42 on the instance.

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