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Meet Herman my new family member

He is a sourdough and he has been gifted to me to care and share. Over the next 10 days I need to stir daily and feed him every fourth day. On the 10th day I get to use a portion of him and make a wonderful cake or bread. By then he will have grown a little so I can share a piece of him for someone else to nurture. He will be with me for many years I hope.
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Can you just explain this stuff to actually keep it growing for years and just take bits off it when you need to make a loaf?
Yes -- it's like a yeast culture. It's basically yeast, milk, flour, sugar. Every 4 days you feed it (milk, flour, sugar). After 10 days you can take some and use it as a yeast base for bread/cakes. You keep feeding what is left and it keeps growing. Some bakers have them for years
I've always wanted a sourdough but couldn't be bothered starting one. So this way I get some from a Motherdough
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