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Strange Times episode 62: 'Skywalker vs Skywalker'
out now!!

The likely lads tackle the World Cup, argue about music, and Davian recalls the argument he had with his son over who would be the better Luke Skywalker (he lost).

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Happy Friday 13th! What better way to celebrate it then checking out the latest episode of The Brit and The American which I not only co-host, but have performed a Davian Dent Remix on as well ;-)

Check out episode #84 on iTunes and

Yay! Got the new DVD of The Church live at Sydney Opera House - A Psychedelic Symphony. Great gig. @thechurchband

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The Bitter Sound, episode 22: 'Languescent Ecstasy', out now...

Making a welcome return to this festival of surreal, ambient and often disturbing audio is Mr David Skitt.  A beautiful eulogy is delivered, courtesy of Matt Bubbles and Fenton 0800 sees the light... for iTunes and other subscription info.

Strange Times #59 'Kamikaze Piss Thrower' is here! Go to for all the details! Please pass the @succotashshow too!

Strange Times #58, 'Kicked in the dick' out now! Get the show from iTunes and other places!

I just pawned my corneas to pay for drugs.

Podcasters! Send your idents to and I will play them on the next episode of

Thank you @barryfromwat for having me on your show with the lovely @epithemiou :-)

Strange Times 57
'Never Mind The Strange Times, Here's Our Bollocks'
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