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LG G4 - Manual Mode - Edited in Snapseed 

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I don't really like how the notification bar and quick toggles are implemented in the LG UI . Does anyone know how I can change this to the standard material design (Nexus like) ?


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No editing
ISO 100
Shutter speed 8 seconds
(I hope the upload quality is better now) 

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Ermittlungen wegen Landesverrats gegen Netzpolitik-Journalisten - Leben wir hier neuerdings in Großbritannien ? 

Anyone experiencing touchscreen issues when scrolling through an app while the g4 lies on a table or something ( while you don't hold it in your hand). If I scroll down through g+ for example it recognises scrolling as tapping. Anyone else experiencing this? (The problem is gone if I hold it in my hand and scroll through apps) 

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My first 3 Days with the g4 where great!
Did a few test shots and I was amazed.
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Ein trauriger Tag für den Motorsport !
RIP J. Bianchi

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NSA Skandal: Herr Innenminister, bitte nehmen sie ihren Hut!
Verdammt, da ist er wieder ... der NSA-Skandal, Wikileaks, Snowden, Geheimdienste, Überwachung. Wohl noch nie hat sich eine Bundesregierung so sehr das Sommerloch herbeigesehnt wie die jetzige. Verstecken gilt nicht!
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