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I participated in #psychat  last night.  For those unfamiliar, it is an organized Twitter conversation.  So on Wednesdays at 9pmEST  (I think it is every Wednesday, not positive).  Last night, the topic was "AP Psych Exam Review."  There were lots of great tips, tricks, and resources shared by everyone and I found it to be very valuable (this was the 2nd time I participated.  Using Twitter can be difficult to follow the conversation (just search for #psychat  and follow the updates on the hashtag) so I use where you enter the hashtag and just follow the stream.  You can tweet directly to the group, retweet, etc. with ease using  Hope to see you there sometime!
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I heard today that Infinite Campus (a classroom management system for grades/attendance in our district) is working to incorporate Google Classroom and Google Drive into their product next fall.  

Anyone have anymore info?  Anyone hear of other systems bringing in GC?

Grades would be the big thing for me.  Now I have to enter grades twice....once into Classroom then my IC gradebook.  I've tried a couple routines this year to manage this but total integration would be awesome.

Somehow connecting with parents would be big too since parents can't see what their students are doing in classroom unless students share login info.  Our parents can already see attendance and grades on IC (mobile and desktop) and receive notifications.
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+Jason Nowaczyk - I think that the way we use our SIS (Banner) at my school may be different. I use it to post final grades, print out class rosters, add/drop students, etc. But, when I am teaching online, I use the gradebook feature in Blackboard. While Banner and BB are connected on some level, the way daily or weekly grades are recorded are usually not in our SIS. Also, every LMS that I have used had a gradebook, so I am not clear what you mean it's not worth it.
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I've been having students upload pics of some written assignments over the past 2-3 weeks and most are using the phone app to do this.  However, over the last 2-3 days, I'm getting a lot of reports that the iOS app is not able to attach the picture to turn in the assignment.  I witnessed this issue myself when helping students with the problem.  Not sure if a lot of you have assignments like this, but if you do....seeing any similar issues lately?
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Hi Dave, this problem is being tracked and worked on right now. Do you mind sharing your classroom information on this thread? You'll also then be updated on the status. 

Please include the urls for the classrooms that have the problem.
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Dave Waltman

Neuroscience  - 
I first came across this Daniel T. on an episode of Letterman.  Very funny clip, but Dan T referenced this documentary which I finally remembered to discover.  Could connect to Memory and Intelligence units as well.  At the time of the Letterman clip, he recited pi to over 22,500 digits.  He can also tell you the day of the week for any date you give him, among other things.
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Dave Waltman

Classroom Resources  - 
Many of us probably use the Myers Psych Textbook.  You may or may not know about his blog with Nathan DeWall where they discuss current research and other psych topics.  

For example: The most misunderstood psych term?  Negative Reinforcement.  In 2nd place....Heritability.
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Great post! 
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I recently added this request to FEEDBACK....

It would be nice to make a copy of a document for every student as part of the announcement as well as part of the assignment.  Sometimes I want students to have a graphic organizer or some other document to type into but I don't want to make it an assignment.

Is that a feature that anyone else would like to see or is it just me?
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Never realized that workaround. Great suggestion.
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Dave Waltman

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Have him in circles
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Dave Waltman

G-Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Keep  - 
I've had a request that is described like this:  

"kids would write a topic sentence in the upper box.  Then they would put a concrete detail from the text followed by commentary in separate boxes.  It had transition words in a pull down menu, place to check for capitalization and punctuation.  When they were done filling out the organizer, it would be reformatted into a paragraph in the big orange box on the right side of the picture. "

Teacher saw someone at a conference do this with Google Docs in some way but didn't explain the process.  Anyone make any sense of this?

This is a screen shot from the conference.  It's all I got to go on.
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+Nigel Conroy Nice...thanks.
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Dave Waltman

Thinking and Language  - 
I don't think our textbook discusses "survivorship" bias, but this video by David McRaney tells a great story and provides great examples.  I stop the video at the appropriate times to see if kids can a) solve the initial problem and b) identify the thinking error of the mathematicians. 
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The DUPLICATION BUG is back!  I've had 2 students today have the duplication bug appear again.  

What I mean is that when they click on the file I've made for everyone, the file is added twice to their Google Drive.  They start working on one (which is the duplicate) while the original one created by GC goes unedited.  However, the original one is the one that gets turned in (but is blank).  

The workaround is for the student to ADD the duplicate file (the one with their answers) on the assignment page and turn in that file.

This was appearing a couple of weeks ago , but was told it was fixed.  Apparently it is back....but only to a few select, lucky students.

I just wanted Google to know it's still happening.
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Have him in circles
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