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So Google Classroom is now not just for GAFE users. I don't think someone outside your school domain can join a GAFE classroom. I wonder if school domains can join public Classroom spaces.

Anyone knowledgeable about Psychometrics? It's been a long time since college stats class. If I'm comparing dating from the control and experimental groups for a significant difference, do I need to run a paired T-test? Can I use a spreadsheet or online calculator to enter data for the 2 groups?

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Our tech department has a 3D printer and there is a 3D print file of the scans from Phineas Gage's check out what just was printed for me!

It took 16 hours to print!

Has anyone used Classcrafts integration with Google Classroom ?

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Behaviorism is alive and well.

Has anyone used Classcraft? 

In the new Google Form, if I choose to release scores do I actually release or send scores later?

PS: I know about Flubaroo, but if Google gives the option to release scores later I'm guessing their is a mechanism to actually release them later.

Here is an idea I think I'm going to explore when I teach the methods section. My idea began when I purchased Google Cardboard, the Virtual Reality (VR) headset that can be used with smartphone apps.

I have since bought a more comfortable headset for $15 at my local supermarket. I've read a couple articles about how VR might increase empathy and memory so I want my classrooms to put it to the test.

NYTimes has a VR app and an app named WITHIN is also very good. The control group would watch a news story in 2D and the experimental group would watch the exact same story in VR with the goggles. We would test each group for memory and empathy. I don't think we have to do a before/after test.

I'll try to keep you updated. Should happen in the next few weeks. Any suggestions or thoughts are welcomed.

Every time I use "make a copy" for a google presentation, I get the pop-up to rename the file, the ability to place into the folder of my choice. I click OK and nothing happens. No new tab with copied presentation, nothing in drive.

Anyone else run into this issue?

Update: Additional, File New doesn't work either.

A colleague would like to have students organize files in their Google Classroom folder into subfolders according to unit of study in the class.

Will this mess up anything if they try to access the document from Google Classroom after moving the file?

If moving files does break links, is their any solution for this colleague?

Does anyone ever feel the need to "make a copy for every student" in an announcement?

When I put up a copy in an announcement, everyone can view but not edit. But what happens is that everyone opens in view mode and they see each other viewing and open the chat feature. My only recourse is make a copy for every student in an assignment, even though it might not be an assignment.

I've submitted the feature request.
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