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Stream hanging

Ok so I love the new G+ interface. Now that that is out of the way I am getting frustrated by the way the stream tends to stop if I go to another app or window then return to my G+ window and the stream is stuck at some previous point in time.

I like leaving my stream running and returning to it from time to time then scrolling through all the stuff I missed. I'm assuming this happens for I wrong?

EDIT: oh and what is this at the bottom? Shared from stream stopping which is the search I was viewing when I made the post...what if I had been searching for something I don't want people to see? YIKES
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I only want the stream to stop when I am in the process of sharing a post or if I have scrolled down somewhat (but I still want it to grow above so I don't want it to stop ever just want my place in the stream to stay)...I don't want it to stop when I leave it at the top of the stream and walk away for a bit. +P E Sharpe
My main issue in this post is when I am at the top of the stream and I go to another window the stream just stops updating.
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