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Newsflash! - Macs are not invincible

ZOMG!...everyone thought this couldn't happen. Right? RIGHT? Oh wait you did know? As Apple is selling more and more computers it was only a matter of time before malware authors decided it was worth their effort to go after Macs and not just Windows. No system is completely safe.

The Flashback botnet is spreading on Macintosh the article for more information and to find out if you are infected.
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I made sure to post the link I found on all of my social media outlets for all of the Apple fan boys I know to see lol. #rottenapple Baha
"No system is completely safe" except Linux xD
+Fritz Washabaugh well everyone just assumes Macs are perfect and they aren't and that's why I find it somewhat amusing. I wish malware didn't exist at all and the truth is it kind of sucks when we have to bog down our systems with counter measures.

There are two reasons you don't see many malware threats on Macs IMO.

1) They break a lot of things with every major release rendering old apps useless (and old malware too)

2) Their market share was so low that the malware authors were wasting their time developing for Mac. That time could be coming to an end because of how popular Macs are becoming.
Also to be fair to Apple the user does have to enter their password to allow this botnet to install itself but really that doesn't stop 99% of people who have no clue...especially Mac owners who believe they will never be infected.
+Dave Veffer where did you read that? My understanding is that the exploit does not require a password to be entered. The flaw (in Java) was found and patched by Oracle a long time ago, but Apple have been very lax and didn't roll out the patch until it was already too late.

Apple have historically been terrible at issuing security patches. Maybe, finally, they'll now take security a bit more seriously.
+Chris Miller yeah you are installs no matter what but does request a password as one of the ways to install. From the article:

As CNET blogger Topher Kessler explains, simply visiting a malicious Web site containing Flashback on an OS X system with Java installed will result in one of two installation routes. The malware will request an administrator password, and if one is supplied, it will install its package of code into the Applications folder. If a password is not offered, the malware will install to the user accounts where it can run in a more global manner.
maybe they were not holding the mac the right way
+Dave Veffer interesting, I hadn't seen that point. There have been several variants reported though so it wouldn't surprise me if some of those opt for a purely stealth-based install too. I know if I was the author, that's the approach I'd have preferred! :-)
DeAnne D.
I have a PC, I don't have to worry about this. ( that's what that feels like...) ;)
I've had Macs and PCs and dual-boot PC/Linux systems and pure Linux systems. Never had a virus on any of them and never used anti-virus software except once in a while someone would talk me into looking for things that turned out to not be on my system. Maybe I'm lucky, maybe I don't go to the wrong places.

I do know people who refuse to use any sort of anti-virus software on their PCs because they don't want to take the performance hit. They do just fine without it and have done so for very many years.
Ha ha. I'm protected by the GNU -- only open source malware can run on my 'puters, yo
So.. it was just a matter of time, huh? looks ugly - hopefully apple can get a security update out soon.
Two important points: 1) Lion doesn't even install Java by default. 2) You're trusting the numbers from a vendor of antivirus software?
People trust Apple ads, why shouldn't we trust an AV vendor?
The only viruses I have ever directly experienced were on floppy disks that were given to myself or someone else. Fortunately the first one I ever experienced given to me on disk with an infected file I put on a university computer and it was real ugly real fast. The others I've seen have similarly been easily tracked to putting a disk into a drive, not from the internet

Naturally shit happens and it can happen to you and it can happen to me. I do keep multiple backups of my entire system and my precious files.
+Cory McConnaughy is right. Removing the fragmentation issue will make it easier for malware authors just like app dev. Fragmentation is what stopped most old DOS viruses from working on Windows. Plus Apple has always had a very lax security policy in place on Macs, even with a professional it is very difficult to lockdown a Mac. But the biggest threat to security of any system is the unknowing user who assumes everything is ok.
+James Gramze Your last paragraph was spot on, your first paragraph is asking for Murphy's hand. I, a 20 year tech, have seen first hand what a hi-jacked web page can do and much like your first experience, it gets ugly fast. Check out Alureon and the other TDSS derivatives some time. It's scary.
600k is still a far cry from the millions of PCs that have been infected. Although, in my whole PC owning career (20 years), I've only had 2 viruses.
Anecdotes aren't data, but the last time I saw an infected Mac in the wild was at a publishing house I worked at 15+ years ago. Not exaggerating.
Where have you been? They have been getting bogus antivirus infections now for about 10 months!
ive never gotten a virus on my pc. i just go to sites i trust and dont use email anymore
I have an old pc since 1996 and that one never took an infection. Sometimes I even turn it on!
Macs have never been infallible. That was just a blatant lie by Apple to sell them originally until it was established enough by the amorphous blobs who buy their products, and until enough people were calling BS for it to be a problem to them.
Some people do require an antivirus software! Others need more than an antivirus!!! I remember a few years back I spent 2 hrs every week at a client's house re-installing a computer filled up with a whole zoo of viruses. I had even started using an image for their computer to re-install it again in under 15 minutes. Fortunately they did not store any data on it as they used it for playing a few games and internet chatting.
The number 1 tool to use against malware / viruses: common sense™
I think there are 300,000 infected windows boxes in my town...
The OSX app store will become mandatory at some point to deal with this problem, and at some point even Windows will follow suit. On iOS, developers shiver in terror of doing anything to offend Apple and losing their rights to publish in the store (you can't publish outside the store on iOS). Putting an accountability system in place is far more effective than any other measure.
This is one reason why I hate Adobe, they are the most insecure software and is behind many vulnerabilities.
All these comments, and nobody has noticed that this is a JAVA exploit, not an OSX virus? JAVA also runs on Windows, folks. Time to go download my bundle of fifty or so code updates that I get each week to try to secure my PC...
Victor: more specifically, it's a PLUGIN vulnerability, like Flash. Applets should be removed entirely (years ago!), and JavaWebStart launches should require positive user confirmation (and make it likely that a user will reject any JWS app asking for too much privilege - like those Android games that have a manifest requesting dubious privileges). A signed and sandboxed environment that is explicitly launched is reasonable. Applets are unreasonable, because they run directly in the chaos of the native browser environment where too much can go wrong.
So ya'll gonna smile at other peoples misfortune? Sure they are mostly responsible for using lazy computing habits but if someone was able to get infected on a Mac, they probably would have had quite a bit more on a Windows box. I don't particularly understand the attitude of being so satisfied in another person's misery. Not everyone who uses a Mac is some pretentious person nor is everyone who uses Windows an inflexible troll.

Computers are going to become more and more a toaster like appliance for the masses. The trucks used today will disappear. Tablet like devices with locked stores will become the norm and people who sit down at a desktop will go back to being the minority. The majority will sit and ask for permission to install things, and you know what... they will be perfectly happy with it.

Will this stop malware and viruses? No. Even phones get it now (Android). Anytime someone builds a better lock, there is someone right behind them with a lock pick.
Mac Fanboys: Say Hello to Norton and McAfee's new business model. ;-) (and...I use both OS)
Obligatory Linux fanboy post. Also Android is not Linux in the traditional sense. It uses the kernel. Most of Linux (as in Linux servers and Linux PC's) are GNU.
There are few people taking happiness in this, even those of us who are anti-mac aren't taking joy in it.
I knew it was only a matter of time. So what if It's a third-party software exploit? Apple users would still bash Windows users for suffering from it. It still can run on a MAC.
+Victor Wren It doesn't matter what type of exploit it is, the fact is that Mac OS X is not invincible. People keep saying "there's no Mac viruses." Yeah, that may be true, but there is plenty of malware (trojans, spyware, botnet agents) out there for Mac OS X. That's the point. So when people say they don't need anti-malware products for their Mac, they're dead wrong.
JAVA is a leaky piece of necessary garbage. When OSX supports it natively or through emulation, though, then you can claim it's not an OSX problem, because it's necessary software for many users...and then, given the nature of JAVA, the Apple coders would have a difficult time securing even that. So, what we have is plenty of reason to be security-minded on the Apple products too. Even Linux ones. Just be security minded with your computers and phones. All the time.
I don't get why malware authors write those viruses in the first place; what do they gain?
I might be sounding like an idiot here, but I actually want to know.
+Sari Mira I think it used to be for fun but nowadays especially with botnets they do it for money. They sell kits to hackers that allow them to customize payloads. These botnets can be used for a variety of nefarious things including DDOS attacks and SPAM. It is basically giving these hackers the ability to sell computing power.
Sari: your eTrade and bank login and password. there have been cases of people having hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from bank accounts and the bank wont cover the losses.
+Victor Wren, even when a Java security hole is being exploited, the trojan/virus still needs to be made of OS and processor specific code. That Java exploit is only the vehicle to deliver that code and get it executed on the victims machine.
+Victor Wren the difference is that Oracle patched, and made the fix available, for versions of Java on other platforms very shortly after the problem was found. In Mac OS's case however Apple were responsible for making the patch available. Despite having known about it (and the fix) since February, they didn't release anything until after the horse had bolted.

This isn't an isolated case, Apple have been slow to release security patches for years. Microsoft learnt their lessons some years ago and have consistently released security fixes in a very timely manner for a long time now. In the past several years they've consistently been ahead of Apple when it comes to securing the OS itself too - take a look at the history of ASLR in each OS for example.

Say what you want about the state of play 5-10 years ago. As things stand now Apple have some serious catching up to do and the more popular their platform becomes, the more they'll be targeted, and the more obvious it will be how much work they have to do.;jsessionid=hKk+DP9IrNnKIpMiHWAnOA**.ecappj03
+Victor Wren It's not like it makes much of a difference, but if you want more info, here's a study by IBM

Apple continues to be the #1 vendor when it comes to public exploits, and they float around the top 5 among vendors most affected by public exploits. Macs aren't safe to use either, Apple just does their best to keep you unaware of that fact, so they can continue to get away with not doing anything about it.
+Sari Mira
they get your bank details and then your money. Some sell the info for money. Others do it for infamy.
+Derek Silva, Things have been downhill for Java since SUN got bought out. And BTW, Microsoft has used the same excuse for blue screens. "It ain't us--it's the video driver! er, soundcard. Er, the USB scanner, definitely!" Anti-malware is an inferior band-aid to fixing the vulnerability, which Apple has done. You only need anti-malware when you're fighting off viruses like a swarm of mosquitos--but your OS is a net full of holes.
also. lol (about article)
I got my patch yesterday. Not a big deal, never got infected, and the 600 users infected is still such a small portion of the computers... whereas how many Windows based systems usually get infected before a patch is released?
Vel Ma
And Apple won't let anyone sell anti-malware software in Apple Store. Nor are any independents allowed to market anti-virus for Macs.

Because when Cupertino says there are no viruses or malware in OSX, then there isn't. Right? Wrong!
Think positiv fan boy. With 600k macs this iBOT is one of the biggest high performance compputers in the world. Bigger as every windoze BOT net.

apple rulezz
This makes me happy. All the hipster mac kiddies who think they are safe, and pay 2x to 2.5x more for a mac with the same hardware as a PC that costs half as much.
Again though, while it may be good that it makes people start questioning what they've been told to believe, and hopefully get a few more people onto decent systems, we still should not be happy about it. It's not a good thing for the hundreds of thousands of mac users who've been infected, whether we like their choice in computing or not.
+Victor Wren I actually saw a thing a while back which I can't find anymore although I really wish I could. It was a list of bluescreen causes in Windows XP by DLL file -- somewhere around 75 percent were due to nVidia or ATI drivers. (It was very nearly a tie too -- something like 38 percent nVidia, 37 percent ATI.)

This probably has something to do with why Vista moved those drivers out of the kernel space. If they screw up now, they usually don't take the whole computer with them.
It is incredibly difficult to see a virus coming through the smug cloud.
It's Apple... they'll sweep it under the rug and wont get an update out until they start getting bad press from it
Same as the exploding iphones, when they threatened legal action against people reporting it.

Whatever happened with that, anyway?
I still like my MacBook Pro 10 times more than any other computer
This doesn't change the fact that Mac builds the most beautiful and stable computing experience available. Haters keep hating, but I spent years trying to convince myself that I could be just as happy with a comparable PC for less cash outlay as I'd be on a Mac. The fact remains, most of us love Mac for the intuitive experience and excellent design, not because we're sitting on piles of money in our hipster glasses mocking people whose machines are susceptible to viruses. PC acolytes seem foist that image onto Mac users, when in fact if they'd spend a week on a Mac, they'd be hooked, too.
+Liam Slack Independent studies have shown Apple to be the industry leader in un-patched publicly demonstrated exploits, hate to burst your bubble.
+Mike Cosmi right but it installs another way if you don't give your password anyway so it infects the smart people too
I too seek to prove how good of a nerd I am by taking pleasure in the misfortune of others who happened to buy a different brand of computer from me. I think I shall host a party to celebrate the stealing of other people's finances through malicious software, I will just have to keep it down after 9 so as not to wake my parents whose basement I live in because water-blocks are more important to me than paying my own bills and having a life of my own.

In seriousness, no system with an active NIC is perfectly secure. No matter what the people participating in the geek-equivalent of a Ford/Chevy/Mopar debate tell themselves.
Yay! Now Apple people can't claim superiority.

Linux is still secure, and it is probably going to stay that way. For both market share reasons and because the permissions (when set up correctly) are too harsh for a virus to get through.

*chuckle* It's about time... Join Us!
Okay! What's the most effective Anti-virus software out?
To funny. One of my co workers used to do tech support for them but was happy not to be there today lol
+Matthew Hatfield I live by myself with my family and this does give me pleasure, because I've listened to fan-boys talk about how bad Windows is compared to Mac for years. Usually because of the system running Windows or because of virus-related reasons. Well.... this only proves was was learned in Intro to IT Security last year. No system is safer than another. What Apple tried to have was safety through obscurity. Fail.
no one can design 100 % safe and secure system, it is true not for Computer and software but also in the nature.
600,000 isn't a whole lot. The number of infected windows has been much worse.
Yeah, same as with a lock, The only way to make a 100% safe one is to make one which is completely unusable.

(which seems to be what mac have been going for ^^ I joke of course, I had to say it though)
+Carlos A Loya That's mainly because there are about 13 times as many windows machines. But if you look at the numbers for say, the United States, over half of all macs in the country were infected.
Now they're gonna try and hack Linux, which is probably the hardest in my opinion.
+Daniel Golightly You haven't listened to it from me, yet these people celebrating the success of finance-stealing malware feel the need to employ a blanket snark at everyone not using what they use. And your response suggests you lump yourself in with their side.

Personally I don't have a side, a computer is a tool and I have many tools. I don't celebrate the success of malicious software on anyone's computer (in part because I end up the one who has to clean it off of everyone's computer in my circles, and in part because I'm not a terrible person). And I certainly don't go on trips about how reciprocating saws are for stupid people and if they had half a brain they'd only use a nailgun.
I wonder if my Sarcasm detector is just broken, or if the Linux community has actually been watered down with so many marginal users that some of them actually think that *nix means "invulnerable" to malware.

And I don't expect to see Linux actively targeted until it has more than 2% of the total desktop market, regardless of how difficult or easy it is. Installed user base is what attracts malware authors, not how easy or hard it is to develop malware exploits for the platform.
One has to be pretty stupid to get this thing, it has nothing to do with the type of computer you have, any computer can get infected if the user gives the malware permission.
+Victor Wren what's this talk of 50 updates a week and blue screens in Windows? There are fewer updates than that and they almost always are applied in the background with no need of an immediate reboot. I personally haven't seen a BSD since Windows ME.

If Apple issued 50 updates a week then this flaw, which was fixed in February, would have been with you much sooner. And how is a bug in Java on Macs not a Mac issue (even though Apple made Java updates their own responsibility) when a bug in a driver on Windows is a Windows issue?

If you gave Windows a try you'd soon realise this sort of propaganda only sounds convincing to Mac users.
+Victor Wren Yes it is a Java exploit. As are almost all Windows (post XP) drive by infections that result in "just buy a Mac" advice all over the interwebs. The bulk of the rest are: Old old versions of OSes. Flash. Acrobat Reader. As of 27 March I believe there was a particularly nasty Java bug outed that allows malware to break out of the sandbox on Windows machines. At the core of much motivation is there for the "free plug-in" makers to pile huge resources on maintaining the code base. And yes updates are a necessity going forward regardless of OS. Welcome to the internet era.
+Carlos A Loya You would do well to listen to +Kevin Burger on this one. It is a well known fact that market share plays a huge role in the likeliness of a system being hacked. It is well known enough that it is taught in classes for IT security. Apple attempted to be secure through obscurity. I assume the price of an Apple has more to do with keeping it exclusive than with hardware (since hardware has almost nothing to do with security and apple hardware isn't exactly better. By that I mean that they built a system that was somewhat more difficult to hack and had fewer systems making a hack somewhat unworthy of hacking. Either they have hit a tipping point at which it became worth hacking or this was done to prove that it can be hacked as easily......If the first is true, then you can expect to see a lot more hacking and viruses/malware. If the second is true... lol... Congratulations... Mac users are still "exclusive" enough to not be worth hacking.
+Dave Veffer When Apple was only for geeks this was not worth the effort.
But now with the Ipad,Iphone, and similar devices for the masses we can expect a lot more targeting of Apple Products .
+Donovan Colbert I noticed that too. It is exactly as bad as the people who pretend that OSX is invulnerable. If it goes to internets, people can get in with the right tools and skills. The only truly hack-proof system is one that's unplugged and has a really big guy with a gun standing next to it who's paid well enough or fanatical enough to be immune to bribes.
There was a virus going around some years ago as a proof of concept - no payload, but almost half of all OSX devices were infected at the time. I've told my clients who insist on switching to Macs to make damn sure they get good antivirus software and update regularly. I only had one refuse to listen, and I dropped her as a client.
+Dave Veffer this story made Google+'s "What's Hot"

A problem I see more and more of is that some commercial software is getting very aggressive on how they install and exist on your computer, favoring them over your own system, making it harder for people to tell the difference between that an a virus or malware installation attempt. (I'm looking at you Adobe Acrobat). Some of the hoops I've jump through to remove some programs or stop them from perpetually loading are ridiculous.

+Andrew Airmet indeed no one is safe...that should be everyone's biggest takeaway from the article
Nothing is safe these days. Have to pay big bucks for the antivirus software :(
+Kevin Burger , all geek speak aside, Mac builds machines I'd rather use. They work better, they're easier to use, and they're more reliable IN MY EXPERIENCE. Apple may be the leader in publicly demonstrated exploits according to your uncited studies, but PCs are EXPECTED to crash or get viruses, which is why this thread is news. I've had lots of PCs with lots of problems, and lots of Macs with fewer problems. That may not be everyone's experience, but it's mine for sure, so I'll be over here using my Mac, and I promise it will in no way effect you. :)

That said, market share has EVERYTHING to do with Mac's purported "safety". I just know there are risks on both platforms, and have made my choice.
How abt mackeeper for safety ?
+Liam Slack Scroll up a bit, it's a study done by IBM. And if you think it's bias, even they're not too hot according to their own study. And while I know that you using a mac won't affect me, from my experience with Mac users, they have no idea how vulnerable they are, or even if they're infected. Awareness is a good thing. :)
+Carlos A Loya Which means we should work on reducing naivety. Step one, dispel illusions of invulnerability.
Gives Apple yet another reason to hate Flash (although I haven't heard them complaining about Java yet)
+Kevin Burger I just edited to reflect that very sentiment. Look, world! Mac and PC users making inroads to peace...
not only is it the computer, it is the user fault too.
+Liam Slack I'm pretty sure this is a signal that the world has ended. But the Mayans told us we have a few more months! :-(
Uh Oh... Is it all Apple devices, or just Macs??
Not really a news flash. No computer is secured. It's still up to the user to prevent viruses/malware from getting installed on their machine.
+ Kevin Burger Don't get me started on the Mayans. The Incan calendar, though far less popular, is CLEARLY the the superior standard for calculating the demise of humankind...

And the vicious cycle begins anew. :)
finally!!! PC users have something to throw at their Mac friends when the virus argument comes up....
It was a matter of time that someone target the MacOS. Mac market share is growing.

I would argue that in this sense a PC may be more secure than a Mac, not because the OS is any better, but only because the PC was exposed to active vulnerability attacks for decades now while the MacOS has largely been ignored. The PC platform has had such a large time frame to plug holes that it might very well be more secure if there were to be an all out assault on the MacOS.
we all know'd b foolish if u diddnt, THOSE DAMN PRICES!!!
Who is using Mac these days? I thought they died in the 90s
Just realized I need to check my Macbook Air later
annnndddd.... another post with comments all about "waaah android is better," "NO MAC IS BETTER!"
MAC is for people who are trying too hard to be cool hip and all that crap.. If anything it is for pretentious people who have no idea about computers and just like flashy pointless gadgets that cost shitloads of money and serve bare minimum of their purpose. Example: for a broken hard drive replacement on a laptop (my friends not mine)they were asking 200 pounds where on pc you can have it for 40 pounds and replace it yourself.
600,000, huh? That's about every one that's ever been sold. iSheep
I've been saying this for years. Everything can break.
I've been saying ti too. Why did 9/11 happen in NYC and non in out little town of 3K people. Population. it has to be there to justify the effort. As Mac gains ground as it has it will become more and more common.
Sand boxing prevents malware and other infections on macs but still good to have a AV as a precaution 
Fuck apple! No other comment
Not likely for windows 8 to rise, apple products are better even with windows 7 loaded 
Sucks for all the people who fell for this crap, call me a Mac fanboy if you want but at least I know how to keep all of my machines clean and running
This is also why I run Chrome with plugins disabled unless I specifically allow them for a page or site or on an individual basis.
Funny how people think other people stick to one product line , maybe they stick to the one product line themselves and wish everyone will follow , we are not sheep/iSheep , competition is a good thing keeps the technology race going...

Some people like myself have more than just a mac , iPad , iPhone , Samsung galaxy II s , windows 7 , Linux and so fourth ...

Maybe they can't afford it and are jealous

well what do u know miracles do happen lol
Here's some advice: if you want to make a purchase online, use a prepaid credit card so you're personal information isn't vulnerable...Mac or PC
No one ever said they were. For God's sake get over it. Macs are not invulnerable to viruses, and no claim to such was ever made. They don't get them because they aren't as popular. And they still aren't. The chances of my Mac getting a virus are still much slimmer, and that's the ONLY claim made. And guess what? It's still true.
same goes for windows if you have propper protection (firewall+ antivirus).
I own both a Mac and a PC. I was told by an Apple Employee in the Mac Store that "macs can't get infected by malware or virus'". I laughed to myself. I enjoy both platforms and the build quality of my MacBook Pro is the best I have ever seen. I still love my windows 7 desktop. But not putting AV on a Mac is pretty careless. I myself luckily have never had an issue but I'm not gonna take the risk or mindset that it can't happen to me. 
My MacBook has been great and I don't see myself going back to windows. I've never had a virus issue.
I also love Android. It's my mobile OS of choice. 
Stupid people trusting a Russian antivirus. Every computer is vulnerable because it's a Java issue, and Apple already patched it.
Shhhhh. Don't tell the tipical apple user such secret! they surely will go and buy a new one
/shrug. No one [operating system] is special. Being a target underscores the relevance of the platform. Having an event like this should stimulate heightened focus on similar future events that may occur. Overall, this is a good wake up call.
I am not a Mac fun boy by any measure but something has to be said. In most cases this "virus" asks user permission to install itself. By this definition, everything is a virus.
+Callum Johnston I've been running Linux for the past 5 years. Never felt more satisfaction than I do right now. Screw Apple.
This shouldn't be news! And its about time some one or some group has done something about the Apple fan boys. I would gladly buy him/her/them a drink in thanks.

Ooooh wait, CNET again, the Mac bashing pundit site? Is it even 1% infected? NOT.

Ok guys enjoy freaking Apple "Java Gate".....This is pure stupid.
+Mikhail Garber Lol what? No. Viruses are malicious software. And no, in most cases, viruses do not request user permission to install itself. That is how Trojans work (hence the name). A program that is not malicious that asks for your permission is not a virus because it is not malicious.
Internet has been in full swing for 20 years now, it's 2012! One "major" crack of MAC in 20 years? that ain't a bad rap if you ask's a minor snaphoo...anyone got the total number of PC's infected in the past 20 years?
BTW, its SNAFU and its and acronym for Situation Normal, All F*d Up. Mmmm, good point, but I don't think it's what you were going for.
Well, after all the hate and some talks of peace, I think it's time I shared a little song with all you guys

it goes a little something like this: (couldn't find the better version)
Microsoft SUCKS!!!! Microsoft is DEAD!!!!! Long live Apple!!!!
Has anyone here discovered they are infected?
+Dave Veffer I doubt anyone here has. Readers of an article like this, discussed on Google+ tend to have more technological proficiency than the average user, and so are more likely to avoid infection.
I'm sorry, but we (pc's) did try and warn you (mac's) that this might happen. I'm finding this funny.
There goes one of the selling points that justifies the higher price tag...
They never were safe, there just were not enough of them to make it worth virus writers bothering to learn objective C :)
+Shaun Orwell I dont think anyone could have said it better than that youtube video. Thanks for posting it. As a user of a 2006 macbook, a 2009 toshiba w/ win7 and ubuntu, a stand alone unbuntu box and 2 android phones in the house, i can safely say the following: they all can get infected, they all require security managment, they all are great and they all can suck for different reasons. I am a father and i've been a pc fanboy, a mac fanboy, a linux fanboy (albeit short lived), and an android fanboy and i have learned one major truth about it all,we must take care of our computers like we take care of small children; if we arent paying attention then they might be apt to put something in their mouths that will make them sick. If you want to keep your tools nice and in good working order, then you must take care of them. What this entire posting shows us is how much of a throw away global society we have become. Ultimately, if the computer gets sick, then its your on damn fault!
Of course macs aren't invincible. ANYTHING can be hacked.
Maybe YOU are delivering the infection if I click on your post!!!!
That's bad. I hope I don't have it on my laptop.
In your face Apple die hards.
In the words of Diane from Cheers: "If ignorance is bliss, this must be Eden."
Yeah Mac got a virus, BUT Windows STILL has Internet explorer. :P
Always thought that maybe apple was behind some of the windows attacks.
Mac users have no defense other than Apple's updates. Windows users have anti-virus software. If everybody used little-used OSes that nobody tried to hack, then there wouldn't be any little-used OSes. I use Ubuntu.
This is nothing new... Macs are just overpriced and only good for video/music processing.
+Benjamin Hibbard Loading your hosts file will exponentially kill your networking performance system-wide. It's ill-advised to use it to filter network traffic aside from a few exceptions, especially so on under-powered systems.

To everyone: If you really thought Macs were ever invincible, you are and likely still are a moron. A buzz-worthy exploit does not change anything.
SPerhaps the FBI can focus on these trojan writers and the stupid websites that get infected and before megaupload.

I am anti piracy but these virus writers are the worst.

That said, keep your computer updated, back data and have regular disk images just to be safe.

I never got a malware infection but have seen too many. Even on OSX. Last yrs version of this exploit was easy to remove but surprising.

Multiple smart univ students got infected after searching for non porn images on picasa et al.

They then proceded to blindly click and install it!

Just as bad as windows users!
The reason why Macs usually don't get viruses is because the malware distributors care too little for Macs. When someone actually does make a Mac-compatible virus, it completely ruins the computer.
+David Greene No more so than any other computer really. Macs aren't majik, they're just a computer, they're no less able to be fixed than anything else if you don't get wrapped up in the idolatry and superstitions surrounding them.
There are systems that are much safer, you just wouldn't want to use them on a daily basis.
ok what the f*ck does ZOMG mean ??????
Sure, Macs aren't invincible, but I still feel a lot more comfortable on my Mac than a PC. If we had to see a post for every PC virus/trojan, I wouldn't even bother logging in.
In Soviet Russia we don't stop virius's we make, virius.. Yees?
i hope that its not all of the chicken farms.i really loooovvveee chicken,rather eat chicken than red meat. but maybe its heathier if we just stop eating any kind of meat red and white
Hey MACs guess its time to put out a brand new 'MAC'-free,ver 0.1 beta,with no flashback!
This post must be spam. Everyone knows that Macs are invincible.
I uninstalled java from my pc just over a year ago anyway because of exploits.
Art Q
You have two choices: Mac or PC. Which one receives the most attention for viruses? PC. Is it not logical to go with the lesser of the two evils?
What about Linux OS? You cannot play games. That's the only disadvantage with PC. MAC can't play games anyway. Courtesy of mr Jobbs
Linux is not safer simply because it is linux. Mac and Linux are both decedents of Unix so it has little to do with what type of OS it is. Linux is so solid because it is open source. Everyone can see and play with the code and therefore you have thousands of programmers constantly refining the OS whereas systems like Mac and Windows hire far fewer people looking over their systems.
My point. Why would you go for Mac which is locked up and dogmatic. PC is far from perfect, but at least you can do whatever you want and can with it. And if you want UNIX based OS use Linux. So Mac is pointless, it is just a show off. You know : Look at me I've just spent 1400 pounds or 2000 dollars for a shiny laptop, so I am going to sit in Starbucks coffee shop and pretend that I am typing something so everyone can look at me in awe. And where is the quality? They all made in China in the same factory
+Morris Tedd It seems you've bought the whole "Mac Elitist" image hook, line and sinker. And it appears that you've got an awful lot of vitriol aimed at Mac users. I'm not a writer, I'm a musician/graphic designer/videographer. I've never used my Macbook in a coffeeshop. I'm just a guy who got tired of putting a lot of work into my PCs to get them to do what I want, when the Macs I've owned have simply worked. I don't want to waste any more time flashing BIOS, partitioning drives to dual boot multiple OSes, or lurking forums trying to figure out how to get my network to work correctly. And I know how to properly maintain my machines - I just got tired of using machines that were unintuitive to me. The user experience on a Mac fits my needs better, so I'm willing to spend the extra money, and since I have 6 computers, a tablet, and 2 smartphones in my house to troubleshoot (plus a Logitech Revue - you got me, Google), I want them to just work. Macs do, in my experience.

Not everyone wants a Mac so they'll look like a hipster novelist. Some of us just LIKE them.
If you like it use it. I am just talking about the majority of Mac users. It is not worth the money you pay for it. And most of you buy it for flash. I mean look at the apple stores. Are they galleries or computer shops. Too flashy and no substance. I've got vaio which I bought for about £600. 3 years it has been on ( I do not switch it off or sleep). I only reboot it when it updates or I install a new program. I am typing now, using it. My mate has Macbook and when his hard drive broke they asked him £200 just to open it and look at it. As you know you can buy a hard drive for £60. and it takes 4 screws to open it and replace it. That's on pc laptop. It's not just you users, it is mostly apple attitude. When you are selling a toaster do not present it like some AI cyborg from future, because it's just a computer like any other. Same goes for my vaio, its a tool not a tuxedo.
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