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In the litter box no one can hear you scream. 

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The wettest year In more than a century has made the irises in our garden very happy. This is a small fraction of what our older daughter has brought in and arranged over the past month or so. (The one in the foreground is called Delft, for obvious reasons. Next up: Aztec Sun.) 

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What a lovely story.

We were fortunate to adopt a retired seeing-eye dog, a German Shepherd Dog named Tajji, about 3 years ago. In some ways that's even harder work than K9, because the dog's handler can't see what the dog is saying (their language is postural and kinetic, and often very subtle), and the dogs often break down on the job due to the stress this causes, as happened with Tajji.

What a joy it was to help to learn to be just a dog, and to see how much she loved being with people who could understand and "talk" to her.

We lost her to a stroke 2 days before Christmas, at the age of 12-1/2, but her last 2-1/2 years were full of joy, both for her and for us. 

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$450,000 per jihadi killed rather epitomizes asymmetric warfare, don't you think? 

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"Visit a synagogue day school, or any other Jewish institution anywhere in Europe, and you will see a heavily fortified edifice that might often look more like a military base than a spiritual community. Armed guards, high walls topped with barbed wire, security cameras everywhere: This is the reality of Jewish life in twenty-first century Europe."

Unfortunately, it's trending that way in the US as well: Sean Spicer's "clarification" of his Hitler remark ("he was not using the gas on his own people") reveals the typical anti-Semitic mindset of "they may be citizens but they're not real [fill in the nationality]." And the administration is riddled with people who think this way. 

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This'll get you boiled in molten marshmallows in North Korea.

I posted about this two weeks ago but got no response, so I'll repeat it.

I'm trying to use the Zephyr HXM BT HR sensor (Bluetooth Version 2.0, Protocol SPP) with Sleep as Android on a Samsung Galaxy Tab E tablet running Android 6.0.1. The sensor pairs fine with the tablet, Sleep as Android connects to it when I start sleep tracking, and the app displays a blinking Bluetooth icon with the name of the HR sensor underneath it during sleep tracking.

However, when I stop tracking, the HR data does not show up in the Graphs tab. I know that the Zephyr works, because I use it with the iCardio fitness app.

Any ideas?

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"When we told you our boats were attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin, we were lying. When we told you Iraqis were throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators, we were lying. When we blew up a medicine factory and told you it was bin Laden's headquarters, we were lying. When we told you Iraq had WMD, we were lying. When we told you Gadafy was feeding his troops Viagra so they could rape protestors, we were lying. But we swear to God we are telling the absolute truth this time. Why would we lie?"

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"Why the moral outrage now among Americans? Why have we stood by as Syrians died daily from barrel bombs, bullets, famine, disease and drowning off the shores of Greece? Why have we been mute as schools, apartment blocks, mosques and hospitals have been bombed into rubble? Where is the outrage about the deaths of the thousands of other children, including those we killed recently in Mosul when a March 17 coalition airstrike took the lives of as many as 200 civilians? Why are we not enraged by the Trump administration’s flagrant violation of domestic law by carrying out an act of war without approval from Congress or the United Nations? Why do we lament these deaths yet bar Syrian war refugees from entering the United States? Is American foreign policy to be dictated by the fickle emotions of Donald Trump, whose perception of reality appears to be obtained exclusively from a television screen?"

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"In truth, isolationism is to history what fake news is to journalism." 
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