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The bi-vocal nature of the word "brand" in this context is interestingly parabolic: burning your identity into the mind of another.
What is a brand? - You have your premises, maybe even conceptualised to an extent, have your staff in uniforms and you even have gone to the trouble to invest in printed material, are you a brand? 

Anyone can say ‘we are a brand’ what separates a true brand from a business is the tangible threads of brand culture and brand identities that people can align with. A brand is so much more than a product, group of products and or services. A brand is a cultural identity, regardless of the sector the brand is within and true brand will have voluntary brand ambassadors.  

Where many go wrong is not actually understanding the nuances that make up a brand and create a catalyst and incubator of culture. A brand requires a two way communication, the staff need to ‘buy into the brand’ and the customer base need to ‘align with the brand’. Staff are brand clones, speak brand, hear brand and only see your brand. Every successful brand even more so newer progressive brands see the need for employee culture.

I have a mission statement therefore I am a brand

No; afraid not

The easiest way to think about a brand is threads, each of these threads are representative of sectors within your business.

The threads all weave together to create a tapestry that is your overall brand perception, the brand identity is shadowed by the market back to the brand, that narrative needs to align with the brands market perception objective.

This in essence goes back to the age old saying ‘A brand is not what you say it is, although what your market says it is’

Your brand - 

You have an overall look and feel to your brand, how did it begin? 
How do you begin a brand? 
Does it start with a name? 
Does it start with a concept?
Does it start with a gap in the market?
What is your brands objective?

What’s in a name?
Everything is and nothing is in a name - Virgin could be viewed as the most ludicrous of names yet it powers one of the world's single most powerful brands. 

What is in colour?
Everything and nothing is in colour, the Virgin Red is the visual trademark, synonymous with identifying the brand yet does it convey a message?

I could blow my own trumpet; say zest exceeds Virgin in brand identity communication, I could say our name and colour scheme are far more intrinsically linked to our entire brand communication. 

Is that now a brand?
Does that now give zest a percentage chance of success and does it create brand culture?

A name and colour scheme that match a mental picture, cool so we have some predefined visual communication going on, this of course is great, yet does it make zest a brand?

When you are designing your brand and that is what you do, from the ground up a brand is planned, thought about, argued over and really it is a massive job to put a brand together. Once you have your brand concept down pat, happy with the message the identity is conveying, at market, precipice of launch are you a brand?


Your over all conceptualised message is a thread - Although this is an important thread, and like all weaving once a thread is broken an unravelling begins. 

When a customer talks to a sales person - that is a brand thread, what is the brand message, look, feel what is put forward that will be shadowed back. That is the sales thread brand.

When something goes wrong -  when a customer contacts you and speaks to a support person, this is the support brand again what message, look and feel is being broadcast and what message may be shadowed back.

This concept goes throughout the business and is not limited to human asset, brand identity and communication is a layered beast.

Next time someone says a brand starts with a name, say No! I do not believe that is correct; ‘a brand starts with culture’ what culture are you going to be promoting, and how is that culture going to be perceived in the market and will your customer base wish to align, enrich and buy into that culture.
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Dave Trowbridge

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Dave Trowbridge

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To quote (so aptly named) Jeremiah Wright:

"God damn America."

Too bad English doesn't have a clearly distinguishable aorist tense that avoids nailing down the action as either imperfective (ongoing or repeated) or perfective (continuing relevance), therefore making it, as in Classical and Koine Greek (the latter being fundamental to the subtlety of "New" Testament writings lost in the translation to Latin), a kind of "action under the light of Eternity."

TL;DR God has damned, is damning, and will continue to damn America until we turn from the idols of Mammon and Moloch back to Love, which is our only hope.
U.S. Army convoys send a message to the Kremlin
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Dave Trowbridge

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I really wish someone would help me write a Google+ filter that would stomp all these Ponzi Circle posts to death and then shit on the pieces.
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I expect his next referendum will be a proposal to take away the babies of illegal immigrants and sell them as dog food in order to defray the expense of all the bullets needed to execute sodomites.

#millstoneaward   #ineverknewyou   #sheepgoatssexcrazedweasels  
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Yes, exactly.
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"An evaluation of the effect of 1 year of a gluten-free diet was performed in patients with irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia syndrome displaying lymphocytic enteritis. Gluten withdrawal produced a slight but significant improvement of the functional symptoms, suggesting that gluten might be partly responsible for this clinical picture. This hypothesis should be confirmed by a double-blind placebo-controlled trial since it cannot be ruled out that the studied patients displayed a subjective sensation of improvement due to the placebo effect of gluten withdrawal. Further investigations are needed before recommending gluten withdrawal in patients with fibromyalgia and lymphocytic enteritis." Gluten-free Diet in the Management of Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Lymphocytic Enteritis 

If you want to read the article, you'll have to sign up for Medscape (possibly through WebMD) which is free. Well worth it; this is only one of many articles I've found useful.

#glutenfree   #gluten   #IBS   #fibromyalgia   #lymphocyticenteritis  
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"Through the round vale I saw folk drawing near,
Weeping and silent, and at such slow pace
As Litany processions keep, up here.

"And presently, when I had dropped my gaze
Lower than the head, I saw them strangely wried
'Twixt collar-bone and chin, so that the face

"Of each was turned towards his own backside,
And backwards they must creep with their feet,
All power of looking forward being denied."

The Divine Comedy, Inferno, Canto XX (The Fortune-Tellers), Dorothy Sayers, tr.

How wonderful and how disturbing. I can't bear to look at this picture. 

#contortionist   #DivineComedy   #Inferno   #DorothySayers   #poetry  
The 'Rubber Boy', An Incredibly Flexible 15-Year-Old Indian Teen Who Can Rotate His Head 180 Degrees
Barcroft TV recently highlighted Jaspreet Singh Kalra, a 15-year-old from the Punjab, India whose incredible flexibility has earned him the nickname “Rubber Boy/Man.” The teenager is capable of som...
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Too good not to share.
OMG how have I never seen this?!
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+Gideon Rosenblatt A real aha! moment.  This reminds me of something I was once told, which accords with personal experience, that casinos are designed so that if one keeps turning to the right on the way through a casino, as most people do, their design will corkscrew you deeper into Mammon's lair. OTOH, those of us with more sinister habits soon find ourselves out in the light of day.

TL;DR We're far better at building idols than our forebears, and at disguising their utter futility.
Compulsion Engineering 

Prepare to be a little creeped out by this piece, which looks at the engineering of compulsion into the products and services that we use. 

+Nir Eyal is a consultant who specializes in helping companies understand the process of habit formation and how to build it into their offerings. Like all innovation, these techniques can be used to help and to harm.

Fitness tracker, Jawbone, for example, is using habit formation techniques to help hundreds of thousands of people get to bed 23 minutes earlier on average and make them 72% more likely to get to bed early enough to get at least 7 hours of sleep. ( That's an example of a company using habit formation to help serve a customer mission. 

But clearly, these techniques can also be used in ways that are not always in the ultimate best interest of end users. Compulsive behavior robs people of their own agency, and when it is used exclusively to make money, well, that's where we start to run into some serious ethical considerations. 

Not to pick on Expedia, but they have a position, called the "product manager of compulsion." You can't make this stuff up. Compulsion rates are the latest rage and that leads us to compulsion engineering.

I don't know about you, but I don't like the sound of that. 

Thanks to +martin shervington for sharing a post on "technologies smart enough to exploit human nature" (, which is what eventually led me to this one.  
Nir Eyal is showing software designers how to hook users in four easy steps. Welcome to the new era of habit-forming technology.
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Well, they certainly understand probabilities, +Dave Trowbridge, and that's key. 

That's fascinating, +Ken Burnside. 
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“You have heard some of my opponents say we must pass laws ensuring that we don't have to bake cakes for gay weddings, but I tell you: If a gay person asks you to bake a cake for their wedding, bake them two!”

#religion   #Jesus   #hypocrites  
Yesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz became the first candidate to announce they're running for president in the 2016 election cycle, during a speech he gave at Liberty University. Liberty students were requir...
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I am a Christian (Quaker), but I have a radically different understanding of Jesus from mainstream Xtianity, which I'll here illustrate by a new version of the Jesus Prayer that was "'given" to me (in the sense of "inspired") just yesterday:

Yeshua bin_Miriam,
Eternally Shekinah-anointed,
Let love be my first motion,
Let love be my final breath.

Love was that for him; may it be so for all of us.
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As he often does, Don Lepan sees behind the curtain and twitches it aside for us.

"The Kaufman and Hart play You Can’t Take It with You is surely one of the most pernicious works of the Depression years. When it was revived on Broadway last year the chorus of praise was near-universal... But it’s a play that sets up a dichotomy between two positions that both, in their way, provide unquestioning support for an unjust system."

#capitalism   #injustice   #dominationsystem  
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Good stuff, but doesn't answer my question:

1. Is there any way to have Blogger put labels as hash marks into a post shared on Google+?

The only way possible now appears to be

1. Copy the list of labels from Blogger (which is fraught, since they're hyperlinks and thus difficult to select cleanly)

2. Paste them into a text editor

3. Add the hash marks

4. Take out any space between words and add initial caps to multi-word hashtags in the interest of readability.

5. Save the post. 

+Bradley Horowitz +David Amerland Inquiring minds want to know. This feels like a huge hole in Blogger/Google+ integration, and it's especially pressing for me, as I use no other social media tools.

Also, is whoever is in charge at Blogger on Google+?
What's a Google+ #Hashtag - And Why Should I Care?

Hashtags: What are they used for? - Organization / Finding Stuff
Hashtags: How can I use them? - In Google+ Search
Hashtags: How can I make them? Use the # symbol with a 'word'
Hashtags: How can I find just my stuff with them? - Filter Your Search
Hashtags: Where they do NOT work! - They don't work in comments [edit... they DO work in comments NOW!]
Hashtags: How can I find just my Friend's stuff with them? - Filter Search using Hashtags and Circles

Hashtags: What are they used for?
Hashtags are useful inside Google Plus because they help you Find Posts that use them. They help you Organize Posts that use them.

Hashtags: How can I use them?
Use the Google Plus Search box up top and type a particular hashtag into the search box, then search (press the blue magnifying glass button). Or you can simply Click on a hashtag in the post and it will load that into Google+ Search and start the search for you.

If you follow me, you may see at the end of most of my posts the following type of stuff: O #hastags #googleplustips O

That is my way of helping You and Me find my posts later. Or find other people's posts that happened to use that same hashtag you searched for.

If I write a lot of posts, and I add hashtags to them, then I can easily find them later by searching for my hashtag. For example, I could search for #googleplustips or #youtubetips . These are common ones I use because I post a lot on those topics.

Try it, Search for #youtubetips or #googleplustips and you will see loads of posts that focus on those topics... written by Anyone that happened to use that particular #hashtag in their post. (just click on the blue link)

Hashtags: How can I make them?
Making a hashtag is simple, it requires you to follow 2 rules:
1) Start your hashtag with the # symbol
2) End your hashtag with the space or tab key

Your hashtag can be anything you want it to be. It just has to start with the # symbol and it can not contain any spaces (or some other special characters like the + or the - character are also not allowed). You will know it worked when after you finish typing it, it changes to a Blue Colored text thingy surrounded by a grey box. You did it, you made a hashtag!

Make unique ones Just for you or make more common ones for other people to find your stuff as well. Upper or lower case doesn't seem to matter, so I usually will use only lowercase unless I'm trying to get cute, like when I use this one to represent the Integration of Google + YouTube + Google Plus with this hashtag: #GooTubePlus (I wanted to use the + symbol but it would not work consistently as the + is not always allowed as part of a hash tag, it tends to mess up in edits).

Hashtags: How can I find just my stuff with them?
If I only want to see my own posts (that use a particular hashtag) here's how I can do that:
After I do a Google+ Search for a particular hashtag I can then refine my search results more by filtering those search results. I do this by choosing the 'From You' drop-down choice - after a search has been performed.

This limits (or refines/filters) my search results to show only those that I have posted (From You) and that contain the particular hashtag I searched for initially.

Hashtags: Where they do NOT work!
         [edit: they DO work as a marker in Comments now... ]
They do not seem to work when you add them into comments you make on yours or other people's posts. That is a bummer, because I or someone else may make a profound comment about a #newongoogleplus thing and might want to get back to that comment later via a hashtag search - sorry it won't work! [Glad to say they now work in comments as a 'marker']

Tip: It does work if you go back and Edit Your Post. You can add them later (like you may want to now on some of your prior posts) via the Edit option and once you save the edit, the new hashtag instantly is available for search.

Hashtags: How can I find just my Friend's stuff with them?
This is more of an advanced use of Google+ Hashtags... You can even save your work here and keep the hashtag search for later as a Saved Search.

Just like we talked about earlier, you can Refine a Hashtag Search by choosing options after the search was performed. This time instead of using the Filter/Refinement choice we used above of 'From You'... we will choose to use the option named 'From Your Circles'.

As an example: If you have me in a circle of helpful Video SEO people or YouTube people, and you search for the hashtag #youtubetips , you can further refine that search by adding the drop-down choice of From your circles. If you find that Refined Search to be helpful and you may want to return to it often, you can Save This Search with the Red Button named that way. Then using the Explore option or other ways of finding your saved searches you can easily call upon that particular search at any time in the future.

Please realize that if someone from outside your circles Shared a hash-tagged post made by someone who is in your circles then you may see their shared post because what they shared originated from within your circles... not a bad way of discovering others that share your 'friend's stuff' maybe they are a good candidate to add to your circles too!

Google+ can be a big place. There is a lot of helpful information being passed about, so using hashtags in your own posts or finding posts that others have kindly added hashtags in will help you 'find that post' from that other guy/gal/place more easily in the future.

I hope that this post on using Google+ Hashtags has inspired you to search for them and add them to your own future postings. Maybe you now understand the value of them such that you will go back to some of your more important posts you wrote earlier and edit/add some hashtags to them now, before you forget you wrote them!

Whew - you made it this far... obviously you are interested... here is a link to a valuable update - Google+ Hashtags and Your Privacy... some good news here:

Please share this post with those you think may benefit from it and Add Your Comments below if you think this post will be helpful to you. Also feel free to add a comment as to how you use or plan to use hashtags in the future.

If you like what I wrote here, and you want more... 1) Add me to your Circles, 2) Click on my most common hashtags: #googleplustips & #youtubetips 3) Sort the G+ Search Results by 'From your circles', 4) Enjoy!

Enjoy Google+ and the Power of The Hashtag!

O #googleplustips #hashtags #hashtagtips O
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+Marcie Lovell Thanks! Perhaps someone "higher up and farther in" can comment. More transparency here on Google+ in this regard can only be a good thing, I think.
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