So it's time to raise my hand and ask for help. I have pretty much all the pieces of the puzzle (still a lot of work required but it's getting somewhere)  but I'm having difficulties putting them together. I'm talking about level design here.

So I'd be interested to talk to someone who could help me design the levels for my game Ereptoria - Umbra Cruor. As you can see in the video below it's a stealth game in which the goal is to eliminate specific targets (and many innocent guards as you go). Time is limited but killing enemies gives back some seconds to finish the job. The video is provided as a way to see what it is about but know that I still have a lot of work to do to polish, fix, improve and balance.

In a perfect world someone with some game dev experience would be my first choice as I'm already playing the role of the guy "doing the best he can". ;-)

So I'm looking for someone who could help designing about 30 levels in a city and dungeon settings that provides some kind of progressive challenge (I already have a basic story that will link levels). This person will be welcomed to offer input on what new features the game could enjoy to create these levels. For example I already have "traps" that can be deactivated and "hiding zones" (think smoke grenades) but suggestions are more than welcomed. I have a few idea myself but without the proper skill to design interesting levels I feel like I might be wasting my time just pushing more and more features.

Levels could be designed using the in-game editor but since it might be tedious until I fix the many annoyances in it it could also just be some basic drawing work illustrating each levels and I'll build them myself using the editor from that point.

You might feel like it looks a lot like Dynamite Jack and you wouldn't be wrong. I actually started development before learning about this game (I was even using the same character from Reiner's tilesets) but now that I'm aware of it I want to avoid as much as possible to use similar tricks (for example I removed the bombs that were working in an identical fashion). The first guideline here is stealth "can" be optional and the game plays in a much more aggressive way. Comparison is inevitable so I want to do my best to still bring something different.

Reward: Well this is up for discussion. Make me an offer and we'll start from there. My budget is limited but it's not nonexistent. Other forms of agreements (???) are also a possibility. I'm keeping an open mind.

If you can't help with the designing of levels feel free to share this post or forward it to someone you think might be interested and have the proper skills. I can be reached at

Thanks for your time!
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