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Best sanitary pad advertisement EVER.

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Cemetery Views...

There are two cemeteries in these pictures.

I love the cemetery nestled among the woods (hence the number of pictures).

The couple pictures not of a cemetery are the view from the cemetery on top of the hill (only one picture of that one, with the antenna in the background).
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"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible."

That was the fortune in the cookie from my Chinese takeout lunch.  When did Vorlons stoop to writing fortune cookie fortunes?

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My new computer, with all the pieces finally inside.

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This looks fascinating.  But I'm on the fence.  Anyone want to try to convince me one way or the other?

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Everyone should find or make the time to read this article.  Kind of long, but well worth the read.

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+Zay Inked , you should read this.  Anyone familiar with this series, whether you liked or hated the films, should enjoy this review.
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