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Photos from our trip to Iceland.
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For the car hire, all of the usual suspects are there. We just went with Hertz, because the office was quite close to our hotel but with hindsight, we could have probably just booked through the hotel and got it cheaper.

We just picked the smallest class (a polo) and it was fine on all of the major tourist roads. A little hairy in some of the blizzards, but it was more than enough to cope.
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Dave Tansley

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Today we went to the Icelandic Phallological Museum and saw a great many penises. 
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The love of cock continues to run rampant in the clan I see.
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Dave Tansley

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I bought a PC Engine! It's brilliant, and has the best port of R-Type ever. Chase HQ is a bit ropey mind - it's been a long time since I failed to even see Ralph, the Idaho Slasher... Nancy won't be pleased.
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The only way to trump this is to seek out a PCE GT. And I hope you will!

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Dave Tansley

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A good song. Is this the kind of thing that's in the hit parade these days?
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Why is this only available on import through channels I'm willing to pay on? It's like Sony once again doesn't want my money...
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Dave Tansley

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For nerds of a certain age, these Let's Compare videos make for compelling viewing. Popular 80s arcade games shown alongside their home ports, warts and all.

Be warned, this one pulls the rather cruel trick of showing the Spectrum version directly after the arcade original. The jarring juxtaposition does nothing to highlight the accomplishment of an otherwise excellent conversion.

Luckily, the C64 port just after it looks somehow even worse.
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Yes, you are right! It was cruel! The C64 version looks like a port of the Speccy version and speccy ports to C64 were generally awful. Like Spectrum but somehow worse. Of course, ground up built versions were more expensive and so terrible ports were too abundant.
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Dave Tansley

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My contribution to the lens blur craze that all the kids are into. A scrotum skin lamp.
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Dave Tansley

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Let the nerd tour of Iceland begin!
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Have come across same in .no towns too, awesome!

At the airport yesterday, the departures board was off. I said to Barb "main screen turn on", and she gives me blank face. I say it's from "all your base" and she gives me blank face. I explain meme, she gives me blank face. I suspect you don't get this with Shell! :) 
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Dave Tansley

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The downside of having recently listened to "One Week" by The Bare Naked Ladies is that you become acutely sensitive to how often people say "It's... been..." on podcasts.
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There is another, more striking downside to having recently listened to Bare Naked Ladies. Specifically, having recently listened to Bare Naked Ladies.
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Dave Tansley

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Going to see the Guisborough Theatre Society's production of Pride and Prejudice tonight. Which I'm reliably informed is a buddy-cop comedy, detailing the exciting exploits of Johnny Pride and Mike Prejudice, maverick cops who play the system by their own rules.
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I think it's a bit more like Dempsey and Makepeace tbh 
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Dave Tansley

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If you ever wondered what 19.9% of the PAL NES game catalogue looks like, let me satisfy your curiosity.

Nintendo making these things perfectly stackable, with readable spines and fancy artwork is like time-travelling crack for my hoarder sensibilities.
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Sure, why not? By then I may have built up to a Neo Geo ;)
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Hotel Leifur Eiriksson is a basic, no-frills hotel that makes up for a lack of sophistication with charm, personality and above all, location. The staff are very helpful, and the hotel is well served by tours and shuttle buses. The general feeling is one of a backpacker's hostel than a city centre hotel - not necessarily a bad thing. Our room was on the fourth floor, in one of the corners and it wasn't massive. In fact, I initially had head-room issues in the sloping roof ceiling, but soon got used to it. It was generally clean and well stocked, albeit very basic. Breakfast was good enough, offering buffet-style continental and cereal options, as well as tea and coffee. In fact, tea, coffee and cold drinks were available all day round - just help yourself from the machine. Something we and other guests used a lot. As for location, the hotel is a stone's throw from Hallgrimskirkja, which means you'll never have trouble finding your way back (the church is visible from all over the city), and you'll see a constant stream of fellow travellers wandering up to take photos. One word of warning - if free wifi is important for you, then you may need to look elsewhere. Hotel Leifur Eiriksson does have wifi, available on all floors, but it seems to work intermittently.
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Our only regret with booking Hotel Edelweiss was that we didn't stay longer. Everything about it was perfect - it looked charming, the rooms were large and well maintained, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The hotel itself is about five minutes walk from town, through a lovely park, on a very quiet road. It has free wifi for guests, and a lovely garden in which to enjoy your breakfast or a late night drink. Highly recommended.
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The food was great, especially the sheekh kebab that I had as a starter, and it seemed relatively inexpensive. However, I had the feeling we were a little rushed through it, with courses appearing even before the waiter had finished writing our order down!
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Good
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Food: Very goodDecor: GoodService: Very good
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