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Dave Sutton (Acorn)

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It was my birthday a few days ago
I received this card from my 10 year old granddaughter. She is not the sort of person who says things like this unless she really means them and is a very matter of fact, not unlike Dot. She is head girl in her school and is certainly not past telling her granddad off if he starts getting silly so I was very honoured to get this card from her. Looks like I will have to keep the effort up if I hope to get a similar card next year

#happybirthday   #birthday   #granddad  
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+Christopher Kelly I had my birthday in the sunshine in Cyprus, the hotel presented me with a nice birthday cake and champagne but because we got a nasty virus and cough it was not as pleasant as we had hoped.
Even a live caterpillar in the salad the next day was not that enjoyable.
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Dave Sutton (Acorn)

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A definite likeness to Rygel from Farscape

#trump   #farscape   #sciencefiction  
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Same hair
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Dave Sutton (Acorn)

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Happy birthday message for the teddy bear lover
Please feed the teddy bear holding the I.

#happybirthday   #birthday   #teddybear   #animatedgif  
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+Tony Hales Spoken by the man who lives there and would really know.
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Dave Sutton (Acorn)

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Not a 3D animation this time
Instead of using Cad software I have created something using my photo editing software. Not sure if I like it but it is a truly original animated gif.

#happynewyear   #newyear  
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Happy New Year!
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Dave Sutton (Acorn)

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Another Happy New Year animation

#happynewyear   #newyear   #teddybear   #animatedgif  
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Dave Sutton (Acorn)

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Happy New Year
I will be adding a few more animated gifs between now and the end of the year. They are free to use and you can download them to your computer. I have also made a few smaller one on my website

#happynewyear   #newyear   #partytime   #booze  
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Happy new year🎉
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Dave Sutton (Acorn)

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A birthday message for that special person in your life
Just help yourself by right clicking and downloading this animated gif to your computer hard drive if you think you may want to send it to a friend at a later date.

#birthday   #happybirthday   #3danimation  
Kathy D's profile photoDave Sutton (Acorn)'s profile photo
+Kathy D Not picked up from Greece, more likely from some of my neighbours who have had it over the Christmas period. I live in a friendly community and they like to share everything. Making a point of staying away from people, my 90 year old friend across the road wants to hear from me but I will give it some time yet before I visit.
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Dave Sutton (Acorn)

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Have a happy birthday, especially if you like butterflies

#happybirthday   #birthday   #animation   #animatedgif  
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Long time no see +Dave Sutton Have you considered adding an animation of the quintessentially English pastime of Morris Dancing?
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Dave Sutton (Acorn)

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An easy book to read on your birthday

#happybirthday   #birthday   #book   #animatedgif  
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Dave Sutton (Acorn)

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First day of the New year, it's Sunday and the church bells are ringing
Happy new year everyone, this is the last of the brand new original animated gifs relating to the new year. I can now concentrate on making some more happy birthday animations.

#newyear   #happynewyear   #bells  
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+Jackie Mckay With have a little church here in Borough Green and early every Sunday the bell rings "clang.. clang... clang" with the most annoying unmusical sound you can imagine. At one time I lived right next door to it but fortunately now I live well away although I can hear it if the wind is in the right direction.
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Dave Sutton (Acorn)

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The new year is getting closer
These animations are available free from

#newyear   #newyearseve   #partytime   #keepcalm  
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Happy New Year to you Dave

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Dave Sutton (Acorn)

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Oh boy they smell good
Happy Birthday.

#happybirthday   #birthday   #rose   #teddybear  
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Too much cream makes the poo bear poop and be constipated. Then they don't smell so good.
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At Christmas time I have a good selection of free 3D Christmas gif animations

All the animated gifs on my website can be modified and used in any way you like but I do not want them added to other online animated gif collections. I made them and I will showcase them.

One of my other hobbies is amateur radio and I have a class A license, taken in the days when you had to pass a Morse code test. I'm only active on 2m at the moment but intend to change that.
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Brilliant mechanic and certainly knows what he is talking about. If you have any problems with your car this is the man to sort them out. Fast friendly and very professional service, I consider myself very lucky to have found a mechanic like this and cannot recommend him highly enough.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
An MP I would actually trust.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
We always get thoroughly spoilt here. Staff are very friendly and cannot do enough for you and the food is always very good. We always try to get our favourite seat by the window and watch life go by (Is there life in Borough Green)
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago
Colin came to our house straight away. We had a wasp next in out garage eaves as did our neighbour. Within minutes both were destroyed and the wasps have not returned. Very reasonable cost from a very knowledgable operator.
Public - 6 years ago
reviewed 6 years ago
6 reviews
My Dot has her hair cut here and she highly recommends it. The staff are friendly and very professional and all at a very reasonable price.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
I can only agree with what Annabelle has said. They really know their stuff and such good value for money. I feel safe knowing that if I have a computer problem Wrotham Computum will come to my rescue. They have really looked after me over the years.
Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago