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Google Reader is no longer usable for me and narrative webcomics. I need to find or (Dobbs help me) build a purpose built RSS reader designed to show items in the opposite chronology. Remember the last read comics, and start from there. Does anyone know of such a thing?
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Meant to leave a comment, instead I reshared it. I must be tired.

Anyway, if this doesn't exist, we should make it. <starts digging through a mountain of books, searching for the EXT:JS reference>
Even better, if it must  be built, would be a system that preserves the original pages advertising and stuff. Rather than an RSS reader, maybe import the whole page with all their stuff and links into an iframe. My goal is to make reading the comics easier and funneling money into the cartoonists bare pockets easier.
Hmm. . . I think that would need interaction on the part of the artist. If I put only the content image on my RSS feed, the reader can't pull that out separately.

If, however, people post the permalink to that page on the site, then the reader could scrape that, and serve it as a continuous stream, with content, advertising, and everything.

I'll admit, I don't know enough about how people populate their feeds.
30 minutes from initial trial balloon to unmanageable scope creep. I'm on my A game today!
We need to make this a proprietary format so the artists can only distribute through us. (40 minutes to devastatingly bad design decisions)
My biggest problem isn't Google Reader (I just scroll to the bottom and K my way up) but I have stopped following comics that I liked because they no longer include the actual comic in their RSS feed. I understand the reasoning.. make me go to their full site with ads etc.

I'm more than willing to live with ads in an RSS feed if I can just scroll through the feed and not have to click through, which brings its own set of problems: I'm reloading for a second time, if you've put tracking in your link half the time I get a 404 or am blocked, and depending on your site design, reading through is now a more arduous process.

end rant. :}
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